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C How They Made Me! Chapter 51

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 51:

Busted and in the doghouse.

Okay I was busted Rosie had caught me point blank banging her cousin. Under ordinary circumstances this may have been a really big problem but I think Rosie knew that since I had caught her giving Bob a blowjob then I had some sort of right to do her cousin. Yes the two wrongs make a right logic is alive and well in the Philippines. Besides, in the Philippines one can always say it’s not the mans fault, men are like dogs, we have these desires and we can’t control them and feel compelled to act on them. Now I don’t for one minute believe this argument but in the Philippines it is a common line of defense and the women almost seem to accept it. Please notice I say ‘almost’ which was certainly the case with Rosie. The truth of the matter is for Filipinas they will understand your need to fuck around but they won’t like it and they certainly will not accept the loss of face which it represents. At the end of the day it’s all about your actions hurting their pride and them losing their money train. Pride first, money second.

I felt the stinging blows raining down on my back and then Rosalinda was squirming out from underneath me and next thing I knew it had developed into a full blown cat fight. I can’t remember all the details because for the first minute I was struggling to get dressed and at the same time avoid flying objects being hurled at me by an irate Rosie. But I do remember the girls voices being raised, a lot of shouting, some hair pulling and a heap load of scratching.

While the fight was going on I decided retreat was the better part of valor and I made hastily for the front door. As I exited I noticed a small crowd of onlookers had gathered on the beach front and this included kids through to grandparents all gobbling up this surprise entertainment. I noticed some of them smiling and snickering and I thought myself I’m glad you guys can see some humor in this situation because I’m damned if I can. The fight must have gone on for a good ten minutes all the time with the crowd of onlookers getting bigger then just as suddenly as it had begun it stopped and an eerie silence descended. Fearing that they had killed each other I decided to risk a peak through the huts little window and there inside I saw Rosie and Rosalinda sitting on the floor crying and hugging each other. Rosie with her arms around her cousin sensed my presence and shot me a hostile I’m not finished with you yet look.

About five minutes passed the girls exited our hut arm in arm and gave the waiting crowd of ghoulish voyeurs radiant smiles as they strolled among them wishing them all good wishes. I guess this was a sort of face saving exercise and also a way of dismissing the drama by quelling other peoples curiosity. The crowd seemed to think this was perfectly natural and within minutes they had dispersed to get on with whatever it is they did to pass the time in their daily lives.

After the crowd had dispersed Rosie turned to her cousin said something in Visayan and the cousin with one last wistful look at me, walked away, and left me with a sense of what could have been. I guess Rosie was the alpha female, she was the one who had landed the foreigner and I was her property or maybe showpiece would be a better description. For those of you who know me you may have difficulty imagining how I could ever be a showpiece, but trust me, back then I was a lot younger and even though I had limited funds, by poor provincial Filipino standards I was quite a catch. Anyone who has been to the province and has been paraded in front of the extended family like some stuffed pig, will know exactly how I felt.

After Rosalinda had left Rosie sauntered over to me grabbed me by the hand and led me back into the hut. Once inside she closed the door dropped down to her knees, pulled down my shorts and proceeded to suck on my now engorged member like there was no tomorrow. At the time I didn’t understand what was happening but then again I was in no condition to ponder her motives so I merely resigned myself to letting the waves of orgasm overtake me and I exploded into her mouth. In this little hut there was nowhere to spit it out so Rosie swallowed the lot then looked at me and without flinching said, “I be the one give you. You taste family again Rosie kill you”.

Well there it was spelt out in black and white, the boundaries had now been set and I knew exactly where I stood. While I was in her territory I would have to behave myself and members of Rosie’s family were strictly off limits. Never mind the fact that I had caught her giving a blowjob to my buddy Bob, somehow this had all been forgotten, swept under the rug and my little episode had superseded all. The funny thing was at the same time I got some sort of sense of pride from Rosie. It was almost like she was proud that her man had was attractive to other women. I guess in her eyes that made me a valuable catch and gave her points because she had snared a semi desirable foreigner.

After having been caught with Roslainda and the ensuing drama life in the province settled down to a daily routine with Rosie and myself feeling comfortable in each others company and life just seemed to drift by one day at a time. I think after the drama reached its crescendo there was no possible way for it to get any worse so we just settled into a sort of easy and comfortable understanding. As some would express it our relationship had reached a level of comfortable compatibility.

Rosie was not exactly an intellectual giant but she had other talents that more than made up for her lack of education or innate intelligence. To say that she was talented in the bed would be an understatement but she had more than that. Rosie had an incredible sense of timing and she knew exactly when to have sex because she used sex as a means of controlling her man. Somehow she knew exactly how to manipulate a man using sex and even though I had way more education than her and was just as strong willed I found myself all to often doing her bidding. In Australia when I was growing up I had heard this power females exert described as “power of the pouch” or pussy power but whatever you call it Rosie sure had it in abundance and she knew exactly how to exert it.

After a while we settled into a daily routine which included Rosie cooking some breakfast which for me usually meant noodles and an egg with luke warm coffee, while Rosie would just have the noodles. I don’t know what it is about Filipinas or perhaps it’s the tropics in general but they never seem to have any concept of milk. When I was having my coffee in the province there was no such thing as long life milk so I had to make do with sweetened evaporated condensed milk. This isn’t quite the same but after a week or two you get used to it and it becomes quite palatable. While Rosie was making breakfast I would use this as my chance to go for a little walk along the beach and of course a swim. The beach here wasn’t a sparkling white or even yellow but more like a dull grey however once you swam out a little bit it was delightfully clean and still which afforded quite good views of the marine ecosystem that existed beneath the water.

Our main food was fish and everyday Rosie and I would visit the fish market. The fish market wasn’t exactly an organized market but more like an informal gathering of villagers who would greet the boats as they came in survey the catch and make whatever purchases their meager budget would allow. What was left over or in some cases the best of the catch was delivered to the villages where it was set on tables in the wet market area and the villagers would parade past checking out the merchandise which would sell for a higher price than when bought from the fishermen on the beach.

Most of my day was spent lounging round our little hut eating, sleeping, going for a walk along the beach, making love with Rosie and then sleeping some more. At night there wasn’t much to do since there was no TV or movie theater or even a karaoke so most nights I would go out drinking with Rosies dad or stayed at home playing Tonk-it’s (a card game like rummy) with Rosie and some friends. I noticed that after my episode with Rosalinda Rosie always managed to keep a close eye on me when her friends were around and trust me when I tell you this was a major setback because some of these dark skinned provincial girls were absolutely stunning.

Whenever I have traveled in the Philippines I have encountered the dark skinned beauty of the Filipina. As these women grow up in a provincial situation they are uniquely in tune with their environment and their beautiful crystal clear chocolate brown skin and smoldering brown eyes, with just a hint of mischievousness, is enough to drive any red blooded hetro-sexual man wild. There is a certain earthiness about the provincial Filipina and even though they have next to nothing they always manage to look spectacular if they choose to do so and when they are dolled up they are like another woman all together.

I had been living in Rosies province for two weeks now and still no sign of Bob. In a way after catching him and Rosie in the act this was fine for me but in another way I was actually a little worried about him and even a little worried about myself because I was in such a remote area and I had absolutely no idea what I would do if I had some kind of accident and did myself physical harm. I tossed things over in my mind for a couple of days then decided it would be a good idea to visit Bob out on the island. I suggested this to Rosie and asked here how we could organise a boat to visit the island to which she replied Rosie will be the one to make boat but first we go to fiesta in jungle. Upon hearing this I looked at her in disbelief not quite sure if I had heard her correctly and she then said, tomorrow Martin Rosie and family we go neighbors province they have debutant ball in the Fiesta Rosie think you like to much very pretty girls”.

The next morning I awoke early expecting a boat or a jeepney or something to come pick us up but instead at about ten AM Rosie’s father along with 4 other guys whom I only vaguely recognized dropped by our hut and announced they were here to take us to the Fiesta. Thirty minutes later we were ready and Rosie and myself were marching through her little village being followed by the stares of giggling of the local kids. Yes even after two weeks of being there I was still a novelty item for the children. We sauntered through the village then across tow rice fields until we came to a small hill. I asked Rosie are we going to get a jeepney at any point and she just smiled and said “no we walk next province”.

The walk turned out to be about a 2 hour jaunt through the jungle. Well to be honest calling it a jungle is an exaggeration but in parts it was hills covered with lush tropical vegetation and we seemed to walk them all. We had been going for about 1 hour and I was working up one hell of a sweat so I asked Rosie if we had any water and was promptly told no but we would get some when we arrived at the other province. Another hours walking through this jungle like foliage and at last we came to a clearing where people were obviously getting ready for some kind of party. Rosies father strode out in front and said something to one of the guys and he scurried away coming back 2 minutes later with a bottle of mineral water which he presented to me with a friendly smile and a “hi my name Zaldie, Zaldie be the one look after you”.

Now I had been handed over to Zaldie it seemed like Rosies father had ended his responsibilities and he and his mates disappeared somewhere I assume to have a drinking session leaving myself Zaldie and Rosie kind of standing awkwardly. Zaldie however seemed irrepressible and like some long lost friend he seemed to embrace me and straight away after only just meeting me he was offering to take me on a guided tour of his little village. I looked at Rosie for some direction but she just smiled and said you go Zaldie, Rosie find friends.

With Rosies permission granted Zaldie grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me towards a cluster of huts some 500 yards away. I figured what the hell I mean it was pretty obvious things weren’t about to get started anytime soon so to kill some time I might as well take Zaldie up on his offer. We wandered towards the clump of huts with Zaldie showing me his little hut where he and 7 other members of his family lived and I marveled at how these people who had absolutely nothing could be so happy and carefree. I know he probably aspired to more and I am sure his life was one dominated by grinding poverty, yet Zaldie had a spark and an enthusiastic approach to life that I could only marvel at and respect.

We had just about seen all the village houses apart from one and just as we came upon that the door opened and there stood Rosalinda. At first I wasn’t sure it was her but then when she giggled and said “hello Martin” in that slightly coy and yet somehow sexy and jaunty way , I knew it was her and straight away I felt that familiar stirring that has motivated man since time began. There was a moment of sexual tension then it passed and I was left smiling knowingly and vaguely hoping that Rosie didn’t suddenly appear together with machete wielding father.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 50

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 50:

Bye, bye Bob and hello Rosalinda.

Bob retired into the room together with his girl leaving me to sit and ponder things on the balcony seat, outside the front door. I looked out to sea and again those fishing lights were bobbing in the distance. I gazed at them abstractly and I envied them their simplicity and freedom. Yeah I knew these people had to face economic reality when they stepped ashore but while they were out to sea they seemed somehow free and unbothered by the restraints of normal society. I don’t know how long I sat there in my own world but I was eventually bought out of my reverie by the buzzing of a thousand mosquitoes who were literally dinning out on me.

Sitting out there on the little balcony I had a lot to think about and a lot of time to think it. This was the second time that I had encountered Rosie engaging in sexual activity with a so called friend of mine and it was also the second time I had encountered this twisted logic of, I was doing you a favor mate trying to show you what your girl was really like. At the time no matter what I did I could not come to terms with that logic. Maybe it was conservative upbringing or maybe it was a sense of ownership. Maybe it was just good old fashioned jealousy born out of insecurity or maybe I had genuine feelings for the girl and wanted her exclusive attention. All these thoughts went round and round in my head like clothes in a tumble spin drier and eventually I nodded of, into an uneasy sleep.

I woke in the morning with my head on my chest covered in mosquito bites and the sun beating down on me. It was only 7AM and already I was beginning to sweat. I knocked on the cabin door then entered the hut to find Bob and his girls had already risen and Bob was packing his stuff. I asked “what’s up mate, where you heading off to” and he replied, “I told you mate I’m off to see me girls island”. With that said he hoisted his bag on his shoulder and together with his two girls walked out the door and headed down the beach.

So there I was all alone stuck in the middle of nowhere with people who only spoke rudimentary English. I had food and water supplies and a foam mattress to sleep on but that was about it. Just great I thought to myself as I watched Bob and his girls stroll down the beach, and I wondered what the heck I was going to do now. I sat down on the little chair that was rapidly becoming my new home and I thought to myself this must be something like what people stuck on a deserted island must feel. Even though there were people all around me I was a stranger in a strange land and a feeling of profound loneliness coupled with a feeling of vulnerability overcame me.

I went inside got myself some mineral water and contemplated what I was going to have for breakfast when suddenly I heard some female laughter coming from outside my front door. I stuck my head out and there was an absolutely stunning young lady standing outside my house looking up at me. I smiled at her and said, “hello who are you” and she replied, “me Rosalinda me cousin Rosie, me make look to you”. Okay now I am not one to kick a gift horse in the mouth but to be honest I was more than a little confused. Rosie had walked out on me after I caught her performing oral sex on my friend, her dad and immediate family were acting like I was the one in the wrong and my ex mate Bob had just left and headed towards some unknown island together with two teenage nymphs. I was under the impression that I was in the dog house for some perverse reason and I was going to be almost exiled, then all of a sudden from out of nowhere this beautiful young woman appears offering to look after me.

Seizing the moment I gave Rosalinda my best smile and said, “darling am I glad to see you, please come inside”. Rosalinda returned my smile with a diminutive and slightly flirtatious smile of her own and proceeded to walk through the door and sift through what few groceries I had. After two minutes of rummaging through my groceries Rosalinda gave me a beaming smile and announced. “Linda make breakfast now”. As it turned out Rosalinda was quite an accomplished cook considering what little she had to work with and within minutes she had whipped me up an omelet and a cup of steaming hot coffee.

After a rudimentary breakfast and shower which was composed of throwing a small bucket of water over my head, I was feeling slightly more human so I decided to go for a walk and check out the beach. I told Rosalinda about my intention and she insisted on coming with me. As Rosalinda and I walked along the beach I tried to engage her in conversation but her English was limited to the basics so most of the time we just walked together in silence seemingly comfortable in each others company. On my behalf I was just glad to have the company of someone friendly and for Rosalinda I think she got some sort of elevated status by being seen with the foreigner.

Rosies village was not exactly a thriving commercial hub, in fact quite the opposite. This was a little village based primarily around the water and fishing and obviously other than fishing there were very few employment opportunities. The people here for the most part had virtually nothing and they lived their life from day to day on a subsistence level. The village was mostly composed of bamboo huts with what the Filipinos call a nippa roof and they were all built on stilts. The houses were only small yet from what I could see they housed at least three adults and a minimum of four kids. Everywhere we went there would be a throng of raggedy snot nosed kids some of which would wave and shout hello and others which would just give me the hollow eyed stare.

It seems that everywhere you go in the Philippines there is always an abundance of kids and the population growth in this country is nothing short of astounding. I used to wonder why they don’t take steps to control their population growth in the Philippines but then I heard the sermons from the Catholic ministers and witnessed their aversion to birth control and perhaps more poignantly I saw how the vast majority of people live in the province with nothing much to do except eek out an existence and copulate.

Even though the poverty was obvious in the province these people seemed to have a fairly happy disposition, all things considered. In fact this is one thing I like about the Filipino people. Although their life may be very simple or even full of grinding hardship, they mostly seem to maintain a happy go lucky disposition. This may be a survival mechanism, it may be something genetic or it may be because they don‘t know any better. Whatever the reason I find their ability to live day to day and to maintain a happy disposition despite the daily hardships, an admirable quality. Everywhere I went throughout Rosie’s village there was always someone willing to smile and acknowledge me which filled me with confidence and I realized maybe life here wasn’t going to be so difficult after all.

Walking along the beach gave me a real insight into these peoples daily lives. On most of the houses the women were crouched over a plastic bowl washing the laundry by hand. Many would have little slabs of wood which would be used as a washing board and rather than detergent they would have bar of soap which they would dip in water and then lather it onto the clothes and then rub their hands together with the clothes firmly in their grasp. Besides each woman there would be the standard snot nosed kid and lurking in the nearby vicinity a whole tribe of kids ranging in age from 5 to 15. Often the older kids would initiate contact and in some ways I felt like I was living out a scene from an old movie where the white explorer walks into the village in deepest darkest Africa and is surrounded by a throng of natives all spellbound by his presence.

Some of the people would look at me and Rosalinda and simply have a snide little chuckle while others would stare openly. At the time I didn’t think much of it but looking back on it with a much better knowledge of Filipino culture I believe some were judging us thinking she was my girlfriend and probably worked in the bar, others were genuinely curious as to whether we were a couple or not and if we were how did we manage to meet and get on so well and lastly the looks from the men would have been ones of thinly veiled hostility b driven by the fact that they were jealous she was a foreigner and not them. Just like any country when the men of that country see a woman from the same country with a foreign man they often take it as an insult. Typical lines include “what the fuck, why is she with him, a foreigner, when she should be with men of her country”. “Maybe she thinks her own race of men are not good enough for her” and she thinks she is to good for Filipino, fuck her”.

Most of the men in Rosie’s village seemed fairly neutral but at the same time there was also some who openly showed their dislike for me and others who were overtly friendly. As far as I could make out they were mostly involved in fishing which meant when not out to sea on the boat they would spend their time lounging around the home drinking with their mates or be involved in repairing the nets boats and engines that were so important in maintaining what little livelihood they had.

Profusely scattered along the beach were little sari-sari stores most of these taking the form of a small shop attached to the front of a house. When I say shop I mean Philippine provincial style shop which is basically a tiny shack added to the front of the house. There will normally be a small window covered by a wire mesh which opens outwards so purchased goods can be given out and money taken in. The weird thing about these sari-sari stores is that they will all sell the same things. I understand this in a way as they can only sell what they can get supplied and what there is a demand for but even taking these two factors into account it is surprising just how many of the stores sell not only the same products but exactly the same brand. Typically the products would be in tin cans or small plastic sachets. In this village there was no supermarket or even a general store and most of the shopping was done on a one on one basis with people paying using coins and maybe on the rare occasion a 20 piso note. I really don’t have any idea how much the average expenditure among the locals was on a day to day basis but I cant imagine it would be any more than 50 piso.

Despite the limited amount of goods they did sell the basic necessities of life and somehow despite having severely limited financial resources the people here survived.

Rosalinda and I must have wandered around the villages beach front for about an hour with me purchasing a few basic items all the time with me relying on her to translate to the shop keeper what I wanted. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Despite the obvious language difficulties we managed to somehow purchase what we needed and I even managed to make a few new acquaintances along the way.

After strolling around the seashore Rosalinda and I made our way back to my hut and then just as I put down the groceries, I turned around to thank her for her help, and found myself in a lip-lock extraordinaire. At first I was shocked and really had no idea where this was coming from, but being a healthy, comparatively young, hetro-sexual red blooded male, I responded to her passionate kiss with gusto.

While she had her lips locked to mine I took advantage of her defenses being down and slipped my hand under her T/shirt, unclasped her bra and started playing with her soft round breasts. As I gently flitted my finger over her nipple Rosalinda started softly moaning and her kiss became even more purposeful. Gently I pulled away from Rosalinda and then raised her T/Shirt over her head to expose a pair of perfect breasts, which I immediately decided needed to be licked and sucked.

I lowered my head and gently licked around her nipples which caused her to throw her head back and moan, whilst at the same time pushing my head against her breasts, as she abandoned herself to the feelings of lust that were coursing through her body. I gently licked her breasts, then when the moaning increased, I slipped her pants down while at the same time releasing my now rock hard member, lifted her up and placed her on my cock. Rosalinda was obviously no virgin and she worked my pole using her tummy mussels in conjunction with her pussy mussels, like a true professional. After a while Rosalinda’s dead weight was beginning to hurt my arms so I lifted her off my member and carried her to the mattress on the floor. No sooner was she lying down than she grabbed me, eagerly circling her arms around my neck and saying something to me in Visayan, which I took to be, her asking me for sex.

Rosalinda was like a piece of ripe fruit bursting at the seams with exotic flavor and waiting to be plucked. I rode her for at least 15 minutes pumping away like a hard working piston, and all the time Rosalinda was moaning and crying out beneath me. After a while I could feel the familiar stirrings of a mind blowing orgasm in my loins but then just before I was about to explode in an exquisite paroxysm of delight I felt a sharp stinging on my back and as if in from a distance, I heard the angry voice of Rosie saying, something in Visayan and then in English, “I kill you Martin”.