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C How They Made Me! Chapter 62

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 62

Riding Miss Daisy.

After having an enlightening session with Jake, (as you can see a pattern with me and alcohol is beginning to emerge), Daisy and I headed back to the hotel room. At this stage the hotel did not have a hotel service jeepney attached simply because there wasn’t a perceived need. Back then there were very few decent hotels near to Fields Avenue and it was generally accepted that guests would have no catch trikes to their hotels. In today’s environment this has all changed, and with the development of large hotels in close proximity to Fields Avenue, those situated further away have to supply a transportation service as an added reason for patrons to stay there.

On the way back to the hotel room Daisy was a little aloof and very careful not to show me any signs of affection in front of the trike driver. At the time I thought this a little strange because in the bar she had been a totally different person. In the bar she had been like a fly stuck on fly paper, literally all over me, but in the trike she was aloof and distant with a minimal amount of physicality. Looking back on it now I realize the trike driver may have known her and she was a little ashamed of working in the bar, or possibly because he was a distant relation or maybe he knew her boyfriend. It could have been any reason but for me it didn’t really matter as long as it didn’t continue in the bedroom.

And guess what, my hopes were soon to be realized because Daisy was a little fire cracker in the bedroom. We alighted from the trike with Daisy saying something to the driver in Tagalog and me slipping him 40 piso. The trike took off and straight away Daisy was back to being Daisy I had experienced in the bar. Gathering the room key from the hotel receptionist I received a mischievous smile from her that said I know what you two are going to do and boy was she right.

As soon as Daisy entered the room and the door closed, she was down on her knees sucking my knob like a true professional. Jake had hinted at her oral skills in the bar and he was certainly spot on the money. This girl could suck the proverbial golf ball through a garden hose without even trying. I don’t know about you guys but I rate an enthusiastic blow job highly and with this girl enthusiasm was an understatement. Daisy very obviously enjoyed oral sex and she had that intoxicating mixture of professionalism and genuine enjoyment. I have no idea who taught Daisy her oral skills but to this day some 22 years later I have experienced few better. Daisy had this way of licking the entire length just like a lollipop then she would flit her tongue over the head before swallowing the entire length. Obviously she had plenty of experience in this department and within 5 minutes I was exploding in her mouth. Without so much as a wink of an eye she swallowed my entire load then excused herself as she made her way to the bathroom.

So there it was my first sexual encounter in Angeles complete, and boy was it ever a memorable one. I remember feeling absolutely drained so stooping down I picked up my pants from around my ankles and flopped on the bed. Pretty soon Daisy came out of the shower and said, “now round two but I be the one to drive” . With that said she went straight down on me again and even though I was pretty shagged out this girl was an expert and with her gentle manipulations I soon felt the old familiar stirrings rising again.

Once Daisy had gotten me hard she literally stripped of her pants and jumped on my pole. Now I am not one to object to a sexually aggressive woman but this girl made me feel like I was a piece of meat just there for her to use. Once straddled on my dick Daisy was like a little pocket rocket and there was no stopping her. She would grind her body into mine rubbing her clit against me while jerking her pelvis like there was no tomorrow. In some ways I felt like a spectator, who was simply there to provide pleasure for the voracious females sexual appetite and in other ways I felt like a stud because I could supply just what this filly needed and trust me when I say, that was no small achievement.

After Daisy had ridden her way to two momentous orgasms riding on my cock I decided that it was my turn to show this woman just who was in control and with this in mind I gently lifted her off my dick, laid her down in the bed, spread her legs back so her feet were touching close to her ears and proceeded to pound her. Mostly I do not engage in physically demanding sex with small framed apparently fragile Filipinas but Daisy had given me all the signs that she would enjoy a bit of a tumble and I am glad to report my instincts were 100% correct. I inserted myself slowly at first and as each inch went in I could clearly see the look of pleasure that crossed her face. After gently easing my entire length into her and sensing no resistance I decided to get things a little more robust and next thing I knew I was pounding her like a jackhammer.

Daisy had many sexual attributes and her ability to take as well as she gave was definitely one of them. I was literally giving her a pounding and the harder I went the more she cried out for more. Given the size of her, this was an admirable achievement and I can remember admiring her stamina and genuine enthusiasm for a good pounding. After about fifteen minutes of pumping away I decided that it was time for doggy style so I pulled out, flipped her over and proceeded to give it to her from behind. I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking maybe I could find her measure but instead of being submissive Daisy actually seemed to enjoy it and pushed back on my cock as hard as I pushed into her. At one stage her head was banging against the bed-head so I stopped to put a pillow there and she simply turned round and said, “don’t stop Daisy like”. Well I may not be the fastest on the uptake but given a direction like this I wasn’t about to say no and next thing I knew all thoughts of comfort were thrown aside and I was literally pounding her like the piston of a formula one engine.

After about ten minutes of this frantic sexual abandon we were both bathed in sweat but that was inconsequential since both of us were in the proverbial zone and nothing else mattered apart from our carnal lust. I must have pounded away at Daisy for at least fifteen minutes until finally I felt that familiar build up and then my head exploded as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy coursed through my entire body. Paroxysms of orgasmic delight were also overtaking Daisy and then as the ultimate rush subsided, both of us literally collapsed in a heap.

In the history of sexual encounters the one between Daisy and myself had to rank highly. I mean over a 12 hour period we must have gone at it at least five times and everything was on the cards. Nothing was a problem for this girl and she was open to just about any suggestion. That morning we met up with Wally in the little cafeteria for breakfast but upon seeing Wally Daisy pretended to be all shy and after discreetly asking me for a “trike fare” gave me a little kiss and said, “you make bar hopping hon you not forget Daisy”. I smiled gave her a little tap on her ass and said “how could I ever forget you Daisy. See you later”.

After Daisy left Wally and I settled down to a nice breakfast and made plans for our bar hopping later on that day. It took us about an hour of planning but after that we were good to go not realizing that our planning was a complete waste of time because as always as soon as you get on Fields all pre made plans go out the window.

Wally and I shared a trike up and our first stop was the Airwolf Inn. The Airwolf Inn was a classic Angeles bar very reminiscent of times gone by. It was basically an open air bar with a pool table, overhead fans, wooden seats placed around wooden tables, about 8 women who seemed to be a mix between GRO’s and waitresses, and music which was a somewhat eclectic mix between Southern Rock and Country. The customers here were locals who had been residing in Angeles for a long time and these guys had seen it all. Over a few beers, which funnily enough I ended up buying, these guys would regale the young kid with wide eyes and an even wider mind, with stories of their Angeles antics in days gone by. Most of these guys were retired military and the highlight of their day was the occasional cigar or cigarette together with a few beers while they sit and reminisce about the good old days when Angeles was a boom town and single mans paradise.

The girls in Airwolf Inn were a mixed bunch ranging in age from about 18 through to 35 but no matter what their age it was clearly obvious each girl knew exactly what she was there for. Some of the old guys seeing my eye wander appreciatively over two of the girls, started giving me the low down on some of the girls performance. In a way I appreciated their candidacy however on the other hand I was still applying Australian ethics to a Filipino situation so I replied, thanks for the info guys but I don’t really want to know how many of you blokes have already been with her. I mean if she is a slut that’s cool but I don’t have to know about it, so if it’s all the same to you guys and no offence meant, I will just do my own homework and I’ll let you know how I get on”. With this little tirade blurted out the wizened old guys looked at me from underneath their baseball caps and glasses and then one of their group who I was to later learn was named Dicky, blew a cloud of smoke at me and said, “caring is sharing kid” then went back to his beer and cigar.

Feeling thoroughly rebuked I motioned to Wally that I was leaving and he promptly paid his bill and we walked up the street to Club Fantastic. Walking up Fields in those days was truly fun. It was very much a small town feel where all the girls would know you and often they would call you by name as they tried to entice you inside their bar. Girls would grab your arm and actually walk with you up the street. Along the way they would often try and get you to buy them something like a dress or a hat from one of the numerous tailoring shops that seemed to proliferate on Fields in those days. There must have been about twenty tailors mostly specializing in American goods such as American football shirts baseball shirts caps and jackets and basketball clothing. Along with the tailoring shops were the leather shops which would specialize in a range of goods from boots and shoes through to little riding crops, leather sex outfits and plush leather jackets. A few of these places still exist but most of them have been replaced by a different kind of shop or a hotel or a bar. These shops were indicative of the small town appeal of Angeles back then and if even for that reason alone I miss them.

Club Fantastic which is now called Owls Nest was pretty much exactly as it is today a dirty dingy mid sized bar with about twenty girls who would shuffle back and forth on stage and were about as inspiring as a wet week. The lighting is always dim in this bar and the emphasis is on keeping the operating costs down. The owner here an Australian who I shall just refer to as T, has been around Angeles for 30 plus years and is very much a reminder of how a certain segment of the Angeles market used to be. For the most part men such as himself have faded into obscurity but there are many like him still here and to find them you just have to know where to look.

Terry has running a bar down to a fine science, basically he leaves everything to his wife and drinks a few beers and plays pool. He is in fact arguably the best pool player in Angeles. He is nothing flash but just shoots the balls and rarely loses. While Terry is playing pool the bar goes on around him which these days he is mostly oblivious to. Back in the day the bar was called Club Fantastic and it was particularly memorable because of its logo which was Mickey Mouse getting a blow job from Mini Mouse while underneath was the writing Club Fantastic Adult Disneyland.

After a couple of games of pool with Terry, a few beers and a good grope of the only two girls that were in my opinion worth groping we said our goodbyes and headed out with the aim of going to Birds Of Paradise for some late lunch curry. Well at least that was the plan until we actually walked out the door and Daisy who was working as a door girl in Happy Hooker spotted me and came running over grabbing my arm and saying, “hon we have problem, need you talk Daddy Jake now”.