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C How They Made Me! Chapter 64

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 64

Meeting miss Carla.

Wally grabbed MayAnn in a tight hug then placing her back on the ground he turned to me and said “come on mate I will introduce you to some of the boys”. Wally lead me up to the top of the stage where a bunch of older Australians were gathered all seemingly involved in some deep conversation conducted over rounds of beer. I was thinking twice about butting in, since I didn’t know these guy’s, and I knew how I would feel if someone butted into my conversation in my local. But there was no such restraint for Wally who simply marched up to them together with MayAnn and myself and said, “gooday fellas I want you to meet a mate of mine, Marty. He’s come up from Manila and never been to Angeles before”.

My initial reaction upon hearing this introduction was one of embarrassment but the boys soon put me at ease by saying, “hello mate how’s it going, pull up a stool mate, come and have a drink mate”. From out of nowhere a shapely young waitress suddenly produced two chairs and with a bit of shuffling Wally and I inserted ourselves into the group. MayAnn who still had a tight grasp on Wally’s hand was unceremoniously seated on Wally’s lap and proceeded to wiggle her pert little butt against him every time she needed a drink or felt like getting his attention.

The conversation ranged from the Government in Australia, sports and life in the Philippines. This was a bunch of blokes who although proudly Australian seemed as though they had moved on from their country or Australia had moved on from them leaving them behind in Angeles City Philippines. And the irony was they were actually more comfortable living on the fringes of Filipino society than they were living in Australia. As one of the elder blokes said to me, “mate I will always be true-blue Aussie and proud of it, but fair dinkum mate I don’t reckon I could live in the joint anymore”. This comment seemed to be meet general agreement from the group and I found myself wondering if I would ever get like that. Little did I know that moment was just around the corner, because once you get a taste of the Philippines, for most, it’s a long time habit.

Looking back on this I realize that what these guys were telling me is the feelings of expats all over the world, we are literally strangers in a strange land. We are people who don’t fit into either society, not the one we have left and not the one we have adopted, we are fringe dwellers. For me this was all a bit heavy because at that time I was there for the pussy and figured if I wanted to hear some strangers life story I could do that back in the pub in New Zealand or Australia. At the same time I didn’t mean to be rude so I decided it was my round and promptly ordered one for all the guys in the group. This decision was met with much approval and a chorus of good on ya mate and some gentle back slaps, made me realize I had made the right decision.

The conversation ebbed and flowed with everyone getting slowly more and more drunk. After about 80 minutes of this Wally decided he had more important things to do, so grabbing the already changed MayAnn he signaled the waitress, bought one more round, then paid his bill at the same time saying goodbye to all the group. On her way out MayAnn was behind Wally and as she brushed past me she deftly gave my dick a subtle little squeeze and blew me a little kiss. This was both a turn on and a source of embarrassment since the last thing I wanted to do was have a problem with Wally, especially since he was the one who had brought me to Angeles, this was his turf and these were his mates so for me to be with MayAnn would have been really stupid.

Luckily for me my lack of reaction must have been the right thing because Wally was completely unaware of her actions and the guys who had seen it simply chose to give me a knowing smile and continue drinking their beer. About two hours into what was rapidly becoming a mammoth drinking session, I noticed this girl on stage and thought to myself, wow I wouldn’t mind a bit of that. Not being super comfortable as this was a new environment for me, I cut short one of the guys who was reciting yet another yarn and asked them about the girl. They informed me her name was Carla and she was supposedly one of the best performing girls in the bar. She had a reputation as being a bit of a drama queen but when in the mood was a orally skilled and a good performer.

Hearing this was more than enough for me so I made my polite excuses and grabbing my bill I got up and moved closer to the section of the bar where Carla was dancing. Carla saw me coming, smiled at me, then turned her back on me. It has never ceased to amaze me how these girls working the bar can sense your interest even if you have made no indication of it. Carla knew I was interested but she wasn’t about to give in, she was acting stuck up and she was going to make me work for it.
I must have watched Carla for about 3 songs then after trying various means to get her attention and failing miserably I made my way back to the group of guys at the top of the stage only to be greeted by snide little chuckles and the one of them said, “sorry mate we forgot to tell you her nickname. That’s Carla the cunt”. This was greeted by another round of chuckles and then one of the other guys said, “don’t worry buddy, you’re not the first to be rejected by Carla and you sure as shit won’t be the last.

Being an object of pathetic fun was not exactly my idea of a good time and this last statement was like a challenge to me, so I decided then and there, that I would get this Carla girl, no matter what it took. I smiled lightly at the guy who had issued the challenge then ordered another round as I sat back and worked out my strategy. It was then that the wise advise of David Goldshaft came back to me, if a girl is playing stuck up buy her a drink anyway, and if she still isn’t interested buy her one more but on the second one make it something strong, just to show her the balls still in your court”.

With David’s words echoing in my head I called the ever attentive shapely young waitress over and ordered Carla a drink. The waitress smiled and scurried off, to return 3 minutes later then place Carla’s drink on the bar before me. Carla obviously knew what was going on because with a sultry waggle of her hips she turned round and proceeded to walk towards me. She came right up to me, gave me a provocative look which said come and get me big boy, delicately held the drink, said thank you and then proceeded to walk back to where she had been dancing previously.

Of course all the guys had been watching this and Carla’s rebuffing of my advances elicited another round of chuckles. Feeling a little bit crestfallen I managed to put a brave smile on my face and said, “wait fellas, I’m not finished yet”. I called the waitress over once again and ordered 3 tequilas for Carla. Once again the waitress placed them on the bar in front of me and once again Carla sauntered over and looking me straight in the eye said, “thank you”. With this said she then picked up the Calamansi rubbed it on the top of her right hand, sprinkled it with salt, and with a delicate lady like motion, downed the first Tequila. This process was repeated twice more and once again Carla stood up, turned her back to me and sauntered back to where she had been dancing.

Watching the expression on my face was obviously a source of great amusement for the more experienced fellows as they were all chuckling without restraint. Obviously I had bummed out, and the guys laughter was hardly helping the matter, so I decided to pay my bill and leave. I asked the waitress to total my bill, said goodbye to the guys admitting that they had won, and then made my way to the toilet to let some of the beer out. I was standing next to the urinal with my back turned towards the door, when suddenly I felt a presence. I pushed as hard as I could to finish peeing, quickly zipped up my jeans and turned round, only to be confronted by Carla standing by the toilet door, with a cheeky sparkle in her eyes.

You like Carla she asked me and at a total loss for words I mumbled something like, yeah I sure do but before the words were out of my mouth she had grabbed my hand and was leading me inside the toilet cubicle. Carla shut the toilet door and while kissing me let her left hand wander down to my crotch and deftly undid my zipper. Next thing I knew I was standing there with my jeans around my ankles and the vision of unadulterated lust down on her knees giving me a fabulous blow job, the likes of which I have rarely found even after 22 years of living in AC.

I have no idea where Carla learned her techniques but this girl was absolutely fabulous and within minutes I felt the intoxicating effects of orgasm welling up in my body and brain. It was only a few strokes later and I was exploding in Carla’s mouth. To her credit Carla never spilt a drop and swallowed everything.

After the deed was done Carla simply smiled, opened the toilet door and sauntered out acting like nothing had happened. With legs still trembling I reached down picked up my pants and proceeded to exit the toilet. I was trying my best to look perfectly innocent but just had to break out in a huge smile when the CR attendant smiled at me and asked, “you leave tip sir”?