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C How They Made Me! Chapter 71

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 71:

One last AC romp then back to Manila

Seeing Wally was not exactly the highlight of my day, but even though he was being a belligerent little dickhead I just smiled at him and said, “how are you Wally I see you found MayAnne again, good on you mate and I hope you two are happy”. This warm welcome disarmed Wally and while he was still trying to comprehend my intent, I simply turned my back and walked away.

Now that I had enjoyed a blow job and a nice cold beer, I was ready to pick up Helen and head back to the Maharajah for a swim and some bedroom entertainment. I strolled up the street absorbing the sights and sounds and then ambled into Stinger. As I stepped through the door I had a feeling something was wrong and sure enough there was Helen grinding on some guys lap while enjoying a lady’s drink. My first reaction was one of anger but then I realized it was my fault, I had left her in the bar while I went bar hopping so what did I expect her to do.

With a smirk I got a chair up the back, ordered a beer and watched Helens show. Helen at this stage had no idea I was there, at least that’s what I thought until she rested her head on the guys shoulder and blew me a kiss. This was a very confusing situation for me. On the one hand I considered her mine since I had paid the bar fine but on the other hand I had left her in the bar and when in the bar she has to do her job. With conflicting emotions raging inside of me I just sat there watching her work this guy and I thought to myself Martin you still have a lot to learn, and right there and then, I vowed to myself to make an effort and learn how the scene works and try to understand the girls.

In a way this situation was a real learning experience and I realized that even though these girls were 18 years old and had very little formal education, when it came to life experience and street smarts, the majority of them left me for dead.

Helen must have worked this guy for ten minutes or so and I was just about to pay my bill and ask for my money back when suddenly she was there beside me saying “for a while honey, I dance then I come you”. In a way I was flabbergasted at the gall of this lady but before I could say anything she was back on stage wiggling that ample behind and making lascivious eye contact with me. Somewhat confused I sat back and ordered another beer. Helen must have danced for about ten minutes then with a smile she ambled off the stage and came and sat next to me. At first I was a bit worried what the other guy would say but he seemed to take it in his stride and I could sense no tension from him.

Helen sat and talked with me for about half an hour while gulping down two more mango juices and then announced she would get changed and we could go. Looking back on it I probably should have exerted more control but I was still comparatively new at the game, and was like a puppy dog in Helens experienced hands.

After the drinks in Stinger we headed back to the hotel for some fun and it was here that Helen showed her true colors. After stepping out of Stinger I was just about to hail a trike when Helen stopped me and said wait jeepney better and more cheap. I remember thinking I can afford 30 peso for the trike ride and I was chomping at the bit to get this girl home but she was adamant and next thing I knew we were climbing into a jeepney at checkpoint. The jeepney must have taken at least 20 minutes to get to the Maharajah and along the way Helen struck up a friendship with a another female passenger. I looked at this other girl and was thinking she is pretty hot when suddenly Helen asked me, “hon is it okay if my friend come to hotel”. Well I was pleasantly surprised and I had a hard time restraining my enthusiasm so I simply mumbled “sure” and gave them both a big smile.

When we got to the hotel the ladies at the front desk reception were all smiles and giggles and I got the feeling they were thoroughly enjoying the fact that I had two girls with me. Back then there didn’t seem to be the judgmental attitudes which we see more and more off in current times, but then again I was a lot younger and had no idea about Tagalog so maybe it has always been there but I was to inexperienced to see it.

We proceeded past the swimming pool which both the girls seemed to admire and into my room. Once in the room Helen said “hon I want swim and my friend but no swimming clothes”. Seizing the opportunity I casually mentioned that we could maybe go swimming naked which was greated by little giggles and next thing I knew I was handing over money so they could go and buy some “swimming clothes”.

After the girls disappeared I was left on my own so I headed out to the pool to get some sun and just recharge the batteries for what I hoped was going to be a great night. I am not sure how long I lay there just relaxing but it seemed like ages and still no sign of the girls. I was just about to give up on them and head down to the bar to get my money back when suddenly I heard Helens laughter and in she waltzed with two other girls. I looked at them and thought all my Christmases had come at once especially since the newest girls were super hot and I had lurid visions of what was going to happen in the bedroom.

The girls rushed into the room and within minutes they were changed and frolicking in the pool. My initial reaction was to join them but then I realized they would get thirsty so I wandered over and ordered a big container full of Rum and Coke and some mineral water. Now for the uninitiated alcohol and Filipinas is a heady mix provided they don’t have to much, the idea being to get them slightly tipsy so their inhibitions disappear.

Watching the girls play in the pool was fun but I wasn’t in the Philippines to be a voyeur so I quickly dove in the pool and joined in the fun. Sitting in the pool fondling nubile Filipinas while drinking Rum and Coke was definitely a pleasurable experience particularly since the sun was going down and as the rum and coke kicked in the girls were getting more and more playful. They were taking turns alternating sitting on my lap and kissing me which was delightful but I was craving something more than a tease, so I decided to push my luck and see what would eventuate.

All three girls were attractive and gave me the signs they were ready, willing, and able but for some reason I had decided I wanted the tom boy looking one. I don’t know what it is about women with short hair but for some reason, most of the time, I find myself attracted to them. Maybe it’s the fact that the short hair defines their facial features, or maybe it’s because the short hair is often indicative of a more assertive attitude which I find challenging. Whatever the reason women with short hair have always been my Achilles heel and this one was no exception. Her name was Claire and to put it quite simply she was a very attractive woman. She had the classic Filipina smile and a beautiful Mocha complexion. Her stomach was firm, her tits were small but perfectly shaped with pointy nipples and her legs were shapely with just the right amount of muscle tone. Claire’s looks were definitely the starting point but what really attracted me was the fact that she could speak English so well and she seemed a genuinely intelligent and friendly human being. We started our pool conversation casually enough with Claire asking me where I came from and how long I had been in the Philippines, but I soon discovered Claire was quite an intelligent and educated girl and the conversation moved on to discuss a range of subjects from Philippine politics, through to memorable sexual encounters.

On the one level I was really enjoying my conversation and mental connection with this girl but on the other hand I realized I wasn’t here for intellectual stimulation, so I decided to steer the conversation towards sex. I carefully considered the best strategy and deciding on the straight forward frank approach asked her, “so Claire I get the impression you may be a little bi-sexual, do you like boys or girls or both”. The abruptness and frank nature of this question momentarily surprised her but she recovered quickly and replied, “honestly I like girl better than guy, but I go with guy if I like him”. Well this is a step in the right direction I thought to myself and decided to press my luck. “So do you and Helen go together” I asked her, and in reply she gave me a mischievous smile and said “of course she is my girlfriend”. So far so good I thought to myself and deciding fortune favors the brave I asked, “do you do threesomes”. She looked at me somewhat confused and asked me “what is threesome”, to which I replied, “you know two girls and one guy together”. Upon hearing this her face lit up and she said, “we do that one time only”. Seizing the moment I then promptly asked, “would you like to try it again with me” and straight away she answered, “for a while please, I talk Helen”.

With that said she jumped off my lap and swam over to speak with Helen. She must have been talking with her for about 5 minutes and the two of them would giggle and glance furtively in my direction. During this time I tried to appear casual and nonchalant but deep down I was hoping fervently she would come back and reply in the affirmative. That must have been one of the longest five minutes in my life and needless to say when Claire and Helen came swimming back over and both proceeded to take turns kissing me and playing with my now excited male member, I was literally ecstatic.

A heavy petting session began in the pool and I was all for trying to do both of them right there in the pool but the girls would have none of that and insisted we go back into the room. I suddenly realized we were leaving out the third girl so I suggested to Helen that she bring her friend along but Helen replied in the negative saying, “No she is good girl, she not work bar”. Oh well I tried I thought to myself and then said okay girls lets go back to the room and party”. Helen said something to her friend in Tagalog and we then proceeded to my room to let the action begin.

At the risk of this turning into a sort of soft porn story I will give a few details of that sexual encounter because for me it was absolutely fantastic and the details remain crystal clear in my mind some 23 years later. Upon entering the room the two girls literally collapsed on the bed and started embracing and French kissing each other . This went on for several minutes leaving me standing there like a Shag on a rock and as much as I enjoyed watching these two turn each other on I wasn’t about to be left out, so I politely said, “excuse me girls but can I join in”. As if having some sort of reverie interrupted they both looked up at me and Claire said “sure you take off clothes and join us.

It started off with me lying on the bed with the girls taking it in turns to kiss me then each other and we soon progressed to Helen giving me a blow job while Claire kissed me and Helen. I remember at the time thinking to myself how good is this. This is what I came to the Philippines for, and wouldn’t the boys back home be as jealous as all hell.

With all this action it didn’t take long before I was rock hard and I suggested that Claire should eat Helen while I fucked her from behind. Claire simply smiled and replied “good idea” and next thing I knew I was banging away at Claire like there was no tomorrow. The moans from both girls were fairly loud but I was oblivious since I was in seventh heaven and never wanted this to stop. After about 15 minutes of banging Claire I asked her if I could now bang Helen while Helen ate her pussy. Once again Claire simply smiled and said, “sure why not”. I don’t know how many of you guys have enjoyed the threesome experience with two girls who “play well together”, but I will say, for me this was an absolutely fantastic experience and the stuff that dreams are made off.

Helen had a more voluptuous behind than Claire and longer legs but that was just more of a turn on for me because variety is the spice of life and I was in full fucking mode and at that stage would have fucked a rat on the run if I could have kept in step. Claire seemed to enjoy being fucked while eating pussy but she enjoyed being eaten by her girlfriend even more and at one stage in the throws of orgasm she was grinding herself into Helens face while pulling on her hair. Seeing these girls abandon all inhibitions and just give themselves to the feelings of lust was to much for me, and next thing I knew I was shooting my load all over Helens back.

Latter while lying back utterly spent with the two girls entwined in each others arms I thought to myself, now that is what life is all about and I couldn’t wait to tell my mates back home about this experience. In some ways it was totally surreal, it was fantasy world straight out of Penthouse porn letters, yet on the other hand it was reality, it had happened, and I had experienced what most men only dream about. This was exactly what I had come to the Philippines for and I gave a silent vow of thanks to my buddy Tim who had first opened my eyes to this wonderful country.

The girls were sleeping soundly utterly exhausted after our torrid sex session and although I was extremely content something was nagging at the back of my mind and then I remembered we had left their friend outside. Thinking that she was probably thinking these dickheads have forgotten about me, I decided to get dressed and invite her to come have something to eat since all this ‘sexercise’ had worked up a hunger in me.

I proceeded outside and there sitting by the pool was Helens other friend. I asked her if she was feeling hungry and after she replied in the affirmative I suggested we go to the hotels dining area were we could have some dinner. She seemed pleased with this idea but at the same time a little hesitant and I could clearly see dealing with a foreigner was a new experience for her. We made our way to the restaurant, sat down and who should come up and present us with the menu, yes you guessed it, none other than the girl from the Maharajah that I had been banging the night before.