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C How They Made Me! Chapter 72

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 72:

One more round and back to Manila

The dinner at the Maharajah was not exactly spectacular when it came to the quality of food and I rapidly became a fan of the chicken adobo with rice because this was about the only thing they couldn’t fuck up. Well that’s not quite true, their French toast was pretty good, but apart from that the food was woeful.

Having my dinner with one girl and being served by a girl I had been with the night before, was more than a little bit awkward, and Maria who was doing the serving whilst not openly hostile, was certainly churlish. In fact after she had taken the order and disappeared my date said, “what problem to that girl. I think she don’t like to me but I never see her before”. Now I wasn’t about to explain why Maria was like this so I simply said, “maybe she just have menstruation”. This seemed to satisfy her and I let out a quiet sigh of relief.

We had a good dinner and during the course of it I learned her name was Madonna and she was a student studying nursing. Madonna was really pleasant company and I found myself becoming more and more engrossed by her simplistic yet profound attitude towards life in the Philippines. As the dinner finished I offered to walk her out to the jeepney and it was then that she turned to me and said, “Martin I have small problem”. If a girl says that to me nowadays my instant reaction is to think here comes the money request, but back then I wasn’t as experienced so I simply replied, “really darling what’s the problem”? “I no place to sleep” she replied slowly and went onto explain how she had relatives or something visiting from the province and there was no room in her house for her. I found this a little bit weird thinking to myself if it’s your house simply move someone but at the same time I realized this could be a golden opportunity, so I suggested she stay the night with me and the other girls. Madonna seemed a little bit taken aback by this suggestion and said, “I no do like that, can we get private”.

Well this was a very pleasant surprise especially since she had used the word “we”. Not being one to let an opportunity pass me by I quickly replied, “sure I will just go and check to see if they have any vacant rooms. You wait here and I will be back in a minute. I walked out to the reception area and asked the front desk lady, “do you have another room available for tonight”? The front desk receptionist looked a little worried by my request and replied, “why sir Martin, you have problem with your room”? I smiled at her and assured her my current room was fine but I had two girls using my bed which meant I would have no space and wouldn’t get any sleep. She gave me a look as if to say who does this guy think he is, but then smiled knowingly and replied, “yes sir Martin we have vacant room”. I explained that it was only for one night and I would pay the bill tomorrow which seemed fine for her and she handed me over the key.

I walked back to the restaurant and there was Madonna sitting demurely just gazing at the pool lost in her own thoughts. When I saw Madonna I took the opportunity to give her an extended appraisal and in so doing realized she was a truly beautiful woman who had a definite sense of style and class. Looking at her it was pretty obvious she wasn’t a girl who worked the bar and probably had little to do with the bar world, even if she was friends with Helen. For me bar girls have always served a valuable function and most of them know exactly what is expected but at the same time for most men this can become a little boring and we crave the challenge of a so called ‘good girl’. I think this is a result of our male ego, we reason that the bar girls are nothing special because they are having sex as part of their job, whereas with a non bar girl she is doing it because she genuinely likes us or she is just into sex. A second thing that goes through our mind is that we pander to our social conditioning and feel ashamed of the fact that we are having sex with prostitutes. For me I was always totally at home with the fact that I was paying for it but I know many guys who find the idea repulsive and just wrong.

I guess deep down inside we all want to feel we are something special and we like to feel there is some sort of emotional connection there, rather than having sex for sex sake. This is also an area where the Filipinas excel. Even the hardest core bar girl can offer you the girl friend experience and this for me is something which differentiates the scene from that of Thailand. In the Philippines the girls working the bar experience much the same dilemma as their customers. On the one hand it is business but on the other hand they live in denial and placate their feelings of guilt by attaching genuine emotions to the sex act. Best of all, even though both the customers and the bar girls have these contradictory realities it somehow all works and this scene is totally unique.

Once I had the room key I escorted Madonna down the long corridor and into the room. I opened the door, lead her inside and was just about to turn around and say goodnight, when next thing I knew she had planted an inescapable lip lock on me. To say I was surprised would be an understatement and as thoughts of the old maxim never judge a book by its cover coursed through my mind, I responded in kind knowing full well this was going to be a memorable night indeed.

Madonna was that classic mix of a shy inhibited young lady and a raging tornado of pent up sexual desire. She wasn’t an energetic lady but extremely passionate and most of the session she managed to keep a heavy petting session going. For her this was not just a job or having sex for money, she was genuinely enjoying this sexual encounter and I could tell it was both a physical and emotional experience for her. I am not 100% certain but I am pretty sure Madonna was a multiple orgasm woman and every five minutes or so she would arch her back, put her arms tightly round me and let out a series of moans.

My preferred style of fucking is almost like a ground and pound MMA fighter without the punches. I like being in control and my favorite position has always been ‘doggy style’, but Madonna was having none of this. For her it was strictly missionary position and she liked to control the pace. I would be pumping away when all of a sudden she would wrap her arms around me in a bear hug and grind herself against me. This was all very well but after my sexually demanding day I was going to need more than this in order to get off. After Madonna had seemed what endless orgasms she was pretty much spent so I suggested she turned round so I could do her from behind. Upon hearing this Madonna seemed genuinely worried and she whispered, “I never do like that before”. When I heard this I was instantly excited but I knew I couldn’t show her this so I simply replied “sweetheart there is a first time for everything and if you really want to make me happy you will let me make love to you like that”. Madonna seemed to ponder the guilt trip I had laid on her then tentatively turned over, got up on her knees and proffered her beautiful round bottom.

When I first entered Madonna from behind I did so slowly so as not to cause her any pain yet still she reached behind her and pushed me back saying “slowly please”. This of course turned me like crazy but at the same time I acquiesced to her request and slowly but surely inserted myself deep inside her. It was pretty obvious that Madonna had not been lying and this was her first time in this position because she was still tight and was experiencing a little pain with each penetrating thrust. For me this has always been a difficult one because on the one hand seeing a woman struggling to take you is a tremendous turn on but on the other hand actually causing them pain is a turn off and it is always a little difficult finding the middle ground. This was certainly the case with Madonna because every time I got into my stride she would ask me to slow down because it was “masakit”.

The doggy style session must have gone on for about 15 minutes but it soon became pretty obvious that Madonna wasn’t really into it and I doubted I would be able to cum anyway, so as a result I stopped and said, “sweetheart I am done, thank you”. Madonna looked at me a little surprised and a fleeting moment of disbelief crossed her features but she recovered quickly enough and said, “thank you honey ko, Madonna take bath now”.

As Madonna lithely arose out of the bed I had to have a little chuckle because rather than walk in front of me naked she wrapped a towel around her gorgeous little body. Here was a girl I had just shamelessly copulated with and yet she was shy to walk in front of me naked. I have come across this scenario with many Filipinas and the misplaced sense of modesty always amuses me.

After we had, had our respective showers I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen but Madonna solved that problem for me by wrapping her arms and legs around me like an octopus and said, “Martin stay me”. Back then I thought this was kind of sweet and I saw it as being indicative of her insecurity not wanting to sleep in a strange room alone and I also saw it as a sign that she had a level of genuine affection for me. These days what has become commonly known as the octopus effect where the girl wraps her arms and legs around you, I find myself getting annoyed, but back then I thought it was kind of cute even if it meant little sleep. Ah the joys of youth.

The night with Madonna was certainly peaceful and good for a young mans soul yet by 8 AM: we were both awake and Madonna gave me a loving kiss as she headed out the door on her way to who knows where. I remember thinking I really like this girl and I wondered if I would ever see her again. Some years later I did run into her under rather strange circumstances, but that’s a story for another time. I watched Madonna walk down the corridor then suddenly remembered I had two more girls waiting for me in my room.

I made my way back to my original room, opened the door and there was Helen and Claire going down on each other. At this stage I was pretty spent but I was young and this was a sight good enough to raise the lust in any heterosexual man. Without a word I locked the door, took of my clothes and planted myself on the bed. The girls at this stage seemed oblivious to my presence and feeling left out I decided I couldn’t have these two have all the fun without me so I grabbed Clair who was on top and started humping her from behind.

When I first entered Claire she was a little surprised but with Helens tongue darting between my balls and her clit she soon got into the swing of things and it was another fabulous session. After we had finished the girls rushed off to have a shower while I decided the perfect way to start off my last day in Angeles was to have a swim and then a light breakfast.

After the swim I headed into the restaurant and ordered a fruit dish. I was soon joined by the two girls who ordered a Filipino breakfast which was basically bangus (a local fish) with rice. This was a really relaxing breakfast and as I sat there enjoying the idyllic surroundings and the girls chit chat I thought to myself, life could certainly be worse.

After breakfast I took the girls back to the room and gave them each 500 peso. When they received the money the girls seemed ecstatic and I instantly realized that I must have tipped to much. In those days the girls were happy with 2 or 300 hundred piso but I figured these girls had really put on a stellar performance so 500 each was the least I could do. After an almost tearful goodbye I packed up my belongings and headed out to the reception. On the way I ran into MayAnne who blatantly ignored me, settled up my food bill and then asked the doorman to get me a trike. The doorman asked where I was going and when I replied Manila he just laughed and said, “sir Manila is very far in trike. Maybe you need my brother car because he has a service”.