Handling Medical Emergencies in Angeles City

So you’ve had an accident or are having a baby, or need an operation, what do you do? Here is the deal if you find yourself in Angeles City and in need of emergency medical attention:

#1. Make sure you have cellphone numbers of lots of local friends in your phone. I can’t stress this enough, as you will need someone who can speak for you to arrange transport, tell the doctors what is wrong, and oversee EVERYTHING, including admitting, diagnosis, treatment, drugs, tests, and thru to the point you pay the bill. If you don’t have many friends locally, befriend and get the phone numbers of every bar manager, bar owner, hotel owner and restaurant owner and manager that you can. They live here, they will know what to do and where to go.

#2. Familiarize yourself with the local hospitals so you can tell someone where to take you quickly, in case time is of the essence.

#3. Keep a paper in your wallet that states if you are allergic to any antibiotics, or other medicines.

#4. If possible, get a 2nd opinion. Many persons have noted that unnecessary operations can occur locally so that the resident surgeon or hospital can make extra income.

Now a few facts…

This is a 3rd world country and you will not be admitted to a hospital unless some form of guarantee can be given that you have the ability to pay or someone else can.

Ambulances are old, slow, stocked with old or almost zero equipment to help you on the way to the hospital. Common emergency items are surely lacking including a gurney, resuscitator, IV drip, heart monitor, and all the things you have seen on television medical shows and movies.

Here is some vital information for you to have with you and know about:

If you don’t have a local doctor that you know personally and can call anytime day or night, you need to make sure the staff at the hospital you are taken to will not ignore you, and will give you excellent care. Here’s how you do that…

Tell the emergency room staff (or have your friend tell them) that you are a patient of
Surgeon Dr. Noel Yamzon from Angeles University Medical Center 045-625-2999, local 2205, or Cardiologist Aristides Panlilio from Accumed Diagnostic Center 045-887-1198, or General Medicine practitioner Dr. Esmeraldo De Guzman Jr. from Community Medical Services 045-893-3329

Don’t worry if you have never met any of the above. They all have so many patients, they won’t remember if they have seen you before or not, and will treat you if you call them (during office hours). Just tell the emergency staff you are under their care and they need to call them ASAP. This will ensure the hospital staff are on their toes, as now they will have to answer to someone in case of a mistake, and now you have a REAL doctor that has dealt with foreigners before…

Since you are a foreigner, you will be charged more for medical services, so ALWAYS negotiate your final bill, ask for a discount. You can save money and they will do it when firmly asked.

Here are the names and numbers of some other physicians that can be called:

Dr Froilan Canlas ONA Hospital 0920-921-8225
Doctor Henson ENT 045-626-1952
Doctor Gemma David ENT 045-322-1783
Doctor Jae De Guzman former PIH Emergency room staff 0925-570-8206
Doctor Reyes on call former PIH doctor 0917-621-5717
Dra (female designation for doctor) Reyes OBGYN 0926-732-6855
Doctor De Mesa Orthopedics 0915-640-6596

Here are the phone numbers of local hospitals:

Angeles University Foundation Hospital (AUF) 045-888-2666 or 045-625-2999 loc. 221 or 220
Ospital Ng (or Ning) Angeles (ONA) 045-322-4495 or 045-322-1222
3 G Medical Clinic and Laboratory 0905-391-3443 (4392 Sandico Bldg, McArthur Hi-way)
Motley Chiropractic 0929-219-5627 (802-3 Malabanias Rd near Phoenix Hotel)

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Medical Center 045-63-4427 and 045-860-1265 (San Fernando)
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical (San Fernando) 045-861-4607
San Fernando Hospital 045-961-3377

And further out of town:

Makati Medical Center 02-888-8999 or 02-815-9911 or 02-892-5544(2 Amorsolo St, Legaspi Village Makati city)
St Lukes Medical Center 02-723-0101 or 02-723-0301 or 02-724-4363(279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd, Quezon City)
Manila Doctors Hospital 02-528-8102 or 02-524-3011 or 02-523-8131 to 35 or 02-524-3069 to 77
(667 U.N. Ave, Ermita)

Perpetual Succour Hospital
Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City 6000
Tel: + 63 32 232 2410
Fax: + 63 32 231 2362

Baguio City
St. Louis University Hospital of the Sacred Heart ,
Assumption Road Extension, 2600 Baguio City
Clinic Hours:8:00am-12:00nn; 2:00pm-5:00pm
Daily except Sat. & Sun.
Tel. No: Office: (074) 442-7606
SLU: (074) 442-57-01; 442-57-02
Res: (074) 442-48-65

Carlatan, San Fernando
Lorma Medical Center
La Union Carlatan, San Fernando, 2500 La Union
Clinic Hours: 24 hours
Tel. No: (072) 888-26-16 (Hospital)
Fax No: 072-888-333
Res: cellular 181-315-30-58

Urgent Surgical and Medical Care Hospital
Bgy. San Antonino, Agoo, La Union
Tel no. (072) 521-0562
Fax No. (072) 710-0171

Dagupan City , Pangasinan
Villaflor Memorial Hospital (Dagupan Doctors )
Dagupan City, 2400 Pangasinan
Tel. No.: (075) 522-7629; 522-7630
Clinic hours: 9:00 -12:00n; 4:00pm-6:00pm
Tel. No.: 075-522-0811
Res. 075-522-3359

Banaue Ifugao
Good News Clinic and Hospital
Banaue, Ifugao 3601
Tel. No.: (074) 386-40-45
Fax No: (074) 386-4092

Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Saint Paul Hospital
Ugac Highway, Buntun, Tuguegarao 3500 Cagayan
Clinic Hours: 12:30 – 5:00 pm
Tel. No: (078) 844-2220
Office: (078) 844-4226

Cagayan Valley Regional Hospital
Corig, Tuguegarao, 3500 Cagayan
Tel. No: Office: (078) 446-18-10
Res: (078) 406-17-76

Santiago City , Isabela
Cagayan Valley Sanitarium and Hospital
Garcia & Garcia Clinic
Santiago City, Isabela
2nd floor, Heritage Bldg.
Tel. no: (076) 682-8486; 682-8507
Santiago City, Isabela
Fax no: 076-682-8548
Clinic hours: 8:00-5:30 pm
Clinic: (078) 682-3899
Res: (076) 582-8507

Ilagan, Isabela
Isabela Doctors Hospital
Maharlika Highway, Baligatan, Ilagan, Isabela
Hospital: telefax: (078) 622-2675
Res: (078) 624-2004

Solano, Nueva
Vizcaya Medical Mission Group Hospital & Health Services Cooperative
Bintawan Road, Brgy. Quezon, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
Tel. no: (078) 326-7945; 326-7946; 326-5066

Damasco Medical Clinic
National Highway, Solano, 3709 Nueva Vizcaya
Tel. no: Office: (078) 326-5085
Res: (078) 326-5215
Fax no. 078-326-5112

San Fernando
V. L. Makabali Memorial Hospital
B. Mendoza St., San Fernando, 2000 Pampanga
Clinic Hours: morning only
Tel. No: (045) 961-24-42; 961-22-34

Balanga, Bataan
Bataan Doctors Hospital
Dahlia St., Dona Francisco Subd., Balanga 2100 Bataan
Tel. no. (047) 237-2050; (047) 237-33-78
Res: (047) 237-24-41

Cabanatuan ,Nueva Ecija
Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital
Km. 10, Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
Tel. no: (044) 463-0176; 463-7371

Ramos General Hospital
769 P. Hilario St., Tarlac, Tarlac
Tel. no.: 982-0542; 982-2350
Fax no.: 982-0238
Clinic hours: 10:00 – 12:00n
Tel no.: 982-0238

Puerto Princesa , Palawan
Holy Child Clinic, Rizal Ave. , Puerto Princesa City , 5300 Palawan
Clinic Hours:
9:00am -12:00nn; 2:00pm-7:00pm – Daily except Sunday
Tel. No: Clinic: (048) 433-2410
Res: (048) 433-2157

Palawan Adventist Hospital
Junction 2, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Tel. Nos: (048) 433-2156; (048) 433 2558
Clinic Hours:
8:00am -12:00nn; 2:00pm-5:00pm (Sunday to Thursday) 8:00am-12:00nn (Fri)
Tel. No: (048) 433-2558; 433-2156; 433-5567
Res: (048) 433-2658

Calapan, Oriental
Ma. Estrella General Hospital
Mindoro Tawiran, Calapan, 5200 Oriental Mindoro
Clinic Hours: 8:00-12:00 ; 2:00-4:00
Tel. No: Office: (043) 286-7386; 286-7388; 441-0492
Res: (043) 286-7385

Amorsolo/Capital region
FORTMED Medical Clinics
3rd fl, Equitable Bank Bldg., Paseo de Roxas cor. Jupiter St, Bel-air Makati City
Tel. no: 897-9111 to 19
Fax no.: 897-9120

Medical Center Manila
1122 Gen. Luna St., Ermita, 1000 Manila
Tel. No: 523-81-31 to 35; 523-8140
Fax no: 524-3440; 523-8131
Manila Doctors Hospital – 5243011 loc. 5400 Rm. 209

In general, the Manila based facilities are MUCH better equipped and better trained, so if time is not an issue, get to one of the better Manila locations.

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