Three Ways To Enjoy Angeles

With the proliferation of up market hotels and big flash new bars one would be forgiven for thinking that Angeles is now the playground of the wealthier mongerer, however the truth is, it is still possible for all types of mongerers to enjoy the town on different levels. This article will explore three different ways to enjoy Angeles. These include Angeles on a budget, Angeles as a mid level spender and Angeles as a high roller.

Traditionally Angeles has always been about affordable sex and partying and despite the numerous so called up market venues this still holds true today. For the visitor on a budget there are still many options available and a great time can still be had in AC despite limited funds.

The major expense is always accommodation and even though Angeles is developing rapidly with a number of big modern and more expensive hotels there is still a good number of cheaper options available when it comes to accommodation.

When staying at a cheaper hotel remember the old maxim you get what you pay for and this is certainly true of some of the hotels listed here. I guess it all boils down to your budget and your priorities. If you are on a limited budget and luxuriousness of your accommodation is not a priority then these hotels are for you. When staying in a cheaper accommodation you will most likely have to forego the little luxuries such as a swimming pool, room safe, king size bed, refrigerator in the room, modern air-conditioning unit, mini bar, hot water shower clean and comfortable linen, transportation service to and from Fields, proper thick curtains to shield you from the sunshine and heat, flat screen TV’s and audio visual machinery, lack of sound insulation, lack of quality room service and chances are you will not have the all important internet connection so you can access AE while in the room. In these hotels the rooms are often smaller and certainly more basic and the girls are more reluctant to stay there.

The girls are basically in it for the money and one of the ways they ascertain how much money you have is by which hotel you stay in. If you are staying in a cheaper hotel you may well find the girls a little hesitant to go with you simply because they will interpret your choice of hotel as being indicative of how much money you have and therefore how much money they will get. Another factor to be taken into consideration is that often these hotels are a little bit away from the bars and it can sometimes be quite a challenging proposition getting transport to the bars. Lastly there is the safety factor. In my experience Angeles is comparatively safe but like anywhere it has it’s seedier areas and many of the cheap hotels are situated in these areas which then presents a safety concern.

If you are on a budget there are a number of things you can do to minimize your expenditure firstly drink during the day time in Perimeter Road bars. The Perimeter Road bars are normally cheaper than Fields Avenue bars and that includes prices from drinks through to bar fines. Minimize the amount of alcohol you personally consume and if you feel the need to drink most hotels will have a sari-sari store nearby which will sell you a bottle of rum and a bottle of coke or some San Miguel or if you are in the mood to get intoxicated cheaply try the local brew, red horse beer. These can all be consumed in your room prior to your bar hop. When inside the bars do not drink top shelf or imported drinks stick with the local and therefore cheaper drinks. When buying ladies drinks insist on them being a single only and make sure you only buy one prior to the bar fine proposal. When it comes to minimizing the costs associated with drinking do some reconnaissance of the bars and make note of the bars happy hour times and the prices. Then if you really want to go cheap find out where the locals drink befriend and feel free to join them. Admission to their group will normally be one round of drinks and you’re in. If drinking in a bar during the non happy time then make sure you utilize your Asian Escapades discount card this can save you quite a bit of money.

Picture of guys drinking outside anchorage inn.

When it comes to getting around become proficient at walking or at least learn about the Jeepneys where they leave from at what time, what is their route and how much is their cost. Another way to save money with transportation is to rent out a trike on a daily basis and share the cost with a friend. This is called the service and normally works out cheaper and more convenient than hiring different trikes throughout the day. The cheapest way to get around will always be your own two feet but this of course can get wearisome even though it is good exercise and then there is the safety factor to consider.

Avoid frivolous expenditure for example throwing ping pong balls, letting off poppers, throwing money at the girls, purchasing unnecessary bar merchandise such as bar t/shirts bar towels or beer wraps. Keep an eye out for specials such as Manic Monday and doghouse where it is a set price which is normally cheaper and you will get good value for money.

When it comes to sex there are also several ways to save money. Firstly get on the internet and utilize face book, yahoo messenger, tagged, etc arrange dates with the girls outside of the bar. There are several disadvantages to this method but it is certainly cheaper. When in the bars collect names and phone numbers for outside of work. This will not exactly make you a valued customer and don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave the premises but it is certainly cheaper than paying a bar fine every night. Please note I am not instructing people to sneak the girl out but it is a fact of life that if the girls like you they will make the drop by proposals and if you are operating on a tight budget you should be alert for these offers.

This one is easier said than done but wherever possible control your sexual urges and settle for only one different girl each day or even cheaper the same girl for the entire trip. Another way to save money is to visit the Blow Job bars which will provide the blow job service which will give you the same end result for less than paying a bar fine and having to tip the girls. Talking of which always remember to be conservative in your tipping give the girls 200 piso and tell them that’s all the money you have but you will be good for some more tomorrow. Last but by no means least be careful of the type of girl you choose do not go for the money hungry superstars, go for the older ones who are more grateful for a good fuck and will probably ask for less money. As the old expression goes these girls don’t have as many tickets on themselves and if truth be known they are probably better in the bed than the so called superstars.

Another way to save money is make sure you do not take your bar fine bar hopping. When the girls go bar hopping this will invariably cost you money as nearly all of them have friends working in other bars and will use your money to buy them drinks and generally show off how they have access to your funds. If you have bar fined but still feel the need to bar hop simply leave the girl behind in her bar and tell her you will come back for her. If you feel compelled to take your bar fine out on a date take her to a karaoke joint on the road behind Fields. These joints are basic and the costs are low. Chances are she will enjoy it but she will be the only one as you will have to sit there listening to her screech over the microphone to which you will be expected to applaud and appreciate her fine vocal performance. These karaoke joints always remind me of a squealing pig just before it’s slaughtered.

One major expense is food but if you are prepared to eat like a Filipino then eating becomes a much cheaper proposition. The Filipinos always know the cheap places to eat and will mostly show you without any judgment. The upside of this is it saves you money and your date is perfectly happy with the food. The downside is your girl may be happy but chances are, for you the food will taste like crap. I can remember eating at the burger machine on numerous occasions. This always tasted like crap but hey at 30 piso a burger I wasn’t about to complain. That is until I got sick from some bad meat and I have never eaten there since.

The Mid Range Visitor.

The so called mid range visitor is the category most of us fall into. For the mid range visitor they have some money to spend but the emphasis is on a balance between spending wisely and conservatively with the occasional lashing out heedless of the expense. For these guys there is still a budget but it is a bigger one than the guys doing it on the cheap. Again the major costs are accommodation, drink, food and sex. For accommodation there are a number of different hotels all depending on what your price range is. Normally the mid range customers will spend anything from 1500 a night through to 3000 depending exactly on what they are looking for. There are numerous hotels which will cater to your needs in this price range ranging all the way from the Maharajah near Friendship gate to the Swagman down in Diamond. A few of my favorites that fall into this price range and offer good value for money are the Natalia, The Walkabout Hotel, Central Park, Hotel Hana and of course the ever popular Lewis Grand Hotel. When deciding on a hotel after you have determined your budget define what your priorities are and list them in order of importance. For example the location doesn’t really matter to me but I do like a nice big bed heavy curtains and of course a swimming pool. Other guys prioritize the location because they spend more time scouring the bars than they do in the hotel room. For these guys location is the number 1 priority. Others prioritize food or service or just the general ambience of an establishment. It is unlikely that you will find a hotel that encompasses all your needs so my advice is to find one that can meet your top three and stay there.

As a mid range customer you should set yourself a budget every day allocating an overall amount to be spent then allocate an amount to each segment. An average amount spent for mid range customers would probably be about 8 thou a day which would include 2500 accommodation 2000 for a bar fine anywhere from 500 to a thousand tip for the girl, probably 2500 for personal drinks and ladies drinks and anywhere from 500 to 1000 for food. This will by no means cover everything but I think it is a fairly accurate guide when it comes to loosely defining your budget. Keep in mind there will always be days when you go over budget and days when you will be under budget. There may well be emergencies which you should just have let’s say ten thousand piso put aside for. You never know when you may need this.

Mid range customers normally appreciate the various deals that are going around and will often be seen at the regular events eg: Doghouse and Manic Monday however it’s not like they have to attend them and they certainly don’t need to organize their agenda around them like the guys on a tighter budget have to.

Because the mid range guys are spending a little more money their enjoyment is less restricted as such they are often more inclined to party and be more free with their spending Ping Pong balls and poppers are often utilized by guys in this budget bracket. The mid range guys can also afford to be more picky when it comes to the girls. To some extent a guy on a tight budget must take what he can get when he can get it but the mid range spender is to some extent able to pick and choose at his discretion. The mid range guys have the advantage of being able to entertain the girls, they will often buy a girl and her friends drinks and they can afford to take the girl on a bar hop after bar fining her. The mid range guys budget allows him to lash out a little more and you will often see him buying a girl and a group of her friends dinner or having food delivered (pizza and Jollibee are classic examples) to the bar for a girl and her friends to enjoy.

Be aware that word of mouth is still extremely active in the bar girls social circle and the amount you tip a particular girl whether it be substantial or minimal will in a matter of hours be public knowledge. Your tip to some extent establishes your reputation as a customer amongst the girls and also your desirability. If you tip to much you are to some extent perceived as being a sucker, a desirable sucker but a sucker just the same. If you tip to little then you suddenly find your desirability amongst the girls has decreased proportionally to your tip. This does not apply to the 20 to 25 year old males but for the over thirties it is an undeniable reality. The mid range guys normally tip a minimum of 500 and anywhere up to 2000.

The mid range customers are not as hung up with the bill as the low range spenders. Some will check their bill but the majority simply pay it and leave a tip normally somewhere between 50 to 100 piso. For the mid range spending customer there is to some extent attention seeking as a motivation but this is not a major part of their behavior as many mid range guys will sit back and spend their money quietly preferring to stay out of the limelight. Talking about basking in the limelight that leads me to the next category of customer the high roller or as the Filipinos like to say “the big spender”.

The Big Spender.

By definition the true big spender has little to no budget restrictions and as such is more free with his spending. For these people conspicuous spending is the norm and there is always an element of attention seeking behind their spending. Frivolous expenditure is par for the course and often these guys will let of poppers stuffed full of money, throw copious amounts of ping pong balls, buy massive rounds of customer drinks and ladies drinks, quaff down Champagne, ring the bell numerous times, throw money on the girls from an elevated position etc, etc. The big spenders will often have a group of Filipinos with them who act as security personnel. In years gone by this was a rare occurrence but in modern times I have seen it become more and more common.

The big spender is by definition a bar managers and more importantly a bar girls perfect customer. Here is a guy who normally requires minimal working or encouragement because his stated objective is to spend money regardless of the amount or perceived value. Even though many of them do not want the overt attention their behavior is in my opinion attention seeking driven and there is certainly an element of look at me along with, I do this because I can afford to and you guys cant.

For the big spender it’s all about the party as one of the major reasons he is spending his money is because he wants to create a frenetic party atmosphere with him being the coordinator or put another way with his expenditure dictating the turn of events. Luckily the average Filipina is not backwards in coming forwards when it comes to earning a piso or two and as a result they know exactly how to create the party atmosphere conducive to free spending. On many occasions you will see a group of girls surrounding the big spender all raising their drinks which by the way will invariably be doubles and shouting cheers. Big spenders will often have a group of girls as part of their bar hopping retinue and it is expected that the girls in whatever bar they visit will accept these girls and they will work together to create the party.

The big spender by his spending alone establishes himself as a valuable customer and to some extent he can dictate the ebb and flow of the bar. Many big spenders have certain triggers which loosens the proverbial purse strings and often this trigger is music. Most of the DJ’s know the big spenders and you will often hear them play the spenders favorite song hoping this will put him in the mood to spend. Some other triggers I have found are attention from the girls, attention from the manager, the availability of a certain drink or even the way a certain drink is served, name recognition or recognition from mamasans, head waitresses or other senior personnel.

As in the case of the two previous customer types the major expenses for this group is the accommodation but the difference is the amount these guys spend on a room. For the big spender there are now several options available and they expect the rooms to be genuine 4 to 5 star equivalents of the rooms found in the so called first world or western countries. These rooms by definition must be expensive and be luxuriously appointed with all the mod cons and modern day comforts, they must be spacious with large beds have a Jacuzzi at least one large balcony and at least two flat screen TV’s. Most importantly the rooms must be large and luxuriously appointed to give an impression of wealth opulence and affordability of the finer things in life. Two such rooms which spring to mind are the Presidential Suite at the Lewis Grand which is 13,750p per night and the Penthouse suites at the ABC which are 17,517p per night and the soon to come 1000 dollar a night suite at the ABC. The fact that these rooms even exist at all shows that there is certainly some big spenders with copious amounts of cash visiting Angeles.

Picture lgh presidential suite

In terms of food you will often find the big spenders adopting the same I will spend money to get the best attitude. There are now some top class restaurants in Angeles that cater for the big spender three which spring to mind are Niji Japanese Restaurant, C-Italia and of course Yats out on Clark. These restaurants offer high quality dishes and can cater for the customer who doesn’t care about the amount he is spending. In fact the whole concept behind Yats is to offer fine dining which implicitly means high quality and expensive dining. They have the most extensive wine cellar in Asia and even some rare bottles of wine that cost over 1 million piso. The restaurant is marketed as a fine dining experience and will provide exactly that for those willing to pay. The big spenders will rarely eat alone but instead will be seen as the host of a party. Normal eating becomes a festive occasion with these guys and you will often see them renting out a private room at a restaurant enjoying fine food and wine together with their group of friends. Often they will invite Filipinas along thinking this will be an enjoyable experience for the girls and at the same time seeking to impress the girls however it is often the case that the opposite is true because the girls do not really like the food and they feel uncomfortable in the plush surroundings that they are not used to.



Niji Japanese Restaurant

When it comes to the girls it has been my experience that the big spenders will tend to go for the classically beautiful or the slightly aloof girl or the girl that is presented as being a cut above the rest and as such more expensive. The big spenders will always go for the more expensive girls because they want to prove they can afford to play in this league. Typically this sort of girl will be the show girls for example the Daddys girls in Golden Nile with their 4000 piso bar fine. For the normal customer they will look at the expenses and ask themselves am I getting value for money whereas the big spender is exactly the opposite. For him it’s a matter of not caring about the amount and the perceived value. The value to him is in showing others that he can afford to play in this league.

Often the big spender will be attracted to the slightly more aloof girl or the girl that he believes is picky about who she goes out with. This in a way is the trophy hunting mentality where the guys want a particular girl because they perceive her as being a trophy which by definition is a reward or a recognition of your power or an achievement. A trophy means you have won the competition and beaten other competitors and the trophy is recognition of this, it is your prize. In this case the girl becomes the trophy and the customer believes he has won her, he has beaten above others to her and she is the prize, she is proof of his victory.

In terms of the big spender it is about how much he spends as well as how he spends. Basically for the truly big spender there are no budget restrictions but if forced to make generalizations I would say to be considered a big spender in today’s environment it would be necessary to spend a minimum of 35 thousand piso a night. This includes ten thousand for the hotel room, 5 thousand for the food, another 10 thousand for the bar fines and another ten thousand just for drinking and partying in the bars.

The big spenders are of course highly sought after by the bars but in reality in my opinion they are not what make the bars survive. I do not view them as the cake but rather the cream on the cake. Simply put it is the combined bulk of guys or the mid range spenders that are crucial to the bars and the girls. This group represents the majority of customers and it is the bulk effect of their expenditure that allows the bars to profit and survive. This is the quantity rather than quality approach. In the ideal world the market will be composed of both middle and top end spenders but the top end spenders or the high rollers individually will never equal the combined bulk of money spent by the middle group.

Some of my figures may be well off as to be honest it has been a while since I was a customer in Angeles and if you feel my figures are wrong then please feel free to supply your own for myself and other readers. The whole idea of articles such as this is that they generate a sharing of opinions and experiences so others may learn and benefit.

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