Angeles City’s Seasonal Variations

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

Now some of you may ask what the heck is mjibbo doing utilizing famous quotes about the seasons. Well I must admit it is an unusual way to start an article but when Shagger suggested the topic “Seasons of Angeles” for my next column I just couldn’t resist it.

The seasons have always influenced man-kinds existence and it is no different when it comes to the Angeles bar business. Technically speaking Angeles only experiences two seasons, the rainy season and the sunny season, yet despite this these seasons influence the bar business quite dramatically. In fact the influence of the seasons is clearly shown by their alternative names. The rainy season is referred to as the quiet season or the slow season and the sunny season is referred to as the peak season or the busy season.

The seasonal variations in the weather have a direct effect on the Angeles bar business for example the months June through to October are officially considered the rainy season and are alternatively known as the quiet season because this is the time when there are less tourists in Angeles.

Traditionally these months are the summer time in Europe and America so as a result there is always less customers during this time period. Conversely these months represent the winter time in the Southern hemisphere and during these lean months visitors from the Southern Hemisphere countries have provided the bulk of tourists for the Angeles bar business.

During the so called rainy season the Southern Hemisphere customers are also joined by customers coming from Asian countries and by a healthy number of eternally horny expatriates who have made Angeles their home. The main Asian countries that supply the customers include Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and mainland China. Together these two distinct groups keep the Angeles bar scene alive during the slow season.

The rainy season is also referred to as the slow season, especially by those involved in the bar business, because it is during this time that there is the lowest number of tourists which translates into the lowest amount of customers visiting the bar. The rain combined with the haphazard infrastructure and minor floods provides an inconvenience when bar hopping in the rainy season but despite these inconveniences in my opinion this is one of the best times to visit Angeles.

There are a number of advantages to visiting Angeles during the slow season not the least of which is the number of girls. During the slow season the number of customers goes down and the number of good looking girls goes up. Many of the girls who during the peak season find a supporter and leave the bar now find themselves in the position of having no support and as a result come back to work in the bar. This creates a situation where there is a large number of girls and a low number of men. The bottom line is; lots of girls and less competition for their services.

One of the things I have always liked about the rainy season is the girls attitudes. All of a sudden the average customer in the eyes of the bar girls can go from Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, to Brad Pit the object of woman’s desire.

This does not occur because of any change in the customers appearance but simply because due to the lack of customers the girls are finding it harder to make money and as such are getting less choosy who they go out with. Secondly there is less competition (customers) for their attention. Because there are fewer customers in the rainy season the girls tend to exhibit less “attitude” and generally speaking they are friendlier. They are also keener to go bar-fine and perform well because they need the money.

During the rainy season the girls outnumber the guys and their attitudes towards the customer tend to be a lot different. In short it is a “buyers market”.

During this season the business is down so to attract what customers there are many bars will engage in special promotions and price cutting activities which is always beneficial for the customers. Lastly as a customer you will find in the rainy season that bars value your patronage more than they do in the busy season and as a result you will receive more free drinks and in general find people more approachable and friendly.

Christmas in July party at Neros

Last but not least this is also the slow season for other service providers such as the airlines consequently the cost of traveling to the Philippines is often very much less during this time than it is in the On Season.

Of course these are generalizations and there will always be exceptions to the rule however over the years I have certainly found these generalizations to hold true and the rainy season for me has always been a great time to visit Angeles.

Nothing is ever perfect and there are of course several negative sides to visiting Angeles during the rainy season. Firstly the very obvious point that it is raining and the resultant complications this causes for customers. The infrastructure of Angeles is haphazard at best and when it starts to pour going bar hopping or just about any activity can be time consuming and not really a pleasurable experience. Most visitors to Angeles travel by the cramped trikes whilst this is not a particularly comfortable means of transport at the best of times it becomes dam right inconvenient during the rainy season. What’s more it is during the rainy season that the flu’s and colds seem to proliferate and invariably you will be exposed to them as you mingle in the bars having close contact with the girls and other customers.

In the hedonistic environment of cheap booze and beautiful available young women it is only natural that many bars act as a sort of party venue where people let their hair down and enjoy life to the fullest. During the rainy season the number of people in town is less and there is a sort of dampening of the party vibe simply because there are less people in the bars and therefore less interaction with the girls. If you are looking for social interaction and a raging party scene then the rainy season is not an ideal time for you.

Because the town is quieter the locals have been known to become more desperate so as a result the vendors are slightly more aggressive and some bar staff will resort to little scams in order to make that all important extra piso on the side.

The Angeles bars often act as a sort of party venue which is only natural when yare somewhat unique in that they offer act as a sort of social gathering place Mention downside of rainy season if you like to hang round the guys there is not so much comradeship the bars are more prone to hustle you and perhaps push for the easy money such as ladies drinks or little scams. There is an air of tension almost palatable fewer parties or fun events attended by a large number of people less outside activities such as pool parties can get a cold easily wet then air-con the vendors and beggars are slightly more aggressive less pool parties and things simply because it is raining and there is less people in town to attend them hard to travel anywhere especially by boat or to a coastal destination and why would you want to do it anyway when it is raining.

The so called managers table at Vortex. There was a time when this table was one of the busiest in town.

Lastly in the rainy season outside activities are severely limited. Pool parties playing golf, go-carts, horseback riding, trekking Mount Pinatubo, motorbike riding and a host of other outside activities are hampered by the rain.

Watch out Tiger Woods here comes Shagger and mjibbo. Please note mjibbos intense concentration as he prepares the perfect pitch and put.

The On season or the high season as it is alternatively known also has several advantages and disadvantages. The high season is October through to April and generally you will find it a lot busier than the slow season. The most obvious advantage is the weather. During these months it is hot during the day with constant sunshine but at night time it cools down and it is quite a pleasant temperature especially during November through to March. One advantage of this pleasant weather is that it allows special events such as pool parties which are always a must attend for Angeles visitors.

Pool parties at the Lewis Grand.These can get pretty raunchy and are a classic example of the sort of fun one can have outside the bar during the On Season.

One major advantage of the “On season” is that the town is crowded and everyone is making money this in turn creates a more positive atmosphere which permeates throughout everything in the town. During the “On season” you will find many of the bars have a lively party atmosphere as the crowds of tourists, expats and girls peacefully mingle with each other all spending money and having a dam good time.

A busy bar during the On Season and noticeably there is a large representation of AE members.

Another advantage of the “On season” is that bars will put a heavy emphasis on regular parties for example dog house and Wow Wednesday as it is hoped a greater number of customers will attend and amongst them some bigger spenders than normal. To attract people shows such as these will often become a little more risque and sexually orientated.

The DogHouse always a popular get together for just about everyone.

There are also a number of disadvantages to the On Season and primary among these is the fact that it is a ‘sellers’ market. By this I mean there are a lot more customers which translates to more competition for the girls company giving an advantage to the girls and it becomes the sellers market. This is directly opposite from the “Off season” where there are more girls and less customers giving the buyer an advantage, in short it is a ‘buyers’ market rather than a ‘sellers’ market. The ’sellers’ market translates to the girls getting choosy The ‘sellers’ market is particularly noticeable during the holidays such as Christmas and Easter, during these times there are numerous customers yet few available girls because a large majority of the girls will go to the province or simply take a few days off work.

Normally during the peak season there are more customers but less girls available. Often visitors will come for a period of 2 or three weeks and rather than bar fine a different girl every night many will just take one girl out of the bar and have a sort of short term relationship with her. Every year the good looking girls or the more experienced girls will find somebody who is willing to support them, albeit for a short period of time, and as such they will stop work in the bar. The chances of this happening increase dramatically when there are more visitors in town.

Another very basic disadvantage of the On Season is that it is more expensive to travel here because the air fares are at peak rates. In the rainy season you will be able to purchase tickets for as much as 20% less than during the peak season.

All in all each season has its advantages and disadvantages however one thing remains constant and that is Angeles and the bars are always a great place to visit no matter what the time of year. This is the town of sexual adventure and total hedonism. As my opening quote so eloquently stated “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

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