Cherry Girls

Definition: For the newbies who are unfamiliar with the term cherry girl it means a virgin or a girl who has not yet had sexual intercourse and her hymen is still in tact.

I distinctly remember working in Visions in Manila in 1992 and there was this cute petite little girl named Lyka. I remember how she had a cherubic face with a dazzling smile and a mixture of flirtatiousness and beguiling innocence. She was a little dark skinned beauty so after spotting her for the third time and making eye contact I decided fortune favors the bold and invited her down for a drink. As she walked off the stage to come and join me I observed how she grabbed a shawl and put this around her. She had a delightfully sexy walk and I remember thinking as I watched her cute little hips swaying provocatively how nice it would be to nail this one and I felt an old familiar swelling just anticipating the action.

Lyka sat down and then dazzled me with that beaming smile as I mumbled something to the waitress about a ladies drink. We sat and talked for a while and I remember thinking how this girl had a kind of childish innocent appeal which was really attractive. Everything seemed to be going well and after 3 drinks Lyka was subtly flirting with me so I decided to pop the question, Hey Rosie I think you are a really pretty girl and I was wondering, would you like to come back to my hotel room”? Rosie looked at me with another beatific smile giggled and replied, “I go with you but I am cherry girl”.

Well talk about shot down in flames, I had been rearing to go, I had this beautiful firm bodied young lady who seemed to be into me and everything was looking really good until those dreaded words came out of her pretty little mouth. I was literally dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do. My perplexed state must have been amusing for Lyka as she simply smiled and said, “no problem Martin you get 2 girls but other one no cherry girl”. At the time I thought all my Christmases had come at once and I must admit I ended up taking one of Lykas friends as well as Lyka and had a very entertaining night.

In the end the situation turned out to be very advantageous for me but the point of this story is the disappointment and frustration I initially felt when confronted with the simple truth that the girl I was interested in was a virgin. I remember thinking at the time these damned cherry girls should be banned from the bars what a waste of time and money they were. As time passed I was to come into contact with many cherry girls and with many people who couldn’t stand them and many people who were ambivalent about them and others who swore by them and dedicated tremendous amounts of time and money to procuring that elusive cherry.

Cherry girls are observed by different people in different ways with some swearing by them whilst others find them frustrating and a total waste of time and money. The purpose of this article will be to examine the cherry girl phenomena and highlight her role inside the bar as well as examining what they mean for the customers. Hopefully through reading this article, visitors to the bar will gain a better understanding of the cherry girl/bar girl and develop an effective approach towards them.

When it comes to the bar there are actually several different types of Cherry girl and they can be categorized as follows

1. The true virgin.

2. The girls who have lost their virginity but still claim to be cherry girls for a variety of reasons.

There are a number of reasons why a non virgin girl working the bar would claim to be a virgin and these include

She has lost her cherry but has never been with a foreigner so for foreigners she claims to be a cherry girl. This is generally referred to by mongerers as the strawberry girl.

A girl who has had a bad experience and this has put her off sex so to avoid having sex with bar customers she claims to be cherry.

A girl will claim to be cherry because it gives her greater leverage in deciding who she goes out with.

A girl who lost her virginity in what she considers a “bad” way, (for example a girl who was raped or lost it by engaging in lesbian activities) and rather than confront the painful emotions she now convinces herself and others that she is still a cherry girl

A girl who is genuinely lesbian or frigid. To avoid having sex she will tell you she is cherry.

A girl who restricts her sexual encounters to Filipino men and /or Asians only. Rather than tell you this she will simply say she is cherry and use that as a convenient excuse not to go with you.

A girl who thinks your penis is to big so rather than admit she cannot handle it she will say she is cherry and avoid you and herself losing face.

A girl who has a boyfriend or a regular customer coming soon and she wants to be “tight” for him.

A girl who knows you and who you are involved with (for example your wife or girlfriend) and as such does not want to go with you. Rather than just state the truth many girls will simply make the I am a cherry excuse which in her mind is a nice way to decline your offer of sex.

A girl who knows your reputation and is afraid if she goes with you she will be critiqued by you. Rather than admit this fear she will once again look for the easy excuse which is normally claim to be a cherry girl.

A girl who has only recently lost her cherry but doesn’t want to admit it. She is still in denial and as such will try to convince herself and others she is still a cherry girl.

A girl who knows you well and realizes she cannot play you for money, love support or whatever. Rather than admit this she will simply make an excuse not to go with you and one such common excuse is claiming to still be a cherry girl.

For all of these categories I would like to extend my thanks to Drummer who was as always an invaluable source of information when I was writing this article.

Moving right along it is now time to look at the real virgin and examine her role in the bar. The Filipina virgin in the bar looks like a contradiction in terms but in fact the truth is far from that. The simple fact is that whilst the bar is selling sex the virgins who know nothing about sex often fit in very well and earn good money for both herself and the bar. In a business that is selling the promise of sex I have always found it ironic that virgins should be employed but from personal experience I can positively state that cherry girls, for the most part, make money for the bar and themselves.

Ok, so the question must now be asked how do cherry girls make money in the bar environment. The most obvious answer is they become very proficient at getting ladies drinks. Whilst the normal girl has two options at her disposal, (the promise of sex and her ability to communicate with the customer) the cherry girl only has her ability to communicate with the customer. In many cases it is almost as if they compensate for their lack of ability to offer sex by becoming proficient at communicating with the customer.It is not unusual to find cherry girls among the ranks of the top drink getters in the bar.

In most cases cherry girls working the bar regard their virginity as an asset which when sold will bring them a large amount of money. Whilst working in the bar I have heard negotiations for a girls virginity from as high as 100 thousand to as low as 30 thousand. It is important to note here that normally the mamasan’s will get a cut of the cherry girls money which partly explains why mamasan’s regard cherry girls as profitable propositions. On another level the point to realize here is not how much the customer has to pay but rather that the girls themselves and others in the bar regard virginity as a precious possession which in the bar has an actual economic value. The girls themselves realize this and it is often the need to make money by selling their virginity that drives a cherry girl to work in the bar in the first place.

Contrary to this in the Philippines we also have what is referred to as the “professional cherry girl”. These are girls who work in the bar for a long period but maintain their virginal status. These girls survive mainly by hustling ladies drinks but they have also been known to go out with customers accompanied by another non virginal girl who will perform the sexual acts whilst the cherry girl watches without physically partaking. In my experience as a customer this can be fun but overall it is a waste of money since normally the cherry girl does absolutely nothing when it comes to sex.

Communication is a major factor in the cherry bar girls world. On many occasions I have seen male customers just spend time chatting to cherry girls whereas for other girls they tend to cut to the chase and make the EWR proposition almost immediately. The cherry girls learn how to communicate with the customer more effectively because this is their major tool used for earning money and the customers seem to find the cherry girls more friendly and in some ways less imposing. It’s almost as if the customers feel like they have less expectations put on them by the cherry girls plus they find the innocence attractive. I remember one Asian Escapades member who would bar-fine a cherry girl quite regularly and buy her drinks in the bar. When I asked him why he replied, “it’s a bit like being a teenager again and having a summer camp crush”. When sex is taken out of the equation, as is the case with cherry girls, communication seems to flow more easily and this is combined with the attractiveness of innocence making the cherry girl a very inviting proposition.

Another factor which explains cherry girls presence in the girlie bars is their physical attributes. It is a commonly held belief that a virgins body is tighter and firmer which are attributes that many male customers of the girlie bars look for. One major advantage that the cherry girl has in her favor is the fact that she is seen as being non threatening by the other girls. On many occasions I have seen customers together with their girlfriends bar fine cherry girls and the girlfriend will allow this because she finds the virgin girl non threatening and less likely to steal her boyfriend.

In bar terms the cherry girls are almost like a trainee or an investment. At first they cost the bar money but in most cases after a short period of time they produce far more than they cost and when they lose their cherry within a short period of time they are often the most prolific bar finers in the bar. On many occasions I have seen guys come into the bar and buy the cherry girls a few drinks just to maintain contact so as they can be the first man after she looses her virginity. Some other advantages for the bar are the fact that cherry girls only have to attend hygiene once every three months and the fact that they are less likely to “sneak out” with customers. In short they are not time consuming and less of a hassle for the mamasan’s.

The cherry girls can actually add a lot to the bars atmosphere simply because they have a child like sense of fun and normally the other more experienced girls enjoy playing with them and teasing them and most importantly they tease the cherry girls about sex. Last but not least the Filipina cherry girls are renowned for engaging in sexual activity without losing their virginity. I am talking here about cherry girl blowjobs something which I always found a most pleasant experience because it combines sexual gratification with the sense of innocence. To many being a cherry girl and engaging in oral sex may seem contradictory but in the Philippines it is simply seen as maintaining ones valuable asset whilst being practical and earning money. For the man it is great because it is sexually pleasing and secondly it is gratifying to know the girl cannot have sex with you but she is doing her best to make sure you are satisfied, without as they say, “going all the way”.

As always there are two sides to every story and this is certainly the case with cherry girls in the bar. On the downside cherry girls can be an exercise in frustration. On many occasions I have seen people come into the bar, take a fancy towards a girl, buy her a ladies drink only to find out she is a cherry girl. The result is invariably disappointment as they know nothing will happen and they feel like they have wasted their money buying the girl a drink.

Another bad thing about cherry girls is if they give up their virginity they will inevitably fall in love and will be more like a limpid mine than a pleasant companion. If a Filipina is in love with you this will in the vast majority of times cramp your mongering and you will normally find you are expected to meet some serious obligations that go with taking the virginity. In the Philippines it is never as simple as taking a girls virginity there will invariably be numerous hidden strings and expectations attached.

Even though I have never made it with a virgin I have talked to many girls and many customers about the experience and from what I have heard it is not a particularly pleasant experience. It is painful for the girl and painful for the man. It is messy and generally there is no sexual satisfaction for either party. Worst of all there will always be substantial expectations attached to the giving up of the virginity and these expectations can be very expensive both economically and emotionally. Last but not least the taking of virginity leaves you open for a variety of problems and pressure particularly from the girls family to the extent where you may be forced to marry her or at least provide a substantial monetary payment.

In the end we can say what we want about cherry girls but love them or hate them they are here to stay and it is my sincere hope that this article will help readers understand the concept of cherry girls in the bar, give an insight into their world and furthermore help readers formulate an effective approach towards them.

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