Chapter 1: DISCOVERY

Chapter 1


When did you know you wanted to go to the Philippines? I don’t remember the exact day or the exact time but I remember the year. It wasn’t any earth shattering, eye opening moment of clarity I can tell you that, it was more a matter of research and gradual discovery. I have always been attracted to Asian women. As far back as my high school years I can always remember wanting to be with Asian girls. At the time it didn’t matter if they were Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc. As long as they were Asian, I wanted to be around them. I have dated my fare share of so called “western” girls, but the first time I actually had a romantic encounter with an Asian girl (who happened to be Japanese), I knew I could never again be comfortable with occidental females in a romantic environment. “Once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian”. Truer words were never spoken.

Then came the “computer age” and the advent of internet. Virtually a whole world of knowledge at your fingertips. All you needed was time (because it can be time consuming) and a little imagination. Being the young man I was, just entering the full bloom of manhood and full of raging hormones, of course I dabbled slightly in the search for free porn. I am not ashamed to admit this, as it was part of my evolution into the mongerer I am today. Literally hundreds of thousands of sites dedicated to one thing, naked Asian girls, all exposed for my viewing pleasure. I was in hog heaven, albeit fleeting, I enjoyed hours upon hours of viewing slant eyed, olive skinned, ebony haired beauties. At this point I would like to thank those responsible for allowing me to discover and understand the power of “keywords” and “search engines”. Gods will/karma/fate/happenstance, whatever the cause, I was able to stumble upon the now famous, possibly infamous, Filipina.

Trying to find a Filipino community, in vain I might add, in my geographic locality turned up about 0 possibilities for me to try and meet someone from the islands who lived here. I knew there had to be some somewhere near me, but my searches always ended in a certain disheartening lack of information. I had decided to try the “low tech” approach and turned to word of mouth for my information. I queried friend after friend until finally one told me about a co-worker of his who was married to a Filipina. He had met his wife through a catalog. A catalog? They actually have catalogs of Filipinas who want to get married? True enough as it turned out. This was, perhaps, the first of many “red flags” I was about to encounter regarding Filipinas.

Through my friend and his co-worker, I was able to meet the wife, which in turn led to the opportunity to meet many Filipinas now living in the United States. By the way, I still celebrate that day, as sort of an anniversary, by sending my friend a bottle of Hennessy, which he accepts with a huge grin. Now I can proceed, having finally accomplished my goal of meeting some Filipinas that lived near me. I was instantly intrigued by their culture and beliefs and took a keen interest in the language (Tagalog) which I found fun to use. Trying to learn as much as I could from all the girls I met turned out to be a daunting task as they were more interested in learning my language and culture and trying to forget their own. Now some of you may know, and some of you may not, but when Filipinas come to America, it doesn’t take long for them to become “westernized”. A terrible dread disease indeed. They change from the cute little fun loving girls we met overseas to evil little temptresses who care for no one and nothing except how to get more money and where they can go to spend it. This may not be true of all, but in almost every case I came across, it was true.

Now I have settled on the notion that the Philippines holds the girls of my dreams, more so than Japan or China or Korea, etc. In future years I would come to realize that Thailand was a very very close second in that race. So back to the “high tech” approach. I immersed my self back into the World Wide Web and searched for all the information I could find about the Philippines and the people (girls mostly of course). I tried chat rooms, chat sites (with women who would masturbate for a price), date sites, web sites and countless others, none to my liking. Finally I hit upon Message Boards, and I found a home (at least in the virtual world). A place where information, first hand knowledge, one on one communication abound.

I am not what you would call dense, but at times I am a little slow to pick up on things. After all the months of gathering the desired information, I knew I had to go there. Yet it never occurred to me to go ahead and make plans to do so. I had a good steady job, that afforded me the means and opportunity to go, I had a somewhat lax familial life that allowed me the means and opportunity to go, yet still I never thought about actually traveling there. When it did occur to me to go, it was like a ton of bricks fell on my head and woke me up into reality from a sexual fantasy induced coma. My discovery was almost complete now, all that was left to do was go and take my first foray into, what I believed, was a true paradise for a single guy who was in love (at least lust) with the Asian female.

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