Chapter 5: Catch Your Breath

Chapter 5

Catch Your Breath

The girls are gone now. The room attendants have cleaned the room, changed the sheets and provided fresh towels. I have been swimming for about an hour and catching some more sun, when my mates from last night showed up at the bar. I joined them and related my heroic tale of conquest with the 3 little lovelies from the first bar we stopped at. They seconded my opinion, that I should not have bf’ed from the first bar I went to, but tried to prolong the choosing until I found the right one(s). But they did understand my decision, as they have “been there and done that” themselves. “Silly bastard, we were all “cherry boys” at one time.”. I thanked them again with a round of drinks, and declined the offer to join them tonight as I wasn’t feeling 100%, they said I looked a little run down and that they knew what was coming. I headed back to my room, took a shower and decided to lay down for a nap under the nice cool aircon, before heading out for a bit of dinner.

When I laid down, it was about 4pm. When I awoke, it was about noon the next day. 20 hours of sleep, no fucking way. I called the front desk to confirm the time and sure enough, it was indeed almost noon. I just found out the true meaning of “jet lag”. Those Aussie swine should have warned me. I don’t know if everybody is affected the same way, but for me, too much sleep is just as bad as not enough sleep. My ass was dragging low the whole day, but I was determined not to waste anymore of my precious time on this trip I have been planning for about 7 or 8 months. I ventured out into the world about 2pm. First stop was the meeting place from the other day, where I got some food in me, that seemed to make me feel a little better. I wandered up and down the main drag, Fields Avenue, looking into the little shops for souvenirs for the friends and family back home. I never would have guessed that in a town with hundreds of bars, it would be near impossible to find souvenir shot glasses (for my brother). I settled for T Shirts, caps, nick nacks of all sorts. Back to the hotel to dump of this crap.

Its now 5pm and time is wastin. I hailed a trike and prepared for my first trip to the mall on McArthur Hwy. If you have never ridden in a trike before, your in for a treat. For better or worse it is a unique experience. Basically they are just motorcycles with side cars. Unfortunately for the foreigner, who all average about a foot taller than the average Filipino, they are very cramped and the plastic roofs are low enough to make you hunch. When its raining, you are glad even for a low roof. They way these drivers navigate McArthur Hwy., which has possibly the worst traffic I have ever seen in my life, will astound you. In and out of lanes, sometimes making their own lanes, speeding up til your right on the bumper of the vehicle in front of you, turning into oncoming traffic and praying they will slow down so as not to squash you, chasing pedestrians, ignoring traffic cops (what a joke they are). All to get the measly 50 to 100 peso fare. I guess it’s not so measly to them.

Into the mall I go. At the main door are armed guards. I don’t mean the pistol packing rent-a-cops we are used to seeing in the states, these guys are loaded for bear, full out assault rifles, quite an intimidating sight I assure you, but with a smile they open the door for me and welcome me inside. I head to the nearest store I can find that sells cell phones, I need one while I was in town in case of trouble. Also I needed somewhere to store the few numbers I got from the “freelancers” when I was arriving. All the while I was there I never noticed any public telephones. I bought a phone, kind of mid range price wise, and added a P300 load to it. I was all set to go back to the hotel when I noticed a particular restaurant I had heard so much about, Jollibee. The little voice in the back of my head said “Don’t do it!”, but I just had to try it out. If your into “fast food” then by all means go ahead and try it, even by those standards the food is terrible. Lesson learned. As I was here anyways, I decided to pick up some neccessaties, condoms, bio flu (in case I get sick, truly a wonderous drug), some ointment for small scrapes and scratches, candy for the girls (Hershey Kisses are always accepted with a joyful outburst), little gifts for the over night guests (T back panties, sunglasses, hair pins and wraps) little things they can use but don’t often buy for themselves. Arms loaded with packages, I headed back to the hotel.

Its now nearing 9pm and I am exhausted. Another short dip in the pool and a few beers, then its time to hit the sack. I toyed with the idea of texting one of the “freelancers”, but decided to pass on that for now. Sleep was all I needed. About midnight I finally doze off, fucking Wowowee must be on all day and all night, and once you watch it your hooked. 8am comes bright and early. I am awake now and feel like a new man. Full of energy and ready to go. The 3 S’s out of the way and off I go to the other “meeting place”. A lot like the first, but larger with screened in windows to keep the bugs out. About ½ way down Fields avenue, and not really that far of a walk. Its about 10am and not many people about except the locals scurrying here and there. The place is filled with waitresses, some exceedingly pretty and some not so much, but all with big smiles for everyone who walks in. Some even have time to play some pool with each other, whilst waiting for the next customer to walk in.

One thing I think most of us who have been there can agree on, whether you like the food or not, you DO get giant sized portions. Your money is not wasted when you dine out. In all the times I have been there, I cannot remember ever finishing a meal, there is just too much. Thus you learn the term “take away”, for westerners that means “doggy bag”. I do it all the time. Sometimes I give it to the girls at the hotel counter, sometimes I give it to the doormen, sometimes I give it to the girls in the bars, sometimes I will even give it to the children begging in the streets, but it NEVER goes to waste. I could never hold my head up in public if I had thrown away food in a poverty ridden country.

Now all the while I am eating at my window seat, I keep seeing lovely young girls walking by, going about there business whatever it may be. The urge starts to build again. Its about noon now and its time to try out a little thing called A. Santos Street for what has been termed a “short time”. That would be barfining a girl, from these bars that specialize in that sort of thing, for about 3 hours instead of all night. I suppose you could “short time” a girl from any bar, but it seems like the Santos Street bars were made just for this purpose. Back to the hotel for a freshen up then one block over and one block down and Im in the middle of “Blow Row” (an affectionate nickname I’m sure). There are about a dozen or so of these tiny little bars, all open air fronts with more girls sitting there than you can shake a dick at, each one beconning you to “Come inside sir”. I stop at one with a pirate sounding name (Parrots Perch or something on that order) and take a seat by the front. No less than 5 girls scamper over and ask “What you like to drink sir?”. San Miguel Light has become my drink of choice here, back at home it was always rum&coke, but this beer I like a lot. The girls sit with me and tell me I’m “gwapo”, later I find that that’s a good thing. I tell them they are all very pretty, but one of them is VERY “maganda” and has nice “susu’s”. I learned those words from the boards, now I get to use them. I wouldn’t tell them which one I was talking about and that they would have to guess, a fun little game indeed.

At first they are shy and they tell me “You make bola bola nah”. That means they think I’m bullshitting them. So I tell them the winner gets “short time” and P500 prize. Nothing brings out the pixie in these girls like a little competition. Off come the tops for all passersby to see and I get to judge the best “susu’s” (tits). Now I have my eye on a certain girl, she doesn’t have the biggest tits but she has a very pretty face and a fine body overall. With some testing for firmness and excitability (tweeking the nipples), I choose the one I wanted. I buy a round of lady’s drinks for all the girls (a lot cheaper on Santos street than the main bars on Fields), and we sit and talk for a while. After about an hour I pay my bill, including the “short time” fee (P500 or P600 something like that) and we walk hand in hand back to my hotel. We have 3 hours so I invite her for a short dip in the pool and she gleefully accepts that as if it were the highlight of the year for her. She really enjoyed swimming and playing in the pool, and I was glad to see her having a good time. We grab a quick sandwich at the bar, then head to the room.

I am starting to notice now that the very first thing these girls want to do is take a shower. That pleases me to no end as the last thing I want to do is go down on a sweaty smelly pussy. She invites me to join her so I can wash her back and she can wash mine. I think deep down she just wanted to make sure she didn’t have to go down on a sweaty smelly dick. We washed and fondled for a while, then I carried her still wet body to the bed (she weighed only about 75 or 80 pounds soaking wet). She “tossed my salad”, which I never dreamed in a million years would ever happen, then went to work on the little soldier as she straddled my eager mouth (69 is a true magical number). She did almost a hand stand and flipped her body over and mounted me in one deft maneuver. Agile things these Filipinas. She would grind away, and just when I was ready to release, she would stop, waiting patiently then start again bringing me to the brink over and over until I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Finally she went into overdrive and pounded away until she and I both released at the same time, she knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. The 3 hours were almost up now, we cuddled for a little while, then I gave her the P500 prize for best “susu’s” and a P300 tip, she earned every peso. She showered quickly and I walked her back to the bar, I had 1 beer and left to go home to have a shower and a good sleep. That is how you catch your breath in the Philippines.

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