Chapter 6: Choosing Your Routine

Chapter 6

Choosing Your Routine

Now that you have experienced your first bar hop, your first bar fine and your first short time on Santos, its time you decided on a routine to follow for the rest of your stay. Why a routine, you may well be asking yourself. It is VERY possible to become lost in time when you are here. All night barhopping followed by a nap then an afternoon barhop, throw in some time to eat and bar fine a few times, maybe some side trips to here and there another all night barhopping session and soon what you thought was 2 days activity has turned out to be 5 days of booze induced madness that you may not even remember. It happens. So find a routine and try to stick to it. Once your bout with jet lag has passed, this will be an easy task to accomplish.

If your going to go out drinking, believe it or not some people don’t drink alcohol, make sure you eat first. Even if your not hungry, force yourself. Eat a sandwich, an order of french fries, a bowl of rice, anything, just put some food in your stomach. Take some vitamin B, vitamin C or whatever you feel will give you the best tolerance to what you are about to do to your body. If your going to be using “male enhancement” drugs, follow the instructions, they are not candy. Use a condom, for your safety, the girls safety and the next persons safety. Don’t take something home you can’t live with, the flip side being, don’t leave something here nobody else wants.

We will assume, for the purposes of this example, that you will be staying for 2 weeks. In AC (Angeles City) there are two main points of interest, three if you count A. Santos Street. The first one being Perimeter Road. The rule of thumb here is that Perimeter bars are mainly afternoon hang outs. Not true of all to be sure, but mostly. The reason to consider it an afternoon place to visit is for safety reasons. Perimeter is far from the bright lights of Fields Avenue and therefore a darker place at night. It is not dangerous, per say, just a little less safe. Easier to be mugged on dark streets, especially if you don’t know where you are or where you are going. Spend a few days doing “afternoon bar hops”. There are many gems to be found down Perimeter way. Some very fun bars, some very nice people and some very cute girls.

Some very “uninhibited” goings on can be found on Perimeter. A certain bar, just about dead center of the road, is known for their “under the table” antics of the girls. They are not shy (as most of the Fields girls are) about getting under your table and finding out first hand just what your packing in those shorts you are wearing, and if you “measure up” to their standards. Of course turn about is fair play, so you can inturn see if their “hidden goods” measure up to your standards as well. Think of it as a free sample, that doesn’t mean you can go for the gold, more like a taste test. Go around the corner to another little place, actually 3 bars all connected, and you may be given the special treatment. “Excuse me Daddy, can you out the knot of my panty, its stuck”, so you untie the knot for her then oops, the panties fall to the floor. “See how you are”, she giggles as she turns to pick her panties off the floor, bends over and exposes the goodies (quite by accident) for you to see close up.

Yes , a Perimeter Road bar hop during a warm afternoon can be quite delightful indeed. Head for home between 7pm and 9pm, eat a meal, take an hours nap, shower, then head out to find a bedmate and call it an early night. Repeat this routine for a few days, and you will have experienced most of the joy Perimeter Road has to offer. By the way, they also have some very good restaurants down there. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed.

The second main point of interest in AC is where you will hit the mother load. Fields Avenue. Three to five blocks (depending on what your definition of a block is) of BARS BARS BARS, and door girls. Door girls can be a little aggressive, but when they are so damn cute, who cares. They will attempt to lure you into THEIR bar, that is their job. Fields is where you will do the majority of your drinking and fining and general partying. The bars range from high end, huge places that are a little bit on the expensive side, to low end bars that are small, dark and dirty, but they are less expensive than their counter parts.

Spend the second week of your stay doing the nighttime bar hop on Fields Avenue. Eventually, everyone ends up here. The girls are a little more reserved than the Perimeter girls, but once they get to know you some, they can do some outlandish things, on and off the stage. Start at one end of Fields and just try to make your way to the other end sober and alone, I haven’t been able to do it and I doubt many can. Anyone who is anyone can be found somewhere on Fields Avenue doing what they do best.

One particular bar on Fields has a shower on stage, there maybe be another but I have never seen it. Put some girls on stage, turn on the water and you can guess what happens. Who wants to take a shower with their clothes on. When you get a couple of naked girls frolicking around under the shower, it seems only natural that they would want to explore each other. They lose any sense of embarrassment they may have had before and get caught up in the fervor. A sight to see I assure you.

Ultimately you will decide what is the best routine for you. Try and stick to it, it will make life easier and more enjoyable for you. Make sure you visit bars frequently, as frequent customers are treated better and better everytime they arrive. Decide on your favorite bars, restaurants and girls and incorporate them into your routine. If you like an early morning run, do it, if you like an afternoon swim, do it, if you like a late night walk, do it (on a well lit street of course). Whatever you do, wherever you go use your common sense and you will never have a bad experience.

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