Introduction to a Mongers Life

This series of articles was sent to us by a member who wishes to remain anonymous. They are a great read and we hope you will enjoy them.

A Mongers Life

How does a man become so enamored with a certain place, a certain people, a certain lifestyle, to the point that it becomes his only reason to work, to the point it becomes his only topic of conversation, to the point of obsession. When a man visits Angeles City, his life, at least for a few days or few weeks, becomes perfect in every respect. He may suffer dread sickness, unimaginable hardships, even near death experiences, yet he can imagine himself being no other place in the world.

When you go to Angeles City, especially for the first time, you can imagine no greater pleasurable experience, your every waking moment has become the greatest adventure of your life. When you return to your native home, wherever that may be, you now find yourself going through terrible withdrawals (affectionately known as PPD..Post Philippine Depression). When your there, nothing of your home life matters to you anymore. Family sickness, workplace problems, unpaid bills have no place in you cognitive thinking. When your not there, nothing matters to you more than getting back. Family sickness, workplace problems, unpaid bills all have now become trivial in nature. Somehow you are able to keep them in the perspective of “How will this affect my next trip”.

Is this a good thing? Some would say yes, as it gives a new meaning to our hum drum everyday life. A way to keep unimportant matters from becoming important. A way to fight the dreaded 9 to 5 existence that leaves so many with a numb, stuck in a rut, feeling that plagues our very existence. These are the men who believed there was nothing better in life than working for the weekend, when they could go out with the boys and have a few drinks and spend exorbitant amounts of money just to look at some, less than healthy, unhappy, snobbish women who think we are the dregs of humanity, and then brag about it at work the next day at the water cooler. Some would say no, this is not a good thing. These are the people who have yet to discover the hidden pleasures and treasures of Southeast Asia. All they know is what they hear in the (uninformed) news. To them it is just a “slave traders” paradise. A place where perverts and child molesters go to act out their fantasies with relative impunity to the law and its consequences, and an inhumane disregard for other cultures and other peoples.

Angeles City is a place to go to meet people, that is the ultimate outcome of every visit to this less than modern little town. You will meet online friends who have common interests and common goals. You will meet women/girls here, whose own deep desire is to meet their prince charming who will take them away from a poverty ridden, corrupt environment, yet are just as happy to “date” some men so as to, at least for a day or two, escape their sad life and be treated as they have not been treated before….as a human being. You will meet expats (people from far away countries who choose to live there). These are the people who greet you with their hands out, not expecting you to put anything into their hands, instead expecting you to take their hands in friendship. They will make us feel welcome and comfortable in a strange land with strange customs and ideals.

So what is it that makes us want to come back. What is it that keeps us coming back. What is it that helps us to reaffirm our role in life as MAN. What is it that, on most occasions, makes us a better, happier, healthier human being when we are there than when we are not. I will, humbly, attempt to put into words that which is near impossible to explain to others. Near impossible because most of what “IT” is, is emotion, sub-conscience feelings, life changing experiences that are too personal for some to relate to others in any coherent, logical way. In the next few weeks/months (as this is no small task) I will be relating personal experiences (mine and others), offering my own opinions as well as the opinions of others I have contacted, citing facts that can be verified, should you choose to, and occasionally adding some literary flourish just for the hell of it. It will be entertaining (to some), enlightening (to some), memorable (to some) and just down right dirty fun at times.

Why do I choose to remain anonymous? To add to the flavor of course, but also I choose to be seen as “everyman” who has been through or is about to go through this evolution of first time visitor (cherry boy) to seasoned traveler (mongerer). Thank you and I hope you enjoy this material.

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