Gordy Gale, Part 2 | Faces of Angeles City

Gordy Gale, “And now we rock” The Gordy Gale tale. Part 2. Over the years of knowing Gordy mostly in Angeles City Philippines I often wondered how he could survive without a steady income. Little did I know it, but the man had his fingers in many proverbial pies, like most survivors in Angeles City […]

C How They Made Me! Chapter 58

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer Chapter 58 A pussy binge and new beginnings. By this time I was almost feeling like a Philippine veteran. I had experienced multiple sexual partners I had experienced death, I had experienced the genuine friendship of Filipina’s, I had done the province experience, I had been accused of murder and […]

C How They Made Me! Chapter 37

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer C How they made me chapter 37: Things come crashing down in Sabang As I felt my knuckles crunch I knew I had made good solid contact with Phils jaw but there was a problem the big man was still standing albeit groggily and I decided then and there that […]

Bell Ringing and Ball Throwing

“Why the fuck would anyone want to ring the bell? I just don’t get it I would never do that”. So began my conversation with Shagger whilst sitting around the pool waiting for our Bunny Burger orders to arrive. Straight away I replied “but didn’t you ring the bell a couple of times in Neros”? […]

The Filipina Double Standard

Previously I wrote an article titled “Understanding your Filipina” and in this article I tried to give a small generalized insight into how the Filipina thinks as well as a short critique of Philippine culture that shapes her world and personality. This article is almost like an addendum to the first article in that it […]

Filipino Street Food

Throughout the Philippines, from the biggest cities to the smallest most remote provincial areas, there are street vendors and stall operators plying their trade. These vendors and the produce they sell invariably reflect ready availability of commodities from the local environment – specifically, anything that has a low initial purchasing price and the opportunity for a significantly marked-up end sale price. These vendors and their produce will to some extent reflect as well as create certain cultural aspects of Philippine society.

The OTH Question

Recently there has been a lot of talk about OTH. For the uninitiated OTH or on the house drinks are basically drinks paid for by the bar and given to customers on behalf of the management for absolutely free, hence the term on the house. Within the Philippine bar scene at the current moment there […]

Angeles City Bar Waitresses

Recently I paid a visit to Dr Guzman complaining of a sore throat and rapid hair loss. He took one look at me and said “young man it looks like you have waitressitis”. “Waitressitis” I said in a questioning tone, what the heck is that. Being a good doctor and not wanting to make a […]

Understanding Filipinas

When Shagger asked me to write this article, I nearly fell off my bar stool. We were discussing potential subject matters for future columns and the conversation went something like this Shagger: You know what I would really like to see Mjibbo: I have no idea but I’m sure you are going to tell me […]

Chapter 2: My Visit to the Province

CHAPTER 2 MY VISIT TO THE PROVINCE Province? What??!! I know what you’re thinking: There had better be a goddamned BLUE LAGOON in this here goddamned province! Nope. Chapter 4, maybe? Some wise AE author on this thing once wrote that time is quite accelerated in Angeles City. Hell, LIFE is accelerated. I think he […]