Cherry Girls

Definition: For the newbies who are unfamiliar with the term cherry girl it means a virgin or a girl who has not yet had sexual intercourse and her hymen is still in tact. I distinctly remember working in Visions in Manila in 1992 and there was this cute petite little girl named Lyka. I remember […]

L is for lesbian

L is for lick, L is for love and these days L is definitely for lesbian. As male mongerers many of us are quite partial to a lesbian experience in fact I know many guys who specifically seek it out and consider it a turn on. A little girl on girl action is becoming more […]

Angeles City Mamasans

Anyone who has visited a “girlie bar” in Asia has no doubt come across in some form or other the ubiquitous mamasan. Some people hate them and try to minimize their dealings with them whilst others swear by them and see them as a nice people who can help them. In this article I will […]

A. Santos Street (Blow Road), The Facts

A Santos Street or blow road as it is colloquially known is somewhat of an icon in the history of the Angeles bar scene. Many have experienced A. Santos Street numerous times in the past, others have visited this area a couple of times and can hardly wait to do so again, some others have […]

From Golden Nile to Gobbles.

Just the other day I was chatting with Prince Charles and he was extolling the virtues of a little bar he had just discovered named Honey Ko’s. To put it simply the Prince was quite amazed by the raunchy atmosphere and the wild girls who knew no limits. Then after this he said the magic […]

Angeles City Bar Waitresses

Recently I paid a visit to Dr Guzman complaining of a sore throat and rapid hair loss. He took one look at me and said “young man it looks like you have waitressitis”. “Waitressitis” I said in a questioning tone, what the heck is that. Being a good doctor and not wanting to make a […]

Chapter 5: The Anticlimax

CHAPTER 5 THE ANTICLIMAX We were spent. Both of us. If you actually made it all the way through Chapter 4, then you know why I’m smiling as I type these words. Spent, yes, but neither Spinner nor I wanted to leave Miniloc Island. When I expressed that thought out loud, our departing outrigger captain […]

Chapter 3: The Impossibly Cyan Sea

CHAPTER 3 THE IMPOSSIBLY CYAN SEA “Whoa.” It was all I could whisper to myself, as the tiny turboprop teetered through white cumulus cotton down to the almost-too-short Caticlan runway. Minutes before, somewhere just under 9700ft with my nose pressed flat to the cold window ala Ronalie (mmm, me likey Ronalie), I had been treated […]

Chapter 2: My Visit to the Province

CHAPTER 2 MY VISIT TO THE PROVINCE Province? What??!! I know what you’re thinking: There had better be a goddamned BLUE LAGOON in this here goddamned province! Nope. Chapter 4, maybe? Some wise AE author on this thing once wrote that time is quite accelerated in Angeles City. Hell, LIFE is accelerated. I think he […]