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C How They Made Me! Chapter 65

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 65

Cutting Wally’s Grass

Having just had an awesome blow job from a glamour that supposedly went out very rarely, I was feeling quite pleased with myself. I walked out of the toilet trying to hold back my smug contented smile but this was more easily said than done. I don’t think I did a very good job because as I rejoined the group of drinkers one of the guys looked at me and said, “what you so happy about mate, you look like you just won the bloody lottery”. I looked at him and quickly blurted out something about reading the jokes on the toilet wall, and then to take the attention away from me, I hailed a waitress and ordered another round.

With the round of drinks delivered I was soon forgotten and the discussion moved onto Australian sports and the eternal argument, which is better Aussie rules or Rugby League. In my day I was a decent rugby player and was quite knowledgeable about the game so this conversation was something I could easily contribute to. The discussion, as nearly all such discussions do, soon became quite animated with each side expressing their point of view adamantly. I was just about to make a counter point when one the guys said to me, “hey look at that young fella. Isn’t that Carla the one you were buying drinks for, pashing with that bloke”. I followed the direction of his finger and there sure enough was Carla sitting on some guys lap passionately embracing and kissing him.

When I saw this I couldn’t help but break out into a huge smile and have a little chuckle to myself. Images of her sucking my dick ten minutes ago just wouldn’t leave my head and yet here she was kissing this guy like he was the long lost love of her life. I thought to myself I wonder if I should tell the guy but then thought to myself no why bother what he doesn’t know wont hurt him and why spoil his good time anyway. The guy who had originally pointed her actions out saw the smile on my face and said ” that’s the best way to handle it mate, always have a laugh at these shielas. Fuck it you buy her a few drinks and this is how she treats you best thing you can do is laugh at it and never get to serious mate”.

Upon hearing this I couldn’t contain my laughter any more and broke out in a huge chuckle. The guys in the drinking group must have thought I was wacko but they soon moved on from me as the discussion once again changed and they all became instant experts as they argued about who was the greatest boxer ever.

By now the drinks were beginning to take their toll and as much as I was enjoying the chin wag with my new found friends, I thought to myself, if I want to sit around drinking beer talking about anything and everything I can do that at home. I had come to the Philippines to meet girls and sitting in this group was not exactly conducive to this end. I paid my bill, said my goodbyes to the boys and then proceeded to head out the bar. On the way out I walked past Carla who while still sitting on this guys lap, looked over his shoulder and gave me the most lascivious smile I have ever seen on a woman anywhere in the world.

Still dazed at the gall of Carla, I made it to the front door opened it only to bump straight into MayAnne. Little MayAnne looked at me and said, “Martin why you leave now, I come back look to you”. “Wait a minute” I stammered, “Wally barfine you, so why are you back here”? Completely non pulsed MayAnne replied, “I like go you not Wally”. Ordinarily a situation like this would ring alarm bells, but it was getting late, I was half way inebriated and little MayAnne was a really cute spinner who I just couldn’t say no to.

Throwing caution to the wind I said to MayAnne, “okay honey if you want to go with me let’s do it, I am leaving now and if you want to come with me you are more than welcome”. Upon hearing this she gave me a beaming smile and replied “you pay mamasan”. I thought about this and asked her, “why do I have to pay when Wally has already paid” and she replied, “Wally only short time, you long time, so must pay mamasan”. At this stage I really should have known better but the good old little head got the better of me and next thing I knew I was digging through my wallet and handing over 300 peso for the bar fine.

MayAnne dashed off and within an instant she was back and inserting her arm through mine, escorted me out the bar. Once outside we got a trike back to the Bonanza hotel which I think was a massive 30 piso, (yes the trikes were reasonable back then unlike today) and within ten minutes we were walking into the Bonanzas foyer. The front desk lady was fast asleep at the front desk so I gently shook her to wake her up but upon opening her eyes she gave a quizzical look. I followed the direction of her gaze and of course she was having a hard time concealing her contempt of MayAnne. At first I thought to myself , wait a minute aren’t the hotels here supposed to be tourist and girl friendly and then it dawned on me. This lady had probably seen MayAnne a couple of hours before accompanying Wally. I was about to ask her have you got a problem but then I thought better of it, told her my room number and asked politely for the key. My request seemed to bring her attention back to me and as if coming out of a daze she reached behind her, picked up my room key and handed it to me. Barely able to contain my temper of this judgmental bitch I gave her a smirk, grabbed MayAnne by the hand and headed to my room for another torrid sexual encounter.

I have always found it a good sign if the girl indicates that she is attracted to you, invariably these have been the best sexual encounters, but on the other hand, I have also found that if the girl really likes you and has invested serious feelings in you, then she is invariably lousy in the bed. It’s strange how that works in the Philippines, but for some reason when the girl loves you she will often be overcome with a sense of shyness which stops her from performing in the bed.

With MayAnne however there was no such problem. Yes it was obvious that she was attracted to me but this was a far cry from love, and her sexual performance was indicative of this. MayAnne was obviously out to impress and no sooner had we entered the room she dropped to her knees, undid my pants and proceeded to give me an absolutely stupendous blow job. I don’t know who had taught this girl, but whoever it was had done a masterful job. While she was sucking on my dick I must admit I did experience a fleeting pang of guilt when thinking about Wally in the room next door, but as I said this was only fleeting because MayAnne certainly knew what she was doing and it was not exactly easy to concentrate on anything other than the mind blowing orgasm that was rapidly building up in my loins.

May Anne must have been blowing me for only about 5 minutes when all of a sudden I could contain myself no longer and next thing I knew I was exploding in her mouth. Once my seed was inside her mouth MayAnne daintily stood up and walked to the bathroom as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

That night was a memorable one as May Anne was a little pocket rocket and I managed to get in three rounds of energetic sex. At one stage we were doing it doggie style and the bed head was banging against the wall to the extent where I was afraid we would wake Wally up in the room next door. MayAnne was also extremely vocal and often I would burry her head in the pillow while pounding her. I seem to remember it was about 2 and a half hours between rounds and after each one I thought I was spent but MayAnne with her brilliant oral skills would always find a way to make me rise to the occasion.

The next morning at about 10:30 I wandered downstairs feeling a subtle mixture of absolute contentment exhaustion etched on my features and who should be occupying the little restaurant area, you got it none other than my traveling buddy Wally. When he saw me entering the room he smiled broadly and said, “Marty my old mate, you’re the frigging man. Who was that one you had last night mate she was a noisy bitch, must have been a great shag, I couldn’t bloody sleep mate”. At this stage I tried my hardest to keep a straight face and then Wally said, “listen mate if you wouldn’t mind can you tell me who the girl was you had last night and where she works”?

Oh shit I thought to myself, how the fuck am I going to get out of this one. I sat there slowly turning red with beads of sweat dotting my forehead and then carefully replied, “she works in Ziggys but I cant remember her name”. He looked at me quizzically and replied, “geez mate if I had a good one like that I’d share her with my mates, sharing is caring mate”. I looked at him thinking if you only knew Wally if you only knew, then replied, “no I’m serious mate. I really cant remember her name. I’m hopeless with names, really not trying to hide her from you, promise”.

Wally looked at me with a serious expression and replied, “okay Martin I believe you mate but if we go into Ziggys tonight can you introduce me mate if she is there”. With a sigh of relief I replied, “yeah sure” thinking that this would give me time to brief MayAnne and everything would be okay. Wally seemed satisfied with this and turned back to his coffee. Feeling like I had dodged a bullet I felt the tension flow away and just as I was relaxing Wally suddenly sat alert and looking over at the reception said, “what the fuck, that looks like MayAnne my girl from last night. That little bitch short timed me last night and when I asked her to stay she said she had to get back to the bar because she was feeling sick. I reckon the little slut probably did another short time with some guy who was staying here. Tell you what Marty you just cant trust any of the little shit heads”.
Upon hearing Wally I felt a sudden shiver down my spine and followed his gaze to the reception area and there was MayAnne talking with the receptionist. Instantly I turned my head trying my best impression of a turtle pulling it’s head in beneath its shell but I was to late. MayAnne turned around, saw me waved and shouted out, “hello honey”.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 64

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 64

Meeting miss Carla.

Wally grabbed MayAnn in a tight hug then placing her back on the ground he turned to me and said “come on mate I will introduce you to some of the boys”. Wally lead me up to the top of the stage where a bunch of older Australians were gathered all seemingly involved in some deep conversation conducted over rounds of beer. I was thinking twice about butting in, since I didn’t know these guy’s, and I knew how I would feel if someone butted into my conversation in my local. But there was no such restraint for Wally who simply marched up to them together with MayAnn and myself and said, “gooday fellas I want you to meet a mate of mine, Marty. He’s come up from Manila and never been to Angeles before”.

My initial reaction upon hearing this introduction was one of embarrassment but the boys soon put me at ease by saying, “hello mate how’s it going, pull up a stool mate, come and have a drink mate”. From out of nowhere a shapely young waitress suddenly produced two chairs and with a bit of shuffling Wally and I inserted ourselves into the group. MayAnn who still had a tight grasp on Wally’s hand was unceremoniously seated on Wally’s lap and proceeded to wiggle her pert little butt against him every time she needed a drink or felt like getting his attention.

The conversation ranged from the Government in Australia, sports and life in the Philippines. This was a bunch of blokes who although proudly Australian seemed as though they had moved on from their country or Australia had moved on from them leaving them behind in Angeles City Philippines. And the irony was they were actually more comfortable living on the fringes of Filipino society than they were living in Australia. As one of the elder blokes said to me, “mate I will always be true-blue Aussie and proud of it, but fair dinkum mate I don’t reckon I could live in the joint anymore”. This comment seemed to be meet general agreement from the group and I found myself wondering if I would ever get like that. Little did I know that moment was just around the corner, because once you get a taste of the Philippines, for most, it’s a long time habit.

Looking back on this I realize that what these guys were telling me is the feelings of expats all over the world, we are literally strangers in a strange land. We are people who don’t fit into either society, not the one we have left and not the one we have adopted, we are fringe dwellers. For me this was all a bit heavy because at that time I was there for the pussy and figured if I wanted to hear some strangers life story I could do that back in the pub in New Zealand or Australia. At the same time I didn’t mean to be rude so I decided it was my round and promptly ordered one for all the guys in the group. This decision was met with much approval and a chorus of good on ya mate and some gentle back slaps, made me realize I had made the right decision.

The conversation ebbed and flowed with everyone getting slowly more and more drunk. After about 80 minutes of this Wally decided he had more important things to do, so grabbing the already changed MayAnn he signaled the waitress, bought one more round, then paid his bill at the same time saying goodbye to all the group. On her way out MayAnn was behind Wally and as she brushed past me she deftly gave my dick a subtle little squeeze and blew me a little kiss. This was both a turn on and a source of embarrassment since the last thing I wanted to do was have a problem with Wally, especially since he was the one who had brought me to Angeles, this was his turf and these were his mates so for me to be with MayAnn would have been really stupid.

Luckily for me my lack of reaction must have been the right thing because Wally was completely unaware of her actions and the guys who had seen it simply chose to give me a knowing smile and continue drinking their beer. About two hours into what was rapidly becoming a mammoth drinking session, I noticed this girl on stage and thought to myself, wow I wouldn’t mind a bit of that. Not being super comfortable as this was a new environment for me, I cut short one of the guys who was reciting yet another yarn and asked them about the girl. They informed me her name was Carla and she was supposedly one of the best performing girls in the bar. She had a reputation as being a bit of a drama queen but when in the mood was a orally skilled and a good performer.

Hearing this was more than enough for me so I made my polite excuses and grabbing my bill I got up and moved closer to the section of the bar where Carla was dancing. Carla saw me coming, smiled at me, then turned her back on me. It has never ceased to amaze me how these girls working the bar can sense your interest even if you have made no indication of it. Carla knew I was interested but she wasn’t about to give in, she was acting stuck up and she was going to make me work for it.
I must have watched Carla for about 3 songs then after trying various means to get her attention and failing miserably I made my way back to the group of guys at the top of the stage only to be greeted by snide little chuckles and the one of them said, “sorry mate we forgot to tell you her nickname. That’s Carla the cunt”. This was greeted by another round of chuckles and then one of the other guys said, “don’t worry buddy, you’re not the first to be rejected by Carla and you sure as shit won’t be the last.

Being an object of pathetic fun was not exactly my idea of a good time and this last statement was like a challenge to me, so I decided then and there, that I would get this Carla girl, no matter what it took. I smiled lightly at the guy who had issued the challenge then ordered another round as I sat back and worked out my strategy. It was then that the wise advise of David Goldshaft came back to me, if a girl is playing stuck up buy her a drink anyway, and if she still isn’t interested buy her one more but on the second one make it something strong, just to show her the balls still in your court”.

With David’s words echoing in my head I called the ever attentive shapely young waitress over and ordered Carla a drink. The waitress smiled and scurried off, to return 3 minutes later then place Carla’s drink on the bar before me. Carla obviously knew what was going on because with a sultry waggle of her hips she turned round and proceeded to walk towards me. She came right up to me, gave me a provocative look which said come and get me big boy, delicately held the drink, said thank you and then proceeded to walk back to where she had been dancing previously.

Of course all the guys had been watching this and Carla’s rebuffing of my advances elicited another round of chuckles. Feeling a little bit crestfallen I managed to put a brave smile on my face and said, “wait fellas, I’m not finished yet”. I called the waitress over once again and ordered 3 tequilas for Carla. Once again the waitress placed them on the bar in front of me and once again Carla sauntered over and looking me straight in the eye said, “thank you”. With this said she then picked up the Calamansi rubbed it on the top of her right hand, sprinkled it with salt, and with a delicate lady like motion, downed the first Tequila. This process was repeated twice more and once again Carla stood up, turned her back to me and sauntered back to where she had been dancing.

Watching the expression on my face was obviously a source of great amusement for the more experienced fellows as they were all chuckling without restraint. Obviously I had bummed out, and the guys laughter was hardly helping the matter, so I decided to pay my bill and leave. I asked the waitress to total my bill, said goodbye to the guys admitting that they had won, and then made my way to the toilet to let some of the beer out. I was standing next to the urinal with my back turned towards the door, when suddenly I felt a presence. I pushed as hard as I could to finish peeing, quickly zipped up my jeans and turned round, only to be confronted by Carla standing by the toilet door, with a cheeky sparkle in her eyes.

You like Carla she asked me and at a total loss for words I mumbled something like, yeah I sure do but before the words were out of my mouth she had grabbed my hand and was leading me inside the toilet cubicle. Carla shut the toilet door and while kissing me let her left hand wander down to my crotch and deftly undid my zipper. Next thing I knew I was standing there with my jeans around my ankles and the vision of unadulterated lust down on her knees giving me a fabulous blow job, the likes of which I have rarely found even after 22 years of living in AC.

I have no idea where Carla learned her techniques but this girl was absolutely fabulous and within minutes I felt the intoxicating effects of orgasm welling up in my body and brain. It was only a few strokes later and I was exploding in Carla’s mouth. To her credit Carla never spilt a drop and swallowed everything.

After the deed was done Carla simply smiled, opened the toilet door and sauntered out acting like nothing had happened. With legs still trembling I reached down picked up my pants and proceeded to exit the toilet. I was trying my best to look perfectly innocent but just had to break out in a huge smile when the CR attendant smiled at me and asked, “you leave tip sir”?

C How They Made Me! Chapter 63

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 63

It had to happen sooner or later.

With her arm firmly entwined round mine Daisy marched me into the bar and sat me down next to Jake. Jake looked at me and with a serious expression said, “listen mate I got some bad news for ya, looks like Daisy has a bit of a problem coz she failed health check today”, I looked at him somewhat incredulously and replied “failed the health check, what does that mean”? Jake looked at me like I had come down in the last shower and replied, “she’s got a dose mate”. Now at this stage I was still somewhat naïve and inexperienced when it came to STD’s so I asked Jake, what do you mean she’s got a dose, a dose of what? Once again Jake gave me the, is this kid for real look, then said, “she’s got the clap, the drip, gonorrhea mate”.

And then it dawned on me, if Daisy had it then chances are I also had it. As this realization came crashing down on me I just sat there and turned ghostly white. After about three minutes and a few steadying gulps of Jim Beam I hesitatingly asked Jake, hey Jake your telling me I may have gonorrhea as well, so what do I do about it? Jake smiled and replied, “if I was you I would go pay a visit to the one armed bandit and get a shot in the arse”. Not understanding what Jake was talking about I said who or what is the one armed bandit, to which Jake replied, “oh that’s Doctor DeGuzman he is the local doc, who deals with the clap mate. We call him the one armed bandit because he only has one arm”. With that said Jake gave me directions to the doctors and told me just grab a trike from outside and tell him take me to the doc’s place. They all know where he lives mate and for fucks sake put a smile on your face mate, it’s not the end of the world. All of us have had a dose at sometime mate, and it’s just part of living in Angeles”.

Upon hearing this I gulped down my drink, paid the bill, and headed out the door. Once outside I hailed a nearby trike and told him, “take me to Doc DeGuzman please”. The trike driver gave me a wry little smirk and replied, “walang problemo” and next thing I knew I found myself folded into a rickety old side car. With me feeling much like a sardine in a can we made our way to the doctors. While crammed into the trike I pondered Jakes words and thought to myself, the clap may be a common experience for the likes of Jake but for me this is a big problem and very embarrassing.

The trike driver knew Doctor Deguzmans place and within minutes I found myself standing outside his little house that doubled as a surgery. I paid the trike who then took off leaving me standing there feeling acutely embarrassed. At this stage I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms and I was telling myself, you don’t know if you have any infection so why bother going in, then on the other hand I was thinking, come on Martin it’s only one injection and its better to be safe than sorry.

I entered DeGuzmans house and came face to face with this quirky little one armed bespectacled guy, wearing a white doctors coat. In the Philippines image is always important and obviously Dr DeGuzman felt the jacket was a necessary prerequisite if he was to be seen as a true doctor. At first glance DeGuzman looked like something out of the twilight zone and this whole experience was surreal.

De-Guzman took one look at me and said step into my office sir. The tone of his voice was somehow ominous and I thought to myself, shit is it physically visible that I have a dose. Upon reflection I realize that this was just me being paranoid and that De Guzman in his time had probably seen literally thousands of men with the clap, but back then I was young and inexperienced, so this whole situation gave me the jitters.

I followed De Guzman into his office like a little puppy dog and once I had sat down he smiled and said, “what seems to be the problem”. I explained to him that I had been with a girl who had been found positive for gonorrhea, so I had come to him for a checkup. Upon hearing this De Guzman gave me a knowing look then asked, “have you experienced any symptoms yet”, to which I replied I don’t think so. This time he looked at me questioningly and replied, “sir do you know what the symptoms are”, to which I embarrassingly replied, “actually Doc I have no idea, I have never been exposed to anything like this before”.

When he heard this De Guzman seemed genuinely surprised and next thing I knew he was shoving a book at me saying, “look at the pictures and tell me if you have anything like that”. Suddenly the situation had gone from surreal to downright bizarre. This book was some kind of medical journal and in it were graphic pictures of gonorrhea infected penis’s and vaginas. To this day I am still not 100% sure why De Guzman made me view this book, maybe it was some sort of lesson, maybe he was trying to shock me, or maybe he just wanted me to be aware of the gravity of the situation so he could charge me more.

I skipped through the book with my stomach doing cartwheels, beads of cold sweat dotting my forehead, and my complexion turning ghostly white. This book can only be described as graphic, and at one time my breakfast nearly came up. After paying what I thought was the appropriate amount of time viewing the book, I closed it, and told De Guzman, “luckily for me Doc I am not experiencing any of those symptoms.” De Guzman actually seemed a little bit disappointed when he heard this, but rebounding quickly he responded by saying, “well sir I will give you a shot anyway just to be sure”.

I don’t know about other guys but for me I have always disliked needles, it’s not a morbid fear like most Filipinos have, but it is a strong dislike, and I am never truly comfortable receiving a shot. If I didn’t know better I could have sworn De Guzman somehow sensed my discomfort and he almost seemed to relish it. After having informed me he would give me the shot he proceeded over to a small fridge where he kept the needles and pulling out a large syringe with brownish colored liquid he said, “go over to the table take your pants down and bend over”.

This for me was one of those life pondering moments. If you had of told me five years ago that one day I would be bending over a metal table in the lahar filled backstreets of Angeles City baring my buttocks, while a quirky little one armed guy was preparing to inject me with a huge needle filled with vile brown fluid, I would have said you were mad. Yet despite the bizarreness of the situation, it was happening and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Moments of my life flashed before my eyes and I remember thinking about all the decisions I had made that had lead up to this, then suddenly I felt a sharp prick in my behind, and the sound of Dr De Guzman’s voice as he instructed me to remain still. Instantly I froze and then 5 seconds later Dr De Guzman extracted the needle, announced that we were done and I should pay 1000 piso to his receptionist outside.

I pulled up my pants, thanked the good doctor for his time and proceeded to head outside. The receptionist looked at me with a knowing smile with just a hint of mischieviousness and announced, “that will be 1000 piso please sir”. She was so matter of fact about it and I realized that this procedure was probably played out hundreds of times a year, so for her this was nothing new. With mixed emotions of guilt, shame, embarrassment and even relief, I paid the bill, gave the receptionist a fleeting smile and headed out the door.

When I got back to the hotel I was actually quite tired so I decided a nap was in order but as soon as my head hit the pillow there was a loud knocking on my door and Wally saying in a loud voice ” wake up mate it’s only early and we have some bar hopping to do”. Replying in a sleep laden voice I said just give me a ten minutes to grab a shower, wakeup and I will meet you downstairs.

That night our first port of call was Ziggys where Wally reckoned he had found a real stunner. Ziggys was a weird bar in terms of design and it had certainly seen better days. When it was Ziggys it badly needed a coat of paint, some new stage lighting, new sound system and definitely a new toilet area. Ziggys is now Brown Sugar and in its modern day guise a completely different bar. Back when it was Ziggy’s it can best be described as tired and it was very obvious the owners approach was to run it on basics only, keep the costs down. In those days there really wasn’t enough business to be putting money back into the bar and as a result most bars were run on the basics with minimum expenditure.

The predominant feature in Ziggys was the stage which was in the center of the bar and ran from the front door the entire length of the bar. Back in those days the managers job was fairly simple, he was a draw card and it was his job to drag people in to come and drink with him. In Ziggys there was a raised part at the back of the stage with about six seats and this is where the manager would always hold court. On any given night there would always be about five guys sitting watching the stage quaffing down round after round of San Miguel beer. The topic of conversation would vary from world politics and religion through to a heated discussion of what it was like to live in the Philippines and what was the performance like of the last girl they had been with.

At this stage in Angeles the Australians were predominant and it was common to walk into a bar and hear five or six ACDC songs in a row followed by some Cold Chisel, Men at work Midnight Oil and Australian Crawl. In Ziggys the stage was somewhat stage in that it had the girls change room under the stage and the girls would walk up a kind of tunnel onto the stage. They would then head down to the front of the stage and move up one space each time a new dancer came on. This was actually quite clever because it meant they could run less girls but the stage was always full.

Wally seemed to know his way around Ziggys and as soon as he walked in this dark brown beauty named MayAnne literally jumped off the stage and into Wally’s arms. To say that I was impressed would be an under statement, this girl was absolutely stunning. MayAnne had silky long black hair, pert little breasts with tantalizing flashes of nipples, a rock hard butt and long shapely legs. I think Wally must have sensed my admiration because he turned to me with a Cheshire cat smile and said, “she’s mine tonight but if I cut her lose tomorrow you can grab her”.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 62

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 62

Riding Miss Daisy.

After having an enlightening session with Jake, (as you can see a pattern with me and alcohol is beginning to emerge), Daisy and I headed back to the hotel room. At this stage the hotel did not have a hotel service jeepney attached simply because there wasn’t a perceived need. Back then there were very few decent hotels near to Fields Avenue and it was generally accepted that guests would have no catch trikes to their hotels. In today’s environment this has all changed, and with the development of large hotels in close proximity to Fields Avenue, those situated further away have to supply a transportation service as an added reason for patrons to stay there.

On the way back to the hotel room Daisy was a little aloof and very careful not to show me any signs of affection in front of the trike driver. At the time I thought this a little strange because in the bar she had been a totally different person. In the bar she had been like a fly stuck on fly paper, literally all over me, but in the trike she was aloof and distant with a minimal amount of physicality. Looking back on it now I realize the trike driver may have known her and she was a little ashamed of working in the bar, or possibly because he was a distant relation or maybe he knew her boyfriend. It could have been any reason but for me it didn’t really matter as long as it didn’t continue in the bedroom.

And guess what, my hopes were soon to be realized because Daisy was a little fire cracker in the bedroom. We alighted from the trike with Daisy saying something to the driver in Tagalog and me slipping him 40 piso. The trike took off and straight away Daisy was back to being Daisy I had experienced in the bar. Gathering the room key from the hotel receptionist I received a mischievous smile from her that said I know what you two are going to do and boy was she right.

As soon as Daisy entered the room and the door closed, she was down on her knees sucking my knob like a true professional. Jake had hinted at her oral skills in the bar and he was certainly spot on the money. This girl could suck the proverbial golf ball through a garden hose without even trying. I don’t know about you guys but I rate an enthusiastic blow job highly and with this girl enthusiasm was an understatement. Daisy very obviously enjoyed oral sex and she had that intoxicating mixture of professionalism and genuine enjoyment. I have no idea who taught Daisy her oral skills but to this day some 22 years later I have experienced few better. Daisy had this way of licking the entire length just like a lollipop then she would flit her tongue over the head before swallowing the entire length. Obviously she had plenty of experience in this department and within 5 minutes I was exploding in her mouth. Without so much as a wink of an eye she swallowed my entire load then excused herself as she made her way to the bathroom.

So there it was my first sexual encounter in Angeles complete, and boy was it ever a memorable one. I remember feeling absolutely drained so stooping down I picked up my pants from around my ankles and flopped on the bed. Pretty soon Daisy came out of the shower and said, “now round two but I be the one to drive” . With that said she went straight down on me again and even though I was pretty shagged out this girl was an expert and with her gentle manipulations I soon felt the old familiar stirrings rising again.

Once Daisy had gotten me hard she literally stripped of her pants and jumped on my pole. Now I am not one to object to a sexually aggressive woman but this girl made me feel like I was a piece of meat just there for her to use. Once straddled on my dick Daisy was like a little pocket rocket and there was no stopping her. She would grind her body into mine rubbing her clit against me while jerking her pelvis like there was no tomorrow. In some ways I felt like a spectator, who was simply there to provide pleasure for the voracious females sexual appetite and in other ways I felt like a stud because I could supply just what this filly needed and trust me when I say, that was no small achievement.

After Daisy had ridden her way to two momentous orgasms riding on my cock I decided that it was my turn to show this woman just who was in control and with this in mind I gently lifted her off my dick, laid her down in the bed, spread her legs back so her feet were touching close to her ears and proceeded to pound her. Mostly I do not engage in physically demanding sex with small framed apparently fragile Filipinas but Daisy had given me all the signs that she would enjoy a bit of a tumble and I am glad to report my instincts were 100% correct. I inserted myself slowly at first and as each inch went in I could clearly see the look of pleasure that crossed her face. After gently easing my entire length into her and sensing no resistance I decided to get things a little more robust and next thing I knew I was pounding her like a jackhammer.

Daisy had many sexual attributes and her ability to take as well as she gave was definitely one of them. I was literally giving her a pounding and the harder I went the more she cried out for more. Given the size of her, this was an admirable achievement and I can remember admiring her stamina and genuine enthusiasm for a good pounding. After about fifteen minutes of pumping away I decided that it was time for doggy style so I pulled out, flipped her over and proceeded to give it to her from behind. I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking maybe I could find her measure but instead of being submissive Daisy actually seemed to enjoy it and pushed back on my cock as hard as I pushed into her. At one stage her head was banging against the bed-head so I stopped to put a pillow there and she simply turned round and said, “don’t stop Daisy like”. Well I may not be the fastest on the uptake but given a direction like this I wasn’t about to say no and next thing I knew all thoughts of comfort were thrown aside and I was literally pounding her like the piston of a formula one engine.

After about ten minutes of this frantic sexual abandon we were both bathed in sweat but that was inconsequential since both of us were in the proverbial zone and nothing else mattered apart from our carnal lust. I must have pounded away at Daisy for at least fifteen minutes until finally I felt that familiar build up and then my head exploded as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy coursed through my entire body. Paroxysms of orgasmic delight were also overtaking Daisy and then as the ultimate rush subsided, both of us literally collapsed in a heap.

In the history of sexual encounters the one between Daisy and myself had to rank highly. I mean over a 12 hour period we must have gone at it at least five times and everything was on the cards. Nothing was a problem for this girl and she was open to just about any suggestion. That morning we met up with Wally in the little cafeteria for breakfast but upon seeing Wally Daisy pretended to be all shy and after discreetly asking me for a “trike fare” gave me a little kiss and said, “you make bar hopping hon you not forget Daisy”. I smiled gave her a little tap on her ass and said “how could I ever forget you Daisy. See you later”.

After Daisy left Wally and I settled down to a nice breakfast and made plans for our bar hopping later on that day. It took us about an hour of planning but after that we were good to go not realizing that our planning was a complete waste of time because as always as soon as you get on Fields all pre made plans go out the window.

Wally and I shared a trike up and our first stop was the Airwolf Inn. The Airwolf Inn was a classic Angeles bar very reminiscent of times gone by. It was basically an open air bar with a pool table, overhead fans, wooden seats placed around wooden tables, about 8 women who seemed to be a mix between GRO’s and waitresses, and music which was a somewhat eclectic mix between Southern Rock and Country. The customers here were locals who had been residing in Angeles for a long time and these guys had seen it all. Over a few beers, which funnily enough I ended up buying, these guys would regale the young kid with wide eyes and an even wider mind, with stories of their Angeles antics in days gone by. Most of these guys were retired military and the highlight of their day was the occasional cigar or cigarette together with a few beers while they sit and reminisce about the good old days when Angeles was a boom town and single mans paradise.

The girls in Airwolf Inn were a mixed bunch ranging in age from about 18 through to 35 but no matter what their age it was clearly obvious each girl knew exactly what she was there for. Some of the old guys seeing my eye wander appreciatively over two of the girls, started giving me the low down on some of the girls performance. In a way I appreciated their candidacy however on the other hand I was still applying Australian ethics to a Filipino situation so I replied, thanks for the info guys but I don’t really want to know how many of you blokes have already been with her. I mean if she is a slut that’s cool but I don’t have to know about it, so if it’s all the same to you guys and no offence meant, I will just do my own homework and I’ll let you know how I get on”. With this little tirade blurted out the wizened old guys looked at me from underneath their baseball caps and glasses and then one of their group who I was to later learn was named Dicky, blew a cloud of smoke at me and said, “caring is sharing kid” then went back to his beer and cigar.

Feeling thoroughly rebuked I motioned to Wally that I was leaving and he promptly paid his bill and we walked up the street to Club Fantastic. Walking up Fields in those days was truly fun. It was very much a small town feel where all the girls would know you and often they would call you by name as they tried to entice you inside their bar. Girls would grab your arm and actually walk with you up the street. Along the way they would often try and get you to buy them something like a dress or a hat from one of the numerous tailoring shops that seemed to proliferate on Fields in those days. There must have been about twenty tailors mostly specializing in American goods such as American football shirts baseball shirts caps and jackets and basketball clothing. Along with the tailoring shops were the leather shops which would specialize in a range of goods from boots and shoes through to little riding crops, leather sex outfits and plush leather jackets. A few of these places still exist but most of them have been replaced by a different kind of shop or a hotel or a bar. These shops were indicative of the small town appeal of Angeles back then and if even for that reason alone I miss them.

Club Fantastic which is now called Owls Nest was pretty much exactly as it is today a dirty dingy mid sized bar with about twenty girls who would shuffle back and forth on stage and were about as inspiring as a wet week. The lighting is always dim in this bar and the emphasis is on keeping the operating costs down. The owner here an Australian who I shall just refer to as T, has been around Angeles for 30 plus years and is very much a reminder of how a certain segment of the Angeles market used to be. For the most part men such as himself have faded into obscurity but there are many like him still here and to find them you just have to know where to look.

Terry has running a bar down to a fine science, basically he leaves everything to his wife and drinks a few beers and plays pool. He is in fact arguably the best pool player in Angeles. He is nothing flash but just shoots the balls and rarely loses. While Terry is playing pool the bar goes on around him which these days he is mostly oblivious to. Back in the day the bar was called Club Fantastic and it was particularly memorable because of its logo which was Mickey Mouse getting a blow job from Mini Mouse while underneath was the writing Club Fantastic Adult Disneyland.

After a couple of games of pool with Terry, a few beers and a good grope of the only two girls that were in my opinion worth groping we said our goodbyes and headed out with the aim of going to Birds Of Paradise for some late lunch curry. Well at least that was the plan until we actually walked out the door and Daisy who was working as a door girl in Happy Hooker spotted me and came running over grabbing my arm and saying, “hon we have problem, need you talk Daddy Jake now”.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 61

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 61

The Happy Hooker my introduction to Angeles.

For my first night in Angeles I didn’t even go out preferring instead to stay in the hotel and get a good nights sleep. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds weird, but I was dead tired, didn’t really know my way around, and Wally already had a girl, so there would have been nobody to keep me company or show me the ropes.

After a good nights sleep I woke up at ten and headed downstairs for breakfast. They had a small little restaurant in the Bonanza which served decent enough but basic food and always had a cold beer or a hot coffee. Wally was already there having just said goodbye to his girl so I joined him and we made plans for our bar hop that was going to happen later that day.

Over breakfast Wally gave the basic lowdown on Angeles telling me about Fields Avenue and some of the bars there. At this stage I had no idea of the lay of the land and I could feel my excitement level rise. After Wally had imparted his words of wisdom I was ready to set out and explore Angeles, so summoning up a trike, that seemed to be constantly parked outside the Bonanza, I made my way to Fields Avenue.

Just as I hit Fields some of the bars were opening and as I stumbled into one it was very obvious I was the first customer. My first impression was that these bars were a far cry from Manila. I had gotten used to Visions Firehouse, Superstar, Mistys and bars of this ilk, where there were large numbers of girls and the girls were all dressed in bikinis. Here in Angeles it was totally different. Many of the bars had five or six dancers and I was often the only customer in the bar. This seemed to be a much more simple and relaxed scene, with an emphasis on personal communication between the girls and the customers.

In Manila there was a sense of almost frantic urgency that pervaded the whole scene, everybody was in party mode and it was very much a night scene but here in Angeles the bars started happening a lot earlier and there was a definite afternoon market where the emphasis was as much on drinking as it was on chasing girls.

I wandered into about four bars stopping to have a drink in each buying a few ladies drink and just talking with the girls but not seeing anybody who attracted me I kept on moving. To be honest I was thinking this ain’t bad but it’s nothing compared to Manila and I was giving some thought to checking out tomorrow and heading back to the big smoke. Just as these negative thoughts were beginning to formulate I saw this hot looking girl standing outside a little bar called the Happy Hooker and all thoughts of returning to Manila completely left my head.

I am not sure what it is but I have always found myself attracted to a hard working girl and this girl was certainly that. There she was standing outside Happy Hooker with clingingly tight lurid yellow hot pants that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I didn’t know it at the time but Daisy and myself were going to develop a sort of relationship. Now when I say relationship I do not mean in the traditional sense, but in a sort of sexual and friendship sense. Daisy was to become a regular sex partner plus a friend. One thing that I really like about the Filipina bar girl, is her ability to combine a sexual relationship with friendship. Very few girls can admit to themselves that they are prostitutes and they live in denial, softening the reality with feelings of attachment and friendship. Sometimes this was real friendship and other times it was an act they put on for whatever reason.

When Daisy saw me her face literally lit up and she ran towards me, grabbed by the arm and said, come inside gwapo. Of course this being a hot girl I wasn’t about to say no, and next thing I knew, I was being pulled into the Happy Hooker. I have often wondered how a small little Filipina can haul a 200 pound plus man into a bar and I always have a quiet little chuckle when I observe it. Whenever I see this happening I always laugh and think to myself, it’s true men really are led around by their dicks.

Anyway back to Daisy the vision of lust whom I eagerly followed into Happy Hooker. To be honest my memories of the Happy Hookers layout are only vague. I think there was a little stage on the left hand side which boasted about 8 girls all of whom looked like this wasn’t their first rodeo and the seating was mainly two tables and chairs and a lounge in the back. Back then they had the little patio just like it does today and on many occasions this was the busiest section of the bar. Since back then it was mostly a daytime trade many customers would enjoy sitting in the patio drinking a cold beer and watching the world go by while playing with some girls. There was little money to be made back then, and indeed, money wasn’t the primary driving force like it is today. Back then it was more about hanging out and having some fun with the girls and your mates. In terms of bar ownership I think a lot of guys just kind of fell in love with the idea of free booze, a constant stream of hot available women and a laid back lifestyle, where if one could make a little bit of money along the way, it was considered an added bonus.

The owner of the Happy Hooker was an Australian guy whose name was Jake but was always referred to as Daddy Jake particularly among the girls. Jake was an older bloke obviously in his late fifties early sixties (yes in those days I considered this old) with a pasty complexion and the beginnings of a classic alcoholics nose. Jake was a retired screw and although this is a position that requires regulations, slavish following of rules and a tough exterior, I never got any indication of these elements from Jake. He always seemed like your classic laid back Aussie who liked a quiet little drink on a regular basis.

The girls all seemed to like Jake and in the case of Daisy I got the impression the feeling was returned. She seemed to be his little favorite and she would flirt outrageously with him, always gently rubbing against his crotch, and giving him titillating and delightfully promiscuous glances. Jake was married and the bar was in his wife’s name, but this never seemed to bother Jake or the girls, in the slightest. When Jake’s wife was in the bar the girls would tone down their flirting a little bit but still they made it perfectly clear that inside the bar they had equal rights when it came to Jakes attention. To be honest I wasn’t privy to any behind the scenes talk between Jake and his wife but I can imagine his wife would have not been to impressed with the girls flirtatiousness being directed towards her husband. On the surface however Jake’s wife always kept a friendly demeanor towards customers and the girls, although it was clearly obvious, she was the boss when it came to her man.

I found out in later years that like so many of the small bars back then most of the girls came from a specific part of Samar where Jakes wife also hailed from and it was merely a semi annual visit back to the province by Jakes wife and the bar would be replenished with five to ten new girls with literally mud between their toes. this same area that supplied a regular flow of girls to work in the bar. Back then there was no big deal about Human Trafficking and it was seen as a perfectly natural happening to send ones daughter to Angeles to earn some money or even better land a foreign husband, move overseas and send money home on a regular basis.

As I got to know Jake and his wife a little better over the next two years I would ask her how she did her recruiting in the province and she would relate pretty much the same story every time. Basically she would get another girl already working in the bar and they would head down to the province together.

Normally her and the girl companion would have some nice jewelry that they would put on prior to entering the village, of course all the local girls would gather round and besiege them with looks of adoration and envy and then ask where did they get this jewelry and how can they get some for themselves. This of course was the lead in that the bar ladies wanted and next thing you know there were stories about the great life in the Angeles bar scene and how easy it was to make money there. Half the time the exact nature of the job was skirted around, with the parents being told their daughter will be a waitress or a GRO and to this day I am not sure if the parents knew exactly what their daughter would be doing or they actually believed the bar peoples tales. Personally I think they have a fairly good idea as to the nature of the job but chose to ignore it and just take the money.

I spent that afternoon chucking back a few beers with Jake and at 5 he asked me to accompany him to the front patio where we sat and talked and drank while Jake watched the happenings on the street. This was a great little voyeurs spot and we willed away about two hours watching the parade of beauties pass by. Jake had been in AC for at least five years and during that time had built a lot of friendships, many of whom would hail him or drop by for a drink. The guy also knew a ton of girls but I got the impression he had to be more careful when it came to approaching the girls because the wife had eyes and ears everywhere. Still being cautious is very different from being monogamous and I am sure wily old Jake got more than his fair share of tail.

While I sat and chat with Jake Daisy was milking ladies drinks from me and at the same time acting as door girl. I am sure she would have much rather gone with me and knocked out a short time but here she was still stuck in the bar, so she had decided to make the most of it. Daisy was one of those girls with an enervating personality that meant she could attract customers with very little work. In days to come I would watch her flirt and play with customers and lure them into the bar like a good door girl should. She had that unique ability to make every man no matter how old or how young, feel like he was the center of her attention and king of the world.

By about 7 Jake was ready to call it a night so I requested Daisy to go bar fine with me to which she eagerly agreed and we headed back to the Bonanza for a good old fashioned romp.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 60

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 60

Americans, Aussies and lahar. Welcome to AC.

So there I was enveloped by pitch black night, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by about twenty Filipinos whom I had no idea how to communicate with. Was this a scary situation, you bet it was, especially since I had absolutely no idea what to do about it. I could see the Filipinos looking at me but luckily I didn’t sense any hostility, so deciding to push my luck I ambled up to one of the guys and asked, “excuse me, could you please tell me how do I get to Dau”? The guy looked at me and replied in perfect English, “I was thinking same as you. Wait here and I will ask someone”. Hearing him say this was such a relief and I gave a silent prayer thanking my lucky stars that I had met a friendly Filipino who spoke my language. Without him things could have gotten quite tricky.

My new found savior approached three other Filipino guys and jabbered away in Tagalog at the end of which he came back to me and said, “those are local guys, they tell me wait here and trike will come, then trike take you hotel”. Upon hearing this I gave a sigh of relief, thanked him profusely, and plonked my ass down on the rucksack to wait for a trike to arrive.

I had waited about thirty five minutes and had been watching the other passengers load themselves onto jeepneys and trikes and then suddenly I looked around to realize that I was the only person left. So now here I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, with only pitch black night to keep me company, and just as I was beginning to worry a trike pulled up from nowhere and the driver asked, “hey Joe what hotel you stay”? I was about to reply my name is not Joe it’s Martin, but I realized I was hardly in a position to be picky, so I simply gave him the name of the hotel and then piled myself and my rucksack into the trike.

Back in those days Angeles was very different than what it is today simply because it was a much smaller town and because it had been mostly destroyed due the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The trike traveled along the main road for what must have been a couple of kilometers and then took a turn of to the right to travel along what was basically a dirt road full of potholes and lahar. We traveled on this road for close on thirty minutes moving at a snails pace as the trike jolted its way in out of bone jarring potholes. From inside the trike I tried to look out and survey my surroundings but all I could see were giant black shapes which I was to later find out were hills of lahar.

Upon reflection I realize these hills were probably only twenty or so feet high but from inside a trike, in the middle of the night and surrounded by a thick film of lahar, making it hard to breath let alone see properly, they sure seemed like mountains. After about thirty minutes the trike driver stopped and informed me that he wanted to talk with a group of guys that had suddenly appeared. I asked him why and he replied, “I get direction Bonanza Hotel”. When I heard this the alarm bells started ringing in my head and I had visions of being mugged and left battered and broken in the middle of the lahar fields.

While the driver talked with the three guys they kept on looking over at me and I was sure this was going to get nasty. To be honest I have had only a few fights in my life preferring instead to walk away and avoid them but I knew instinctively if these guys came for me there would be no walking away.

I sat in the trike for about five minutes sweating my ass off wondering what was the best way to handle this situation when suddenly the driver turned around and proceeded to walk back towards the trike. Here comes the demand for money I thought, but instead of doing anything threatening he merely smiled and said, “I know way now, Bonanza 10 minutes”. The feeling of relief that swept over me must have been visible because the driver looked at me and asked, “you okay Joe” to which I replied, “yes very okay just a little tired so want to get to the hotel”.

After another fifteen minutes of bone jarring travel in the trike we finally pulled up outside the Bonanza Hotel and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. This trip had been a real worry, especially the Angeles half of it, and I fully realized I was extremely lucky to be here in one piece. I paid the trike driver two hundred piso, thanked him profusely then lugged my rucksack over my shoulder and entered the Bonanza Hotel.

The Bonanza in those days was nothing flash but at least it had survived Mount Pinatubo’s explosion relatively unscathed, the rooms were basic but decent, the price of 300 piso a night was perfect, and there was a distinctly Australian feel about it.

The Bonanza in modern times is called the Ponderosa Hotel and you will often see the hotels jeepney delivering patrons to Fields. It is not exactly in a centralized position being positioned in a back street in Mountain View but back in those days the issue of being close to Fields Avenue didn’t really matter because everyone seemed to get a trike or jeepney around, and nobody seemed to care less about a hotels proximity to Fields.

This of course has all changed now and closeness to Fields has become a major selling point for many of the up market hotels in Balibago. Back in the day there were only 5 or 6 major hotels and of these only the Orchid Inn was situated within close proximity to Fields. Just as now the major hotels offered a sort of resort feel and the emphasis was on providing the guest that tropical holiday feeling. Instrumental in creating that feeling was the hotel swimming pool together with the tropical garden surrounding it. The big players then were the Maharajah, the Oasis, the Clarkton, the Premier, the America Hotel and the iconic Aussie hotel, the Swagman. These were then followed by what I call the second string hotels which were establishments like the Executive Hotel, the Orchid Inn, Genesis and the Bonanza.

At that time the American influence was waning as they were getting ready to pull out of the Philippines and the Mount Pinatubo explosion with the destruction it had reeked, was merely the icing on the cake. Everywhere you went mounds of lahar varying in size could be seen and there was always a lahar haze in the air, causing people to cough and wheeze.

In terms of the bars there were only about ten bars on Fields including Dreams, Hobo Bar, Air Wolf, Club Fantastic, Birds of Paradise, the Happy Hooker, Ziggys, Stinger, Legs and Maverick City. There were probably a couple of others but their names escape me. These bars were complemented by numerous smaller bars scattered throughout the entire area including the now delightfully infamous blow road bars.

The general feel of the place was an eclectic mix between American and Australian which was perhaps best summed up by the street vendors who would firstly assume you were American and greet you with the classic, “hey Joe” and then if this didn’t work they would try “gooday mate”. The bars were generally speaking less commercial than they are today and the emphasis was on a bunch of guys just hanging out at their local as much as it was on casual prostitution. This was evidenced by the fact that a lot of bars had pool tables and the various pool leagues represented a regular and steady income for the bars. In fact I think there was probably a greater percentage of excellent pool players in Angeles than anywhere else in the world.

Just as is the case with Perimeter Road bars today the main emphasis was on daytime, early evening trade. Many of the bars would close by ten or at the latest midnight, and the thought of partying all night, or a bar being open 24 hours, was totally unheard of. Back then the scene was a lot smaller in nearly every way. The bars employed less girls and there was significantly less customers, plus the customers who did come had nowhere near as much money. The result was a laid back little town covered in volcanic dust mixed in with some brown skinned, hot blooded Filipinas, who rocked your world day after day with never a complaint.

The result of the smallness was a feeling of the town being less commercial and consequently more friendly. Most of the regulars knew each other and there was very much a social feel about the place. Groups such as the Hash House Harriers predominated and bars would compete with each other for the Hash business. Nowadays the Hashers are seen mainly as ‘Cheap Charlie’s’ and you will mostly find them drinking in the smaller bars or even the outside bars where the beers are cheaper and they can sit and watch the world go by.

As I have said the bars back then had a less commercial feel, it was very much amateur hour with girls wearing a cut off shirt and jean shorts together with high heals and a smattering of garish makeup. In Manila the scene was a lot more sophisticated with the girls wearing classy shoes, the right amount of makeup and bikinis. This was not the case in Angeles. The Angeles bars were somewhat of a time warp harking back to the eighties when America ruled the roost but this was also mixed in with the Aussie influence as more and more Aussies discovered the Philippines and specifically Angeles. The Aussie invasion was to some extent inevitable because their country was closer geographically and the scene in Angeles represented sex with beautiful, hard bodied Filipinas, at a very reasonable price.

In terms of the hotels there were several establishments catering to the Australian market, including the Orchid Inn, the Bonanza, the Executive Hotel and of course the iconic Swagman with it’s big sister hotel in Manila. A number of the bars were also Australian owned including Dreams, Club Fantastic, Ziggys and Stinger. The music in the bars also reflected the mix of American and Australian influence. The emphasis was on music for the customers and a large amount of Rock and Roll was played. Typically one could expect to hear bands like ACDC and INXS through to the classic rock of Led Zepplin, Deep Purple and the newer big bands such as Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Motley Crue. Back then just as today the girls didn’t really relate to this music but nobody seemed to care as the customers were having a great time listening to it and that was all that mattered. Manila bar music was more for the girls with an emphasis on them dancing but Angeles was still very much a rock and roll town where the customer ruled and the girls were there whenever we needed them.

Back then A. Santos Street AKA Blow Road, was in full swing. Bars with blatant names such as Super Head, and Mega Head were common place and some of the girls working in the blow job bars were the biggest earners in town. Some years later when I was working in the bar named Illusions seven girls from an A Santos BlowJob bar came to work in Illusions. The owner at the time predicted they wouldn’t last long because they could make more money in a Blow Job bar. I looked at him as if he was crazy and asked, “why would you say something like that. How can a girl working in a shitty little dive with no air-con and a lousy location make more money than working here in one of the premier bars on Fields Avenue”. Upon hearing this Wolf looked at me and said, “Martin you don’t really understand Angeles. Do the math. Working in Illusions she will get one bar fine a night that equals 400 piso in her pocket throw in a couple of ladies drinks and her salary and she is on about 600 piso. If she works in a BlowJob bar she can have at least five customers in a day and for each customer she will receive 250 guaranteed possibly an extra tip and maybe a ladies drink or two”. I listened to him, promptly did the math and decided as usual old Wolfy was right, and I still had a lot to learn about Angeles.

Another thing I liked about Angeles back then was the fact that the bar managers were definite characters. There was none of these behind the scenes operators and all the managers were up front in your face party guys who liked a drink, were always quick to tell a story and in general larger than life characters. The so called personality managers were predominant and guys would come to drink with them as much they would come for the girls.

In the early nineties Angeles was less vibrant than Manila, it was more laid back, there were less girls, less money to be made and in its own way a much more dated scene but I managed to slip right into it and thoroughly enjoyed myself. For me Manila with its large party clubs, bright neon lights and thousands of girls would always be number one, but when all the partying in Manila became a little bit to much Angeles was a very pleasant laid back alternative.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 59

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 59

Angeles here I come.

Waking up to the sound of someone banging on your door is at best disconcerting and most of the time alarming. And for me this was definitely alarming. All sorts of paranoid thoughts entered my mind, ‘oh no maybe it’s the police again’, maybe I did something wrong in one of my recent benders , maybe someone I know has had an accident etc, etc. With only 3 hours sleep and a throbbing head I gingerly opened the door only to be confronted by Wally’s smiling face, and him saying, “come on mate it’s past nine and time to hit the road for Angeles”.

Shit I thought to myself, I had completely forgotten we were supposedly traveling to Angeles today and I was meant to meet him downstairs for a pre traveling breakfast. My disheveled tired appearance must have tipped Wally that I was in no condition to travel and luckily for me he was an understanding sort of bloke, so after seeing the condition I was in, Wally simply said, “looking at you mate you ain’t traveling anywhere any time soon and I gotta go coz AC is calling mate. You get some sleep mate and I will leave instructions on how to get to AC and where to stay with the front desk” With that said he gave me one last disparaging look, shook his head and proceeded to walk down the hallway.

At first I was kind of tempted to call him back and say, ‘give me 20 minutes to get ready’, but then my head started thumping again and waves of tiredness were overtaking me, so I thanked my lucky stars Wally was so understanding, shut the door, and climbed back into bed with Lisa.

I must have slept for at least five hours because when I woke up the second time I was remarkably refreshed and feeling ready for my next adventure. Lisa was still blissfully snoozing so I decided to grab a shower pack my stuff and begin heading towards Angeles. I made my way to the shower room and as the scolding hot water hit me I closed my eyes and enjoyed a moment of solitude.

I have always enjoyed a hot shower and to be honest I have found many of my best ideas are generated while relaxing in a hot water shower. I closed my eyes and let the water cascade all over me when I heard the bathroom door open and my reverie was interrupted by a pair of soft wet lips engulfing my manhood.

Pleasantly surprised I opened my eyes and there was Lisa sucking on my rapidly hardening penis like there was no tomorrow. Now I was in seventh heaven a hot shower and a blow job at the same time. This was the life and once again I silently congratulated myself on my decision to stay in the Philippines.

After another steamy round in the bathroom Lisa and I both got dressed and with me grabbing my rucksack we made our way down to the hotel reception. I said goodbye to Lisa slipped her 500 piso, picked up the traveling instructions Wally had left me, checked my spare baggage into the Mayfair’s storage area and proceeded to make my way to the Pasay Victory liner bus station.

By this time I was getting quite used to utilizing public transport. I had asking the taxi drivers to turn on their meter, down to an art form, I knew the major arterial roads and was even vaguely familiar with the geographical position of some of the Manila suburbs. However, despite how much you are knowledgeable about your surroundings, traveling in Manila is always an adventure, and one can never get totally used to the living conditions some of the poor endure.

The trip to Pasay from Ermita was only short since they are neighboring suburbs but negotiating the back streets in that taxi as he made his way to the Victory liner bus station was a chilling experience. It was just beginning to get dark yet there was still enough light to see the look of hostility and sometimes naked hatred in the peoples eyes. Admittedly these looks were also mixed with the cheerful laughter of kids playing and the tantalizingly inviting smiles of the Filipinas as they would give passersby that furtive and slightly coy look which hinted at the promise of unbounded sexual delights.

After what seemed like a maze of back streets we arrived at the Victory Liner bus terminal where I unloaded my gear, paid the driver and then as he drove off I looked around and thought to myself, “oh shit what have I gotten myself in for here”. Traveling by public transport is always a risky proposition especially when in a foreign country but it is also a great way to see aspects of a country or a culture that otherwise would be hidden from you. For me the traveling by public transport was an adventure as it offered me a chance to experience Filipino culture and Filipino society, first hand.
Coming from Australia I was used to quality coaches with proper exhaust systems but in Manila exhaust fumes and the resultant smog are a fact of life. Black smoke belching busses are seen as being part of life in Manila and in the bus station it was particularly bad since it was undercover and the exhaust fumes just stayed trapped in the building. Rather than turn off the engines, drivers would just leave the engine running letting the fumes build up with the result of making travelers feel that they had just walked into a poisonous gas oven.

Public transport depots are always crowded but in Manila to call them crowded is an understatement, they are jam packed like sardines in a can and these crowded conditions are then made even worse by the ever present grey haze of exhaust fumes. I made my way through the milling crowd, keeping my back pack in front of me and gently yet purposefully using it to push and prod my way through the crowd who were scrambling to get ion board a b us. Eventually I made my way to what looked like the ticket sellers booth, stood in line for five minutes and then when it was my turn asked for a ticket to Angeles, Dau.

After procuring the ticket I asked the lady how do I know which bus to take and she replied, “look to Dau sign” and then as if that explained it all looked beyond me towards the next waiting customer. I moved aside and as I pondered her meaning “look to Dau sign” a large coach pulled up and their on the right hand side prominently displayed was the sign saying Dau. The sign registered in my brain and I knew this must be the bus that takes me to Angeles. I made my way towards the bus but even before it had stopped completely there was a crowd of people all pushing and jostling to get on board. For me the pushing and jostling was not such a problem because I was larger than 90% of Filipinos and as such never really felt threatened but the safety factor aside, it was all I could do not to just grab some of the rude bastards and pull them back by the scruff of their necks. This experience at the bus station reminded me of the pictures of train stations in India, not quite as bad in terms of the number of people but as far as the pushing and jostling were concerned, it was exactly the same.

By the time I had pondered all that was going on the bus with the Dau sign had filled up and the doors were closing. Darn I thought to myself, this standing in line being polite doesn’t get you anywhere in this country so the next bus I see I am going to push like everybody else and make sure I get on otherwise I am going to be stuck here waiting all night. I must have waited another twenty minutes before another bus with a Dau sign came by and quite unceremoniously I pushed my way through the crowd and embarked on the bus. The inside of the bus was actually quite modern it had air-conditioning vents, a TV monitor that showed videos and the seats were actually large enough to fit the average foreigner rather than being built for the smaller framed Filipinos. I chose a seat as near to the front as I could get reasoning that if I got lost I could always ask the driver to inform me when we are nearing Dau.

The bus sat in the terminal for at least twenty minutes during which time the driver switched on Filipino radio which of course was far to loud and constituted a blathering of tagalog which I had no comprehension of. The radio was also accompanied by various vendors selling everything from bottled water and juices through to peanuts and quail eggs. I don’t know if it is just me but since I was the only foreigner on the bus it seemed like they singled me out and some of these blokes just wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was almost like I was expected to purchase something because I was a foreigner or maybe it was just some kind of bemusement because they had only seen a very limited number of foreigners traveling by bus before . Whatever it was these guys became quite persistent and it was all I could do to keep my cool and politely state that I declined to buy any of their goods. I have since learned to take a girl with me and let her do the talking but this was my first bus trip and the vendor pressure was all part of my learning experience.

The bus trip to Angeles was interesting. As we drove through Manila it was already dark but I got some revealing glimpses of this city albeit from the safety of a Victory bus liner. The thing about Manila is everywhere you look there is people, people and more people. Whether they be driving cars, queuing up for a jeepney, or just wandering the streets with hands stretched out dressed in soiled rags and with vacant expressions in their eyes, it is always about the people, the mass of humanity and the ever increasing level of pollution are indeed hallmarks of Manila one of Asia’s oldest capital cities.

The trip through Manila took about two hours and that was not because of the distance but rather because of the seemingly endless traffic jam that moved at a snails pace. As is the rule in most Asian countries he who is bigger wins so the bus will normally hold sway over the cars but when it comes to traffic jams like this no amount of size makes any difference.

The seats on the bus whilst comparatively new were not exactly comfortable and sometimes I found myself with my knees huddled against my chest. After leaving Edsa road the bus proceeded down what is now NLEX but at that time was little more than a two lane highway with potholes the size of moon craters every half mile. The trip on the Northern Expressway was comparatively uneventful and I found myself marveling at how quickly this bus could travel once wound up. Along the way the bus would pull over to the side of the road leaving some people to exit and others to hop on board including vendors mostly peanut sellers who would get on and off the bus in the middle of nowhere.

After about an hour the bus pulled over and the conductor announced Dau. This was my cue to get off so grabbing my rucksack from the overhead luggage rack I fell in line and exited the bus. I stepped of the bus and realized I was still on the main road. There was no sign of any town there was minimal light, it was beginning to drizzle, I was surrounded by Filipino’s jabbering away in Tagalog, and there I was stuck in the middle of nowhere without a friend or the slightest idea how I was going to find Angeles.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 58

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 58

A pussy binge and new beginnings.

By this time I was almost feeling like a Philippine veteran. I had experienced multiple sexual partners I had experienced death, I had experienced the genuine friendship of Filipina’s, I had done the province experience, I had been accused of murder and of course I had traveled the turbulent and drama laden path, that typifies any relationship with a Filipina.

So now what, that was the big question. With the departure of Rosie I realized I was at some sort of crossroads in my Philippine adventures. On the one hand, I had come here as a sex tourist with the objective of having as many sexual partners as I possibly could, but on the other hand, I had also experienced two turbulent relationships, and at this point I really wasn’t sure which way to go.

I managed a further two weeks in Ermita which incorporated daily bar hops and different women just about every night. Occasionally I would take a night off and these nights were spent sitting around the Mayfair’s outside courtyard, drinking a few beers, and having a general chit chat with other patrons of the hotel. The Mayfair was decidedly Australian in ambience and in the patrons it attracted which of course was fine by me since it was nice to get a taste of home occasionally. Having said that, I would find myself chatting with these blokes but there was always a small barrier there. It was almost as if I had made some sort of mental decision that Australia was no longer a place I still called home. It wasn’t until many years later when I sat back and analyzed it, that I realized I was almost a vagabond, and I didn’t really fit in anywhere. I knew I would always be a foreigner in the Philippines and yet somehow Australia held no interest for me and neither did New Zealand or England.

After about two weeks of partying and going through money like there was no tomorrow I decided to take a couple of days off and it was then I remembered my mates advice back in Australia. He had gone to great pains to make sure I visit Angeles and even written out a list of what he thought the best bars for me to visit would be for me to visit. I sitting enjoying a cup of tea and reviewing my list when David approached me with another guy who was Mauritian/Australian who went by the name of Wally.

After a brief introduction Wally sat down and joined me drinking a few beers. In those days there was no such thing as SML and the San Miguel Pale Ale was going down a treat. Over the years I have developed a distinct aversion to San Miguel Light as it gives me horrible headaches but the San Miguel Pale Ale still does the trick quite nicely. In fact San Miguel is the only beer in the world I have tasted that actually tastes better out of a can than a bottle. Now I know you beer aficionados reading this will be guffawing and shaking your head in disagreement, but I solemnly swear, the San Miguel Pale Pilsner tastes better in the gold can than it does in the brown bottle. I have discussed this with many people and some have said the reason is because the beer in the gold can is their export beer and therefore a better quality. How much credence there is in this theory I have no idea, but it sounded good to me at the time, so for the want of any other reasonable explanation, I have stuck with it, and will always use it when other people notice the weird phenomenon, of a beer tasting better in a can than a bottle.

Wally and I seemed to hit it off pretty well and it wasn’t long before I found myself discussing the possibility of going up to Angeles sometime in the near future. When he heard me mention Angeles he burst out in a big smile and replied, “mate I love Angeles, that’s my town much more than Manila. Tell you what mate, I was planning on heading up there tomorrow so how about we travel together”. I responded positively stating this would be a great idea, to which Wally replied, “that’s grouse mate, let’s meet at the Mayfair reception at 9”. Without a moments hesitation I agreed and then Wally proceeded to regale me with stories of his adventures in Angeles.

When Wally and I were sitting together enjoying a good chin wag, the time just seemed to fly, and before either of us knew what happened it was 1 AM and Mario was closing up the bar at the Mayfair. Mario announced last call but Wally said, “not for me mate I got to go. I got a bird up in my room and she’ll probably be all pissed off coz I’ve been away so long. Cop you later Marty and I’ll see you at 9”. With that said, Wally stood up, swayed a little, then proceeded to make his way upstairs to his room.

Feeling a little bit let down I looked around and realized I was the only person left and I wondered what the heck I was going to do now. It was to early to go to bed so I decided a little walk to Rosie’s diner, a local pickup joint, might be in order.

Back in day when Ermita was in full swing Rosie’s Diner was literally a license to print money. It still exists to this day but is now called the Manila Café and with the demise of the bars has become even more of a pick up joint than it was when all the bars were operating.

Back in the day it was a brightly lit establishment capable of holding 30 to 40 people and it incorporated a theme based around an American 50’s diner. Rosies Diner was always popular but no matter what the owners would say, the popularity had nothing to do with the food or the ambience. This was a renowned pick up joint and 80% of the customers were there to meet someone rather than indulge in a good meal. Having said that, Rosies food was always decent, it seemed to be open 24/7 and the location was nothing if not convenient.

Normally Rosie’s was at its best as the various shifts in the bars finished but no matter what time of day or night if you hung out there long enough with an expectant look and lowered your standards, it was always easy to pick up a girl there. Filipinas being smaller boned and normally having dazzlingly clear brown skin, make for perfect clothes horses and Rosie’s was deceptive because a mediocre girl could look stunning and I was to often find a girl who looked so promising initially, could often be a disappointment later on.

It was always an interesting experience walking the streets of Manila after sunset and I use the word interesting because even though the area was mainly frequented by seedy lowlife’s and Filipino’s under the grinding heel of absolute poverty, I never once felt threatened. Yes I would often get the impression I was viewed as a walking ATM machine but never once did I feel threatened or in danger.

It took me about twenty minutes to get to Rosie’s just gently strolling yet still when I got there I had worked up a little sweat. I entered the restaurant sat down on a fifties style stool ordered a glass of water and of course a chocolate shake which was somewhat of a specialty at Rosie’s. The shake came within 5 minutes and as I sipped it I sat back perused the scenery and spotted a girl on the other side of the restaurant who looked super hot and was obviously there on the hunt.

Now the thing about places like Rosie’s Diner that alienates me is that there is no protocol. For some people this is exactly why they liked Rosie’s, finding it easier to operate in this environment but for me the bar scene was always so much more comfortable. I was never quite sure what approach to take when placed in a pick up joint but in the bar the total opposite was true. I was just contemplating my shake, looking at the girl out of the corner of my eye, trying to decide how to approach her, when she looked directly at me and leveled me with a beautiful smile that literally floored me.

At first I was kind of shocked and I couldn’t believe this ravishing beauty was looking at me. I turned around to see if maybe there was someone behind me only to see an empty diner, and straight away I knew I was looking good when it came to picking up this girl.

I am admittedly not always the fastest on the uptake but when a woman like this smiles across the room at a guy like me there was only one option, and that option was to make my move. I rose out of the seat and trying my best to appear nonchalant strolled over and sat down beside her. “Hello beautiful”, I said, “my name is Martin, and it sure is a pleasure to meet you”. Having said a cheezy line like that, I felt myself mentally cringe but this beauty didn’t seem to notice and she replied with that dazzling smile, “Hi I am Lisa”.

Lisa was fairly tall as far as Filipinas go standing 5 foot 6 in heels, she had shoulder length hair, long shapely legs and small pert little boobs. I took one look at her drinking this visage in with my eyes and found myself thinking, ‘I love the Philippines’. Even when on the hunt I realized just how lucky I was being in the Philippines. I was fully aware that a woman such as Lisa would not have given me a second look, back in my own country, but here in the Philippines I was on pretty much equal footing with any guy and those odds were certainly more appealing than those at home.

Lisa and I engaged in small talk for about an hour with her suggesting we retire to the Hula Hut next door and get something more substantial to eat. The Hula Hut was situated just behind Rosie’s Diner and although owned by the same people as Rosie’s it certainly had a different feel to it. Rosie’s was a brightly lit diner with basic food stuffs and an emphasis on what I call semi fast food dining. The Hula Hut on the other hand was more like a restaurant and usually didn’t really take off until after midnight. The Hula Hut was the perfect place to get a meal and enjoy some truly scintillating eye candy. After midnight there was nearly always some glamour’s cruising the scene and for some reason when in the Hula Hut they always seemed better presented and exuded an air of quasi sophistication. I am sure once back in the bed the Hula Hut girls were much the same as any other bar girl, but even though I knew this, I was invariably turned on by the fact that these women had taken the time to present themselves in an elegant and slightly classy way, and in so doing distinguish themselves from the run of the mill bar girl.

Lisa and I enjoyed a nice little snack in the Hula Hut and spent another hour just getting to know each other. During our conversation I discovered that she was 22 years old, which for this environment was positively ancient, her province was Samar and she had 3 year old baby boy. Okay, given the baggage that came with her Lisa was hardly the perfect catch but it was getting late, I was not feeling particularly enthused or energetic and most importantly Lisa had those shapely long legs which seemed to go all the way to heaven. So with visions of those long legs stretched back to the point where her feet were behind her ears, and me with my cock pounding her sweet little pussy like a jackhammer, I popped the question and without hesitation she accepted and next thing I knew we were in a taxi heading towards the Mayfair.

Lisa and I enjoyed two torrid rounds of sex and I have to admit she was a loud vocal performer who would have multiple orgasms during the sex act and any reservations she may have had were thrown to the wind as she abandoned herself to the waves of sexual ecstasy that coursed through her body. Lisa loved all styles and could even cum when being fucked from behind. Lisa was not a wild cat that scratched and clawed but instead was a delightfully feminine woman and her orgasms reflected this.

After two rounds Lisa and I were both spend and I estimate I had been contently sleeping for about 3 hours when I was woken up by a solid and persistent knocking on the hotel door. It took a few moments for my situation to sink in and as I alighted from the bed and stumbled round for a bathrobe or some suitable covering, I thought to myself , what have I done now.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 57

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 57

The wild times are just beginning.

In my twenty years of partying in the Philippines it has only been on a handful of occasions where I have woken up not knowing where I was, or how I had gotten there. This was my first time and I still remember it vividly. I was inside some sleazy short time room and besides me were two naked Filipinas. I don’t know if it is something genetic or just the fact that they were used to sleeping in the crudest environments, but I have noticed the Filipinas propensity for sound sleep and often it is virtually impossible to wake them up short of shaking them.

The two girls beside me were stark naked and each lay entwined in each others arms with their legs wrapped around each others torsos. I remember thinking at the time how strange it was that women felt no discomfort being this close to each other compared to men who would mostly be profoundly un comfortable sleeping like this.

My first reaction as always was to search for my pants, and once found, rummage through the pockets, to make sure my wallet was still in tact. Luckily for me everything was there and I made a mental note to myself never to put myself in such a vulnerable position again. Having taken stock of my situation I tried to think back and remember some of the events of last night. I could vaguely remember leaving Visions with these two beauties under my arms but the trip to whatever hotel we were in was a total blank. I concentrated a little harder trying to remember what we had done together and slowly some truly erotic images began to fill my head.

One particular memory that to this day is crystal clear, is of me banging one girl from behind while she was eating the pussy of the other. Both girls were digging this sexual encounter and I remember a giant moaning scene just like a good porno movie. I can’t remember the girls names which in some ways makes me feel ashamed and in other ways turns me on like crazy. I mean the whole idea of Manila back then was that it was one continual fuck fest where the core to peoples existence was pure and simply illicit sexual encounters. What a world this was and even though modern day Angeles is pretty good for me it pales in comparison to the heady days of Ermita.

I could feel the throbbing in my head and the beginning of a nasty headache so moving carefully so as not to wake the girls I made my way to the bathroom for a cold refreshing shower. The shower was just what I needed and after about 5 minutes of cold water cascading down on me I began to feel nearly human again and next thing I knew I was contemplating one more round with the girls. Sliding into the room with only a towel wrapped around me and looking at the naked girls lying on the bed I felt the old familiar stirring in my loins, so I untangled one of the girls and slowly inserted myself into her. At first she was unresponsive but after about 3 strokes she opened her eyes and it was amusing watching her expression as she realized what was happening. I had been romping with this girl for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden the girl next to us opened her eyes and just smiled knowingly. Seeing this I thought to myself, “why the heck not may as well give her one round as well, so I slid off the girl I was on and proceeded to pump away at the second girl.

I had been pumping away with a good steady rhythm for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden I felt the first girls hand gently squeezing my balls so I told the girl I was fucking to assume the doggy position and while I took her from behind the other one was to lay down face up and lick my balls. This took some explaining but these girls were no amateurs and we soon had it perfect with me pumping away from behind while the other girl licked my balls. Given this it wasn’t long before I felt the sublime waves of orgasm approaching and soon spasms of pure physical pleasure were coursing through my body.

After a thoroughly satisfying session with these nameless girls I guided all three of us into the shower where we proceeded to have a good old soap session which turned into another sex session as the girls soaped up each other. By this time I was completely spent so I left them to their own devices and after getting changed just laid on the bed watching some crap tagalog movie on the small TV while the girls bought each other to mutual soapy orgasms. After they were finished with each other and had gotten dressed, myself and the girls headed outside and here I was confronted with a dirty Philippine street that I had never seen before. I asked the girls where we were and they muttered something unintelligible so then it was simply a case of finding the nearest main road, hailing a cab and heading back to Ermita.

As I walked down the street where normal Manila life was going on I could feel the peoples eyes upon me. I felt a mixture of curiosity and to a lesser extent hostility, and whenever I caught someone glaring I would simply smile and pretend to be Mr happy and friendly. The girls meanwhile were following me laughing, giggling, and chatting among themselves, without a care in the world.

Right about now the hangover was beginning to kick in and it was with marked relief that I reached the end of the street and there before me was a major road with plenty of taxis. Within seconds I had hailed one and we all piled in with me giving the driver instructions to head for Ermita. During the drive I dug into my pockets found two five hundred piso bills which I gave to the girls then when we reached M.H.Del Pilar where I piled out of the taxi and prepared the walk of shame back to the Mayfair Hotel.

As I entered the main foyer and asked the receptionist for my key she looked at me with evident disdain and replied “Sir Martin, your girlfriend is in your room”. Oh shit I thought, wonder how I am going to explain this one and on my way up the stairs I decided offence would be the best form of defense, so upon entering the room I smiled at Rosie and said, “hi honey where have you been the last few days”.

Rosies reaction was surprisingly mild as she looked at me and explained how she had supposedly been visiting her cousin but not wishing to give up my front foot advantage I then pressed her a little further by asking, “why didn’t you call the hotel and let me know you were okay” to which she replied, “no phone, but where you been bastos”? I feigned ignorance and again she repeated, “where you Martin, you have girl”? but I just smiled and said, “if you want to know the truth I fell asleep in Visions and the security guard will back up my story”. Rosie just smirked and said, “whatever all man liers”.

The rest of the day was tense but in the end I wore Rosie down and I promised her we would head back to Peurto Galera where it was cheaper and we could go back to a more relaxed lifestyle. That night we stayed in and the next morning found us up bright and early ready to make the trip down to Peurto Galera. Rosie and I gathered round the table for an early breakfast then made our way to the waiting taxi that the Mayfair guard had hailed us. The guard put my bags in the back of the taxi but then when he went to grab Rosie’s bag she dropped her purse and as it hit the ground with the contents spilling on the pavement, I noticed 2 pictures of some guy I had never seen before fall out of her wallet.

Feeling a little bemused I asked Rosie, “ whose that guy” and she replied “that Ekie, my boyfriend”. “Wait a minute” I answered, “I thought I was your boyfriend” and with this Rosie looked at me stony faced and replied, “Ekie number 1 boyfriend Martin number 3”.

For a moment I was gob struck until the taxi driver asked me sir were we go now and it dawned on me that I didn’t want to go anywhere and probably neither did Rosie. “Tell you what” driver I said, “get my bags out the back because I have an emergency and I will give you some money to say thank you for your help”. He looked at me with a vacant look so I said, “trip no more”. With that I got out of the car unloaded my bags, slipped the guy 100 piso and thanked him profusely as I headed back to the Mayfair hotel.

I walked briskly into the Mayfair, booked another room and then went straight in there locking the door behind me. I was expecting Rosie to come knocking on the door but after 15 minutes it became blatantly obvious that this wasn’t going to happen and I was once again alone.

I never saw Rosie again which honestly is something which I reacted to with mixed emotions. On the one hand she was my friend and I had grown accustomed to having her around, on the other hand I saw Rosies departure as the beginning of my freedom. I had originally come to the Philippines to be with as many girls as I could and now that Rosie was gone I was free to restart my mission in earnest.

I set myself a goal of doing 2 different women a day for the next seven days and later on that afternoon David who had obviously heard about my experience with Rosie, came knocking on my door, and was asking me to accompany him on yet another bar hop. I jumped into the shower and fifteen minutes later there was David and myself carousing the bars of M H Del Pilar yet again. This was to become our regular sequence and both David and myself managed to work our way through at least two girls everyday for the following week.

Back then at age 31 it was to easy, the money just seemed to flow from my pocket and we had a prolific mongering time notching up a significant amount of sexual activity, that is until one day as I was walking past punch line a girl got in my face and was shouting and yelling and trying to hit me. I managed to escape into Visions where she could not follow. When inside after having several beers to cool down I asked David, “hey man do you know what that was all about” and he replied “I certainly do mate, that was Hilda’s sister and she is yelling that you killed Hilda”.

C How They Made Me! Chapter 56

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 56

A few wild nights in Manila.

Living in current day Angeles and being a member of internet sites such as Asian Escapades I often see and hear the discussion of which was better Ermita in Manila or current day Angeles. For me the answer is simple, Ermita was better. There was just something about Ermita that I have never found anywhere else, PatPong in Thailand came close in 1986, but even that, still was not as good for me as Ermita was. And here’s what’s really impressive. I didn’t discover Ermita until 1991 and for those who know Ermita in the early eighties they all swear without exception that it was better back then than it was in the early nineties.

For me there was just something about the place and that something had me utterly transfixed or maybe addicted would be a more appropriate description. There was a large expat community and a huge community of tourists from all walks of life, and all corners of the world. There was an incredible range of bars from the dirtiest sleaziest little dives through the bigger nightclubs with bright lights and loud music. There were so many characters in Ermita and you never knew what was going to happen from one night to the next. You could be rubbing shoulders with a millionaire stock broker on holiday from Hong Kong one minute and then the next be rubbing shoulders with a junkie bum looking for some angle to get money for his next fix.

In Ermita there was a certain wild west feel that pervaded many clubs and one often got the feeling he was walking on the razors edge. I think a major difference between Ermita and Angeles is that there was a certain almost tangible energy in Ermita, a buzz and a feeling of total freedom as people gave in to their most hedonistic desires. In Ermita there were no boundaries anything could happen and normally did. There was a sort of infectious frenetic energy that abounded and once one had tasted it there was no going back to an ordinary life.

The next day there was no sign of Rosie but for some reason I wasn’t to perturbed and I think a part of me may have been secretly glad. I knew David and Ken were glad because as soon as they saw me they greeted me with big smiles and David said, “you ready for an afternoon barhop mate”? Not being one to hold back I replied sure lets check out some of the bars I haven’t been to before.
We proceeded up Mabini Street turned left and headed towards the Firehouse which seemed to be the first afternoon stop for David. At the time the Firehouse was being managed by the recently deceased Howard Sleebush AKA Howard the Duck and he was always an entertainer plus he had some good looking girls. David and I chatted with Howard for half an hour or so bought a few ladies drinks which were back then 55 piso in the day time then decided to move in. It was pretty common for David to stop for an hour or so with Howard but this particular day I was keen to get a move on because there was this nagging thought in my head that there was something special waiting out for me and besides there were a whole lot of little bars that I was yet to explore .

After leaving Firehouse we crossed over M.H.Del Pilar and were ambling down in the direction of United Nations Avenue but our progress was interminably slow because David had to stop and talk to every door girl whom he knew by name. He would say hello such and such ask how they were then straight down to business. Once the pleasantries were over David would ask have you any new girls for me and the answer was in most cases no but occasionally he would get a yes and when this happened he literally pushed his way in the front door like a man on a mission. We must have only entered about 3 bars with David quickly checking out the new girls much like a horse trader at a horse show. Watching David in action reminded me of the old movies where the slavers would treat the slaves as a commodity to be used and abused you see in the movies treating people like For David it seemed the girls there were almost like a piece of meat. they were purely just a piece of meat just walking in with David checking out the new girl like a buyer at a horse show, then not finding what he wants he simply dismisses them, pays the bill, and moves to the next bar.

We had done the inspection trip for about 5 bars and had reached Josies Pride a renowned Ermita blow job bar and David asked the door girl have you got any new girls inside. Her reply was “no but we have a twins”. Well hearing that was for me like a red flag to a bull and not waiting for David to lead the way I opened the front door and barged right in.

I walked into Josies Pride and before I had even sat down I spotted two girls over in the corner that looked exactly alike. I motioned for them to come over but they played coy and just smiled at me. Realizing that these girls were obviously new and shy, it quickly dawned on me that I would have to make the first move. I casually sauntered over and said hello girls can I buy you a drink. They looked at me as if I was some kind of apparition giggled and then proceeded to bombard me with Tagalog. Not understanding a single word they were saying I just smiled grabbed each by the hand and led them over to where I had been sitting. These girls may have been new but the bar tender certainly wasn’t and recognizing that I was going to spend some money she quickly explained to the girls what was going on and next thing I knew both girls were zealously fondling me and rubbing up against me in a provocative display of sexual arousal.

I think every man is slightly curious about having a sexual encounter with twins, I know I certainly was an I openly admit that it had been a long term fantasy of mine. As a result I was like putty in their hands and the more they took turns in playing with my now bulging cock the more drinks I would buy. I think in the end I must have bought at least 4 rounds of ladies drinks for all the staff in the bar and every time I ordered the twins would pay even more attention to my erect member.

With all the attention being paid to me by the twins I was standing to attention almost to the point of not being able to walk out even if I had wanted to. By this time David also had a girl and my resolve was rapidly weakening so I mentioned to him that I might take two to which he just winked and replied “twins, twice the trouble, twice the fun”.

At this my point my memory is a bit hazy but I am pretty sure Josies Pride had the equivalent to short time rooms upstairs and when I suggested some action the twins giggled, grabbed my hands and led me out the back to one of the rooms. I remember looking over my shoulder at David with a hyena like smile but he was busy putting the word on his girl so I turned back to watch those tight little brown bottoms wiggling in a jaunty way in front of me and enticing me to follow them. I remember thinking to myself can life get any better and little did I know it but the answer to that question was yes and in the coming months it certainly did.

I like most men certainly enjoy a good blow job and these supposedly new, inexperienced twins both had oral skills Linda Lovelace would have been proud of. They led me into the back room then both dropped to their knees and proceeded to lick and suck my sex organs like true professionals. While one would suck on my cock the other would lick and kiss my balls. I remember standing in that dank dim room with my pants around my ankles and looking down at these gorgeous twins thinking to myself , ‘now this is what I call living the dream’. It wasn’t long before the twins had me worked up to a fever pitch and before I knew it I was spurting my jism in one of their mouths.

After the blow job the one who had taken my load in her mouth rushed out the room while her twin sister helped pull my pants back up over my now shaking legs and limp member. I gave myself a minute to regain my composure then said to the other twin, “okay let’s go outside and see David”. When we got back to the room there was no David but his girl was still there hanging around so I asked her hey honey where is David and she replied David no good man, he go Visions maybe he get another girl”. I thanked her and asked the bar tender to total my bill. The bill came, I paid it and then reaching into my pocket again pulled out two five hundred piso notes which I gave to my blow job twin along with strict instructions that she was to give the other 500 to her sister. This seemed to be more than enough and with a lithe spring in her step she bounced up to my cheek, gave me a little kiss on the cheek, then disappeared behind the curtain leading to the back rooms.

Feeling like I had just gotten a load off my mind and totally relaxed I exited Josies Pride and began the walk up M.H.Del Pilar heading up to Visions. As you may have gathered Visions was by far my favorite bar as it was for David and in fact numerous people. There was just something about the frenetic energy that this place had, this bar had great women and a party atmosphere unlike any other bar in the world. Every night in there was full on party mode. The girls would dance up a storm and there seemed to always be a solid core of at least 30 really good looking girls all with tight trim bodies and beautiful faces. Most would wear a T/Back bikini and to see their little brown butts gyrating before you was an unbelievable turn on. The crowd in Visions was always an eclectic affair with people of different nationalities and walks of life rubbing shoulders as they partied and engaged in the endless quest for pussy. Most of the time 80% of the crowd seemed to be in a state of intoxication and alcohol was just the beginning. Some of the partying that went on in that bar was mind boggling and to this day twenty one years later I have never seen anything that comes even close to the nightly atmosphere of Visions.

When discussing the bar business I have heard it postulated that music has nothing to do with the success or failure of a bar and some even go so far as to argue it is irrelevant to the day to day operation of the bar. I however believe it is one of five key elements that determines a bars success or failure simply because it influences the girls hence the bars atmosphere. This theory is by no means rocket science but it was in Visions that I saw it practiced to a fine art. Those DJ’s Alvin, Rod, and Pancho knew exactly what songs to play and when to play them . They had the musical equivalent to a comics sense of timing and could control the entire atmosphere of the club simply by playing a certain set of songs.

I remember in particular Chicakita and Fernando by Abba. These were two songs I literally hated and yet I couldn’t wait to hear them in Visions because I knew exactly what the reaction of the girls would be. Every time these two Abba songs would come on the girls would literally turn on a spontaneous show the likes of which I will never forget. The show would always involve girls jostling for position at the front of the stage and that included along the bar counter top that ran the length of the stage. Invariably these girls would be dressed in scanty bikinis that did little to hide any body parts and the eroticism that pervaded throughout the entire club was almost palatable. Even a totally gay guy would have been impressed by this provocative wanton display of female sexuality.

Long will I remember girls like Carolina, Bianca, Vanessa, Apple, Ligaya, Pia, Mary and Josephine. These were the regular core of dancers who could turn on a show at the drop of a hat. Back then it was never because they were show girls or anything other than a regular dancer but simply because they genuinely enjoyed performing both for their friends and the customers. As an added bonus every one of these girls was hot except maybe Josephine who had a head like Mr Ed but a body like a Greek Goddess. The funny thing was I never got tired of the shows even when I worked there later, and I think this was because they were always recruiting new members to their little group and because it was always spontaneous and always evolving. Lastly and perhaps most importantly it was so obvious the girls did it because they got a kick out of it and genuinely enjoyed it as opposed to just going through the motions as is so often the case with the so called show girls in today’s environment.

Then there was the customers. Every night Visions would be packed even during the rainy season and it was non stop party. The customers even the so called hardened vets enjoyed the dancing in Visions as did a multitude of people from all around the world with completely different musical taste.

Visions would start at 3 and end at 5 and that night I was to make it to 5 in the morning drinking Jack Daniels with 3 girls who seemed to somehow magically be handling their JD much better than me. Yes they were cheating but at the time I had no idea and I remember marveling how these deliciously lithe beauties could hold their alcohol. The last thing I remember was two girls gently manipulating my member then for some reason the world began to spin and went black.