PROLOGUE: Brooke Is Maybe Too Young

Brooke Is Maybe Too Young

Ahhhh yes.
My second trip to Angeles City.
The glorious end of an itchy four-month PPD (Post-Philippine Depression) infection.
Finally. (!)

As you may have read elsewhere in this section, my cherry trip in was merely a four-day Angeles frenzy that blended great comical disappointment with great wondrous pleasures. We all have our reasons, I guess. The fuel that propelled me to AC the first time was curiosity. The vehicle was Asian Escapades. The pilots were Mjibbo, Shagger, and others, if only with their prose.

For this second trip, I had big plans for a fantasy tropical vacation with “Spinner”, whom I met on my very last night of my very first trip. I was thinking “Blue Lagoon”, circa 1980 here. I get to be Christopher Atkins, and Spinner gets to be Brooke Shields. (ok, under-aged Brooke’s body-double, anyway)

Oh, but wait.
First, I had a debt to repay. You see, I blew right through this dusty town the first time around without even meeting anyone from AE. (Hey, I was on a mission) This time I needed to bring presents for two of the guys whose internet personas introduced me to this little hidden nirvana: Shagger and Mjibbo…


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