My Bangka Boat Trip

My Bangka Boat Trip By Ronalie

One of the things I have never done is ride on a boat so when I found out we were going to Subic for the Miss Blue Rock Beauty Competition I asked Shagger if we could take time and go for boat ride while we were there.

I had no idea that this weekend in Subic would be so amazing as I did not expect to win anything in the Miss Blue Rock competition because there are so many pretty and sexy girls here in Philippines.

We woke up the next day after celebrating all night and I still can’t believe what happened the night before, it was already after lunch time and Daddy Martin and Shagger were already gone doing some work for AE

I new they were busy and wound probable not takes us for a boat ride so Jen (daddy’s wife) and I decided to use some of the money I won the night before to hire a Bangka boat ourselves and go for a ride.

We found a guy on the beach in front of our hotel and he said 600p for one hour ride. We went back to our rooms and packed some stuff then we went back to the boat and I ask to the bangkero what will happen if we sink me and jen we are a little bit scared because maybe we not good swimmers. The Bangkero laugh at me and said no one sinks in Subic Bay it very quiet water so off we went.

Jen was scared to go at first and wanted to wait till the boys came back

But once we were on the boat she was happy because she had the room key

The very first place we went past was the Blue Rock floating bar and Shagger and Daddy were there on top of roof and they have a girl! We tell to the driver to take us there and we stop beside the bar.

Daddy and Shagger come down and ask what we are doing; I said you promise to take us on boat ride not play with a girl. They see our angry faces so they climb onto boat and come with us but now our boat is tangled in ropes from the floating bar. After a little time we get free and off we go to look at the islands

First we traveled along the shore and we seen many poor peoples houses next to some very nice places

After we traveled for a while we turned out towards some of the islands in the bay

Passing some rocks sticking out of the water I was thinking if our boat hit these and sunk I would choose the big island

The first island had building on it so I asked how they can build a house with no roads and no shops, Daddy and Wayne they just laugh at me. :blush:

The next Island had no buildings just a tower and they said its to tell the boats at night not to crash into me :crazy:

I really enjoyed our ride in the Bangka but it was a bit scary when the land was so far away :sauer:

Sitting looking out at the ocean I started thinking about the night before and still could not believe what happened to me, maybe it was just a dream :/

I was happy when we were back near Blue Rock and I could see the castle and I think that’s where the mermaids live

I am sorry to bore you with my boat trip but it was a very special weekend for me and the first time I experience like that, I had such a fun time 🙂

BY Ronalie

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