Red’s Cherry Angeles City Trip

I made this trip report for a “Newbie”, like me, in mind. Also… It is kind of a diary for me. I think I rambled too much and got into too much detail but I had to get it out of my system. After finishing this report I thought twice about posting it… but hey… I figured maybe some other new guy might get something from it.

There are a lot of members on AE that know why I came to Angeles. For those of you that don’t I will make a long story short.

I met a girl online from Angeles let’s call her “D”. She is quite lovely and we became friends. We chatted many times a week on yahoo instant messenger. As I learned more about her I found that she hated her job as a dancer on Fields Ave.. She told me all about her family and that she was only working the bars to help her siblings. Her mom left the family when she was young and her Dad has been “missing” since a week after her 18th birthday. He was the only one supporting them and “D” (being the eldest) stopped her studies and entered the bar scene to support her family.

I started to send her money so she could quit the bar scene.

Shortly after I started to send her money I did some research on where she was from and stumbled upon a site called Asian Escapades.

As I started to learn more about life in Angeles through this site my suspicions about her telling me the truth grew. As months passed and it was nearing the time for my first trip to Angeles I had to know if she was being honest with me. The only thing I had that I could check up on is that after I started to send her money she said she got a job at El Sombrero. The job only lasted a few weeks but still it was something that I could try to check up on before my trip.

Two members of AE helped out and in the end I found that El Sombrero never hired her as a waitress. Well by this time my trip was already planned and I figured that if things did not work out with “D” what better place for a single guy to be… right !!! So off I go to Angeles City.

With advice from some of the members here I showed up unannounced to try to make sure she was telling me the truth about her work and life there in Angeles. Again…. I wanted to make sure she was not working in the bars after I started to send her money.

So… My first day in AC I drank beer at Kokonutz because it had the view of La Pasha. La Pasha is where she worked before I started to send her money.

Drinking beer and waiting to see if she would show up for work I was approached by a few freelance girls at Kokonutz. Each freelancer was on the dirty side and definitely on something. I don’t know the drug of choice for these girls but it is not attractive. There eyes where yellow (probably a sign of a more serious problem) and watery. I was begged by two of the three freelancers to use my hotel shower.

As I looked around Kokonutz I noticed that the staff of girls there were quite cute. It made me wonder why the management would let these freelancers rome the room and literally sit beside a guest uninvited and start a conversation. Whatever drug they are on it is not conducive to a good conversation. The freelancers were fidgety and “not all there”.

Maybe this is what some of the tourists like but I failed to see the attraction. Anyway I am sure Mo’s bars are a blast. Kokonutz has a great set up but in my opinion I would have had a better stay there without the freelancers.


Well… I did not see “D” go to work at La Pasha that night and did not want to bar hop alone knowing that I would be meeting some AE members at C’Italian the next night. So I just went back to Wild Orchid Resort and drank beer and had some fun with the staff at Wild Orchid Resort.

Knowing what I know now I should have went into one of the bars and picked a bar fine but I felt a little out of my element and decided to just take it easy. I will not make this mistake again. If you have a free night with no obligations do not spend it alone. Go into any of the places recommended buy this site and have a blast.

Some of the great staff at Wild Orchid Resort.

I took a long walk around Fields and walked into most of the popular hotels just to see what was out there. After the walk I knew I was staying in a great hotel. I am sure everyone has their own opinion on which hotel is best but I plan on staying at Wild Orchid Resort next time I come to AC. The rooms were spotless and bug free. The staff there didn’t just straighten up the rooms everyday. They really cleaned every inch of the place. I thought the room was great. The pool speaks for itself !!!

The next morning I still did not call “D”. At this point I still didn’t know if she has been honest with me over the last eight months and I really wanted to meet the guys from AE and have dinner and a bar hop before calling her. This was not a mistake!

Well…. What a dinner it was. I arrived to see a table full of people in a really nice room that Jung and Netguard procured at C’Italian.

Most of the guys at AE know how great C’Italian is BUT LISTEN UP !!!! To all you newbies like me. C’Italian has the best food in Angeles. It is truly the only place that I had a meal that was just perfect. I spend most of my time in New York City. Anyone that has ever been to NYC knows that the food in NYC is exceptional (if you stay away from the tourist traps). Well… I traveled half a world away and found exceptional food at C’Italian.

Bring your date there, meet your friends there or go alone and have the best meal in Angeles City…. (order the PANNIZZA)

Check out their menu @

I did not do a great job taking pics of my trip to Angeles. So I had to steal a few from AE’s report…

A few pics from The Cherry Dinner

Jung’s appetizer. Yep he ate the whole thing !!! Hee hee…

Netguard’s appetizer… Well actually he ate 14 of these appetizer’s before the main course… hee hee

I passed a little gas and cleared the room….

Anyway this dinner was great. I met a lot of great people and felt welcomed by all. We ate a lot. I mean the food just kept coming. Dish after dish hit the table and everything was great. The owner, Chris, certainly knows how to feed a table of people. I only ate at a few different places during my stay in Angeles and the food was good but not like C’Italian.

After dinner we had more drinks and hung out in the adjoining room for awhile before they took me on my first bar hop.


We started at “My Bar” This is a great bar and like a “Newbie” I bar fined the first girl that clung to me. I was advised before starting this bar hop not to take the first girl I see but I liked her and decided that this will be the one to break my Cherry Bar Hop. She was great company and I knew that if I wanted to bar fine a different girl I could have. There was no need… she bar hopped with us all night and I really liked her company. Really… Most of the guys here will advise you not to bar fine the first girl you see and basically they are right but if you feel right about one of the first girls you see … I say go for it. You must understand that the guys giving advise, to someone new like me, have been in Angeles for quite some time and know a lot more than someone new, like me. I guess what I am trying to say is… If it feels right… Do it. Sometimes even the veterans from Angeles don’t know what is best for you personally. Yes … they have the best advice on living and visiting Angeles but can never guess on what type of girl you should bar fine first.

After leaving “My Bar” with the guys and this girl, Jung noticed immediately that this girl’s boyfriend was following us. This is something I probably would not have noticed. Just another reason to meet some people before you go to AC. Especially if you are traveling alone. This girl’s boyfriend was not looking for trouble he was just trying to intimidate his girl into deciding not to go out with me. Jung, Netgaurd and the guys took care of the situation in minutes.

We went to Alaska, Bunny Ranch, Blue Nile, Blue Nile Executive, Roadhouse and Insomnia.

Thank god someone was on top of taking pictures. Hee hee hee I have a few pics of “My Bar” and then the next photos on my camera are of me poppin’ my cherry at the hotel with my first bar fine. I think a few of the AE members took pics. Thanks for that guys… I guess I was a little preoccupied with her little ass gyrating on my lap all night.

I had a great time with her. I was advised NOT to bar fine the same girl again… (not because she was a bad bar fine) but because the person advising me wanted me to go with a different girl for obvious reasons. I decided that I wanted another night with this girl and bar fined her again anyway. She was a nice girl with a perfect little @#$%^ and just wanted to see her again. So I did…I can’t remember where the fuck we went this night. We started at “My Bar” and had some drinks with the manager. Great Guy…. Then I am pretty sure we went to meet Jack and Gordy but where???? Maybe one of them can jog my memory…

I had a great time.


So now… back to the girl I came to meet….

I had a few nights of fun and decided to find out if “D” was for real. I had an offer to go to a BBQ but decided that I just had to find out for myself if the girl I came to meet was telling me the truth.

Remember “D” told me she worked at El Sombrero…

Anyway I went to El Sombrero with the girl I bar fined. I sent her in with a picture and told her to ask the owner if she had ever worked there. She came out with a sad look on her face and said “Sorry Red, He has only seen her in El Sombrero eating and never hired her”. So I tipped my bar fine girl and sent her on her way.

Well I just about gave up on the girl I came to meet and was ready to spend the rest of my trip bar fining the lovely selection of woman there on Fields Ave. I went back to Wild Orchid for some eggs, showered and took a nap. The afternoon power nap is great because you just ate some food before the nap and you wake up thirsty for beer. Hee Hee

A few hours later it was time for the La Pasha girls to show up for work again. I found myself at Kokonutz again looking to see who would filter into La Pasha. I was approached by the same nasty freelancer from the last time I was at Kokonutz. I told her politely that I did not want any company. To my surprise she left me alone. I thought for sure that it would take awhile to get rid of her but she just said “OK” and left me alone.

Again… I did not see “D” go in to La Pasha to work. So I went in and asked the manager if he knew her. I showed him her picture and he said “NO, I don’t know her”… he then asked the Mama at La Pasha if she knew this girl….. AND TO MY SURPRISE … the Mama said “She has not worked here for about 8 months… she has a boyfriend from NYC sending her money and chooses not to work at the bars anymore”.

Once I learned that she was telling me the truth about working at the bars… I called her immediately. She was very surprised to find out I was in AC unannounced and said she will be at La Pasha in minutes.

We met at La Pasha within the next half hour… Finally I saw her face for real. This was pretty cool for me. Here I am a half a world away and meeting someone that I have chatted with for 8 months. To me, this was pretty cool. I am sure members here have heard many stories like this and it is nothing new to the veterans of AC but I thought it was great to finally see a face I have known for so long.

I apologized for showing up unannounced and explained to her that I knew she never worked at EL Sombrero even before I got my tickets to come to Angeles. Then I told her that I went there in the afternoon and confirmed this fact myself. I asked “How honest have you been with me over last 8 months”.

She started to cry…. she admitted to me that she never had worked at El Sombrero! She said “I told you that I had that job there because I was so embarrassed that I did not find a job outside the bars yet”.

I guess I put this pressure on her because after sending her money to keep her from the bar scene, I asked her to help me help her and find a job outside of the bars.

We talked for an hour or so at La Pasha and then I got text messages from the boys at AE. They said they were on a bar hop and invited us along.

So… we went to meet the AE guys and I had a great time. She, on the other hand, did not. During our bar hop, at any given time, there was an AE member questioning “D”. I saw this happening and I was grateful that the AE guys were looking out for my best interest. I let it all happen because I knew if there was a question left unanswered these guys would find it out.

Did they behave? Yes, of course they did … there was no mention of the girl I had bar fined the nights before and I appreciated their candor. They asked her many questions about her life in the Philippines and asked many questions about my relationship with her. I must say that I watched as she was drilled with these questions … but I knew it had to be done. I listened in a little and like cops these guys new what to ask and asked quickly. I felt bad for her but she should have never lied to me. Had she just told the truth none of this would have been happening.

Anyway… I had a great time that night and I thank the guys that were trying to help me find out if this girl was for real. For you readers that were not there, realize that this is the first time AE members met “D”. They were very concerned about my well being and only tried to help me in my plight to have a relationship with a filipino bar girl.

Some pics from that night…

Well… that night I finally took “D” to my hotel room. She was very upset. She started to cry and told me how upset she was about all of my new friends questioning her. She said… “Red, Why do all of your friends question me? … Didn’t you tell them about me? … Didn’t you tell them that I never worked in a bar after you helped me? … Didn’t you tell them that we have chatted for 8 months? … Didn’t you tell them that I was honest and for real”?

Once again I was honest with her and told her that I had doubts about her and that is why I came to AC unannounced. She turned to me and said … “Goodbye Red, Maybe you will find out that I am honest. Maybe your friends will tell you different. Maybe you will see that I have fallin for you. Maybe you will see me as I am. Maybe you will decide to trust me. My God Red, I hope you see the truth”… She turned and left my room… As she was at the door I asked “Are you sure you want to leave”? … She said “I am sorry I lied to you about working at El Sombrero but I was embarrassed that I did not find a job. I have no other lies to hide and it is up to you to figure that out”. She turned and left.

Well at this point I just felt awful. I could see in her face that she was the real thing and I also saw complete honesty in her eyes. I know she was being honest.

On the other hand, I was a little pissed off. I traveled thousands of miles, spent 24 hours in a plane, sent her money for months and she left!?!?! :angryfire: To top it all off I had not had a good cup of coffee in days. (Is there a good cup of coffee in Angeles if there is I missed it…)

I called her cell and told her that we only have limited time and if she wanted to work this out it would have to be tonight. She came back and we talked for a long time. In the end she understood why some of my new friends asked her all of those questions and understood that if she had not have lied about her job as a waitress none of this would have happened. I also reminded her of the time SHE told me that “all” the girls there lie. She realized she was wrong and forgave me and all the guys that questioned her.

The next morning at breakfast she got a text from Robinson’s Mall saying that they have a job offer for her. So she went home to get her little sister, change and shower. She came back to Wild Orchid and we took a trike to Robinson’s mall. She met the manager of the dumpling stand and got the job. Since we where at the mall I asked if she needed any food for home. She said “That would be great let’s go shopping”. I guess shopping and women is something that goes hand in hand all over the world. Hee hee hee.

I loaded a carriage full of food. I was so surprised at how many items I picked out she had never tried. Well… I was soon to find out why. We loaded a couple of trikes up with the food and went to her place.

She opened the door and said “Welcome to my mansion”.

My god… She lives with two brothers (18 and 20) and two sisters (5 and 14) in a place barely fit for one person. Her kitchen and fridge had no food. The smell in the hallway was awful. Her place had no windows. They kept the place clean but the condition of the walls and floors made it impossible to look like a nice place. She sleeps with her sisters on a mattress and the her brothers throw a mat on the kitchen floor to sleep. Well it only took a few seconds for me to realize that if I was a beautiful young woman living like this, I would be working the bars too. In fact… I would be working the streets, bars, hotels, or wherever.

My god I couldn’t believe this young lady lived only to help her family. She could have easily sent her family back to Samar and lived better if she just took care of herself. She is not selfish and I immediately saw how much she loved her siblings.

After her family happily unpacked all the food and stocked their shelves and fridge I invited them all to go swimming and have dinner at Wild Orchid. I am a single man but I must say I had a great time with all of them. Her brothers and I played pool and drank beer while the ladies went swimming. We ordered food and just had a great time. When it got late and the little one came down off of her Coca-Cola high “D’s” siblings went home.

The next morning we went and picked up the little one and went shopping again for some clothes she needed for work. While we where shopping I asked if the little one needed some new shoes “D” said “She has never had shoes.” I guess all this girl ever had was those cheap rubber flip flops. So we bought her a couple of outfits and a few pairs of sneakers and shoes.

This whole family thing and getting involved with a girl so many months before coming to Angeles was definitely an eye opener. Seeing how these kids are growing up is something I will never forget.

After shopping her family all came to swim and play pool again.

Dinner time came (Well… an 11 pm dinner time) and I got a text from Jack asking if I was going out. I invited him to dinner with “D” and the whole family and I was happy to here that he would join us. We tried to go to Azzuro but they had closed. We went to Bourbon Street instead and I thought the food was good. After dinner it was time for “D” and her family to go home. They all had work or school to go to the next morning and we sad good night. “D” sad she wanted to get some rest because she started work the next day and told me to have a good time with Jack.


YEAH !!! …. BAR HOP !!! …

Jack and I started at Lancelot. One of the few places I visited that had German beer. I am a beer drinker and for those of you planning a trip to Angeles be aware that the beer selection is extremely limited. San Miguel is everywhere and it is a decent beer. It is definitely better than a lot of the fast brewed beers that are so common in the US. But in my opinion it pales in comparison to a lot of German, Belgian and Micro Brewed beers from America. If you are an american beer drinker you will have plenty of good beers to choose from and I am sure you will find San Miguel a tasty beer that really goes down well. If you are a beer drinker that likes beers from all over the globe be prepared to have a small selection. I did not find one dark beer in Angeles.

The beer selection was no big issue on my trip. The fun outweighs the beer choices by far. I am just getting picky!!!

Finally a pilsner glass at Lancelot…. MMM German Beer…

More pics from that night…

I bar fined another…. Pics do not do her justice she was absolutely beautiful…

This is at 7 am at Doll House…. She was a trooper and bar hopped with Jack and I all night…

This girl was so hot. This was a lucky man.

Anyway… Once again I had a great time with Jack and we finally said goodnight at about 8 am….

My goodness what a great town…

I hardly remember when this girl left the room. It had to be around 2 pm. I went back to sleep and woke up to a text from “D” telling me she had a dinner break.


I went to meet “D” for her break at Robinson Mall. She was eating at Jolibee’s. I noticed her 46 peso meal ticket and asked her why she would eat this crap knowing that she worked a half of a day for this unhealthy meal. She spent a half of a days salary on a meal that did not look like any meat I have seen before. Do these girls no math?

I went to Wild Orchid and watched TV until she was done with her work. After work she came to my room and I decided to take a shower. While I was in the shower she turned on my camera and saw all the pics of the bar hop Jack and I had. She saw me with the girl I bar fined and asked if I bar fined her. I told her that I did. I knew this was a mistake but I did not come all this way to lie to someone. I tried to explain to her that we are not married and there are no ties that say I can’t date someone else. Well, as you can imagine, this did not go over very well. I think it is acceptable to sleep around if you are just dating or trying to find the one you want to be serious with. As long as you are honest about your sex life we can all make decisions from there. I guess this is not the case with a filipino girl. I kind of thought that she would understand me seeing that she too had multiple partners a week when she worked in the bars. She was in the bar scene for years, I am sure she had more partners then I have ever had.

Well you live and learn. Guess I should have lied to her… but fuck that… I am a single man on vacation and “D” and I are not married. I came there to see if we were compatible and have a good time. They day we decide to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” I will stop sexual relations with others.

She did not understand any of this and stormed out.

Well… what do you do when a girl storms out of your hotel room in Angeles…

YEAH !!! BAR HOP !!!

I went directly to Lancelot and met Maik (the manager) for some beer. I sent Jack a text and he showed up for some drinks. Jack sent Gordy a text and there we were drinking again.

We talked about what I had admitted to “D” and the guys basically said that I fucked up. I guess the filipino woman would rather be lied to then try to work out serious issues about dating. Well this might be a problem for “D” and I in the future. I don’t like to lie about any sexual partners I have had and this openness might be something she can’t handle. We have not decided to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” and I still don’t feel I am wrong… Am I?

I bar fined again… The girl was a little heavier and not as young as my last bar fines but she was great company and better in bed.

Some pics from that night…

Well Gordy went to meet a girl that had sent him a text message and Jack hung out for another drink until he felt the need to bar hop again. Jack went to meet Gordy and I stayed at Lancelot with my bar fine and Maik for another beer or two.

As Lancelot was closing I received a text from Jack to meet them at Brown Sugar. So off we went. Can you believe once again I did not take one picture of the dancers at Brown Sugar!!! I am such a loser. Well buy the time I got to Brown Sugar Gordy had decided to go home. So again I am closing a night into the morning with Jack.

Fuck the Energizer Bunny !!! Jack puts that little pink shit bastard to shame.

Well it is 7 am again and I was ready for bed. I said goodnight to Jack and took the bar fine to the hotel.

Sorry… she didn’t like me to take pictures of her…


About 1 pm or 2 pm that same day I tipped the girl I bar fined and thanked her for her time…

I laid in bed thinking of the past bar fines, the partying and of “D”. I spent the rest of the day and night alone. “D” sent me a text message that night after her work and I just told her that I would be spending the night alone. I was still a little mad that she walked out on me the night before. I had a few text messages this night and told everyone I was staying at the hotel and not going out.

After a full nights rest I walked downstairs for coffee at about 8 am and who did I see there? Yep… just the guys I needed to talk too. Tom and Kim !!! I told them all about what has happened between “D” and I. They gave me sound advice and by about 9 am or 10 am they took their car home.

As I ordered my breakfast it hit me …!!!… I had tipped girls that I have bar fined more money then “D” could make in months working at the mall. I ate my breakfast, went to my room and waited to hear from her. She sent a text on her dinner break and I went to the mall to meet her.

I see once again that she has a 52 peso personal pizza she is eating. OK… better food choice from the last time but she still worked a half day for this pizza. Realizing that working for slave wages at this mall she would never get on her feet and start to make a better life for herself. So I offered to support her until she found a job that was fair. Well … as fair as a job can be in Angeles without selling her body.

I told her to go upstairs and say that she had to quit work because her Grandma is sick in her province and needed her help. She did but came back downstairs and said that they are short handed and she agreed to finish the week. I told her to call me when she was done with work and ready to go out.

I went to meet Jack and Gordy. We hit Neros, Blue Nile, and Blue Nile Executive. “D” called when she was ready and said she wanted to spend the night with me and not go bar hopping. So I left Jack and Gordy and met “D” at Wild Orchid. Over some food and drinks she forgave me for my past bar fining activities and we had a nice time.

The next night there was a band at C”Italian and It was my last chance to hook up with some of the AE members that did not go out during the week. “D” had to finish her work week and missed the band and dinner. Once again I had a great meal.

“D” called and I went to pick her up to bring her back to C’Italian. We met at Wild Orchid and she decided that it was our last night together and we should stay in. Of course, I accepted.

On my last day in AC I had this overwhelming feeling that I should extend my trip. So (of course) I called Jack and went to Action Travel to try to extend my trip. The girls at Action Travel were willing to dive in and make all the changes necessary but we decided that it was too late to make changes to 3 flights and 3 car transfers on such little notice. Like a fool I showed up there hours before my flight from Manila. I should have went to Action Travel the day before and all would have been much easier.

With thoughts of spending more time with “D” and some AE members I did not party with enough, I regretfully packed my bags. Action Travel sent a van and “D” and I were on the way to MNL airport. It was a nice but sad trip to the airport. We rapped up a lot of feelings that we had for each other and we decided to continue this new relationship.

We said goodbye and I left “the girl I came to meet”.

Well there you have it! I started a relationship with someone I have wanted to meet for a long time, made a lot of new friends, bar fined girls, partied, drank beer and just had a great time.

I did not get to party enough with some off the members from Asian Escapades but I will catch up with those guys next time. It was not easy to try to spend time with all of the guys from AE, spend time with a girl and her family and spend time with some of the lovely ladies on Fields Ave. But I did a little of each and I can’t wait for my next trip.

My only advice for a Newbie, like me, that is planning a trip to Angeles City would be……

#1. Listen to the guys on this site !!! They are great people!!! They spent a lot of there free time to help me on my first trip before I got to Angeles and as I was in Angeles. All the info you need on bars, restaurants, hotels and travel is right here on Asian Escapades. Look around and if you can’t find a piece of information on Asian Escapades there will be plenty of help to lead you to the information you seek.

#2. On your first trip to Angeles City… DO NOT have any obligations… Yeah… it was great to meet someone I have chatted with for a long time but do something like that on your second or third trip. On your first trip you should be free. TRUST ME !!! When you hit Fields Ave. for the first time you will be glad you can spend your time any way you want to.

#3. Read #2 again.
Till next time….

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